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those who couldn't live yesterday (pt. III)

(Continuing from part II.)

[Help] Vince Hurth: If it helps, I DID sign the petition.

At this point, there aren't even 18,000 folks who've signed the petition yet. While there's some doubt as to how effective it's going to be in the long run, in the short run it's going to fall without ripples into the vast technology pond.

[Help] White Fire: Regardless, even if NCSoft doesn't rescind their decision (which is likely), the amount of community feedback substantially increases their chances of selling it rather than just torpedoing the IP.
[Looking For Group] Cyber Maiden: think this is best mmo out there :), ty devs !
[Help] Bogh Galloo: btw, get all your friends to sign. Even if NCSoft shuts it down the level of participation will help draw other investors!
[Help] Don't Cancel Me Man: Here's the thing: CoH is still profitable. It will never be published by NcSoft, but it's still possible that someone will buy the IP and either keep the game going and rehire the dev team, or start building CoH2
[Looking For Group] PrincessCleo: I've been playing CoH off and on since launch. My boyfriend has played since the beta. I have met so many wonderful people while playing this game. I'm not ready for this to end.
[Help] Cordovan Sev: also check out for discussion of some of the various options that are being explored -- asking NCSoft to rescind their decision isn't the end-strategy.
[Help] Parabot: Say none of what we're doing helps.....would you rather die willingly, like a sheep led to slaughter, or die with a sword in your hand and a song on your lips, fighting until the end?

I've been on the front lines of a lot of protests, though only rarely has it been a situation where I was risking my own life to protest. Still, that's happened once or twice, and even given the ratio of fear to confidence in those instances, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Protesting takes passion, courage, and conviction. It doesn't mean you're not scared. It doesn't mean you don't dread the future. It means you're willing to put your words, your name, or even your life on the line for what you believe in.

[Looking For Group] Electo-nerd: I know if CoH goes down, NC soft won't get any more of my buisness
[Looking For Group] Solaar Fyre: so how many AP's are there now?
[Looking For Group] Teenage Legacy: LOTS

This was around quarter after four, four-thirty pm PST, something like that.

[Looking For Group] Apollinaris: I mean have you ever played Lineage 2? They should pay you to play it.
[Looking For Group] lil red 1: COH is most a western game, US and europe and i no PLENTY of people who are VIP in the US
[Help] Sister Brighid: Article on 'not quite CNN' -- go vote it up!

To vote for it, you'll need a CNN account, which seems to be free.

[Help] Final Armageddon: Coh has saved my life let CoH live!!!!!
[Help] Mender Quinch: This has sure as hell been... interesting.
[Help] Blytz: did i hear a rumor that the dev are working on buying the licencing and trying to run with CoH on thier own?

Cannot confirm. Haven't heard this. I'd say it's just a rumor.

[Looking For Group] Apollinaris: It's worse than that. The Lineage 2 servers are full of chinese gold farms. It's nothing but a gank fest.
[Help] Mender Quinch: Tony, how many people did you expect to show up?

TonyV's the fellow behind the Titan Network who started advertising for today's protest.

[Looking For Group] PnJ Time': we love coh..i think ncsoft ceo dosent care if he destroyes ncsoft as long as he gets his golden parachute
[Help] TonyV: I expected a lot, but I ain't gonna lie. 33 Atlas Parks blows my mind.
[Help] Deidrelaythe Dunlevy: On not just one, but two servers, Tony.

Actually, at least three that we know of--Virtue, Freedom and Infinity.

[Help] Gieger Maenad: And they seem to be focused on "mobile platform" games, and pay per hour = about $8 an hour internet cafe games in japan
[Help] Osborn Elmidore: The devs are and Titan wants to crowdsource it, it's up to NCSoft if they'll sell or sit on it. IF they sell I'll buy NC SOft games again, but if they sit on it I'm done with being their rounding error.
[Help] Stormitron: THANK YOU TONYV
[Help] Mender Quinch: I think noise has officially been made.
[Looking For Group] Cimerian Nova: we love cox ncsoft so look and take notice
[Help] Alexander Hamilton: It was a magnificent show by the community :-)
[Looking For Group] Alaina Thomas: Save our game.
[Help] Pebble Peppy Pennie: what you really need to know is on the Save Paragon City form of titan network
[Looking For Group] Electo-nerd: wow [Help] Blytz: *agrees with Osborn
[Help] Blood Eidolon: Imust admit, 33 atlas parks are an awesome feat
[Help] Alexander Hamilton: Well done, everyone :-)
[Help] DJ Angelica: How about a round of applause for Tony V and all his folks over at Titan Network for providing us ParagonWiki, Mids' Hero Designer, and more....

He's doing a lion's share of the work, yes, though he is receiving support in various ways from the community. Already he's put out Sentinel Plus, an archival program that will save "snapshots" of your character--all costume pieces, all mesh sliders, everything in inventory, everything held in badges--just in case the game is saved.

[Looking For Group] Schwarzen Strike: 75 per zone, I believe
[Looking For Group] Mobile Suit Gun Dame: I think it was around 100 per instance
[Looking For Group] Moondreams: AP holds 75-100 people according to HIt Streak.
[Help] Xeyu: I thank everyone for uniting as a City Of Heroes and standing up for the game we all Love! :D
[Help] Crimson Rook: *claps*
[Help] Light of the Phoenix: The Virtue server welcomes our guests. But I think we may be out of party dip already.
[Help] Pebble Peppy Pennie: I never played console or any other games because of that...and it is the only reason I can play this MMO
[Help] Lexia Star: Hell no we wont go!!
[Looking For Group] Electo-nerd: Lemme guess.... we're socialists nerds terrorizing a poor defenseless corporation
[Help] M WW B: Thanks you TonyV and Titan and Massively and everyone that plays city.
[Looking For Group] 6 of Sally: many is Paragon City
[Help] Temple Divine: Wahoo Redline Virtue way to go.
[Looking For Group] Kad-One: It branched out onto Freedom
[Looking For Group] Kad-One: And then Infinity

This? If you haven't already gotten this idea, this was huge. I don't know if it will make a difference; I only know, now, that I was humbled by the outpouring of support.

[Help] Void Dancyr: hey tonyv....sent+ is a godsend
[Looking For Group] Electo-nerd: that lady walked through a lion
[Looking For Group] Ms. Chernobyl: This is our city, we will not give up without a fight.
[Help] Jackson Storm: APB was dead and buried for at least a year, but GamersFirst revived it and have put a lot of development into it.

While I don't want City of Heroes to pull an APB, because the designers had to recreate a lot of game assets after so much time has's good to remember that things revive all the time, these days: cover songs, retconned storylines, updates to classic (and not so classic) movies, reinvention of existing's not completely outside the realm of possibility to take the next year, crusade and talk up the game to potential investors, and have it return.

It's not highly likely, but it's not completely implausible.

[Looking For Group] rootstock: yeah go tony v, way to get titan some publicity

I laud everyone at the Titan Network for their tireless efforts to save City of Heroes.

More in part IV.

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