Thursday, September 6, 2007

you followed me this far, did you find out what's inside?

Random thoughts of a morning.

Went to Glass Earth recently; it's been a goal of mine to track down every branch of Kin hair (Kin Keiko. She makes hair. Very Asian, very Anime--cannot be beat. Most for 100 Linden a color. Check her out) I can find. I've found three so far. Glass Earth has the fourth.

How'ver, there's also a branch of AV Puli Animations in Glass Earth, and in that little animations shop is one of the single most disturbing things I've seen on the grid. It looks so innocuous:

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This is a wood chipper. This is an evil wood chipper. This is a possessed wood chipper that, when clicked in, will suck you in and make you mulch. Plus? It makes a really, really horrible sound. And showers the floor with your blood.

Don't do it.


Sometimes animation shopping gets odd. Sometimes you test out a couples-walk set of poseballs and everything's fine:

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On the other hand, sometimes you're trapped in the arms of a mad scientist who figures out if he runs fast enough he can escape the enclosure created to demo the animation...with the animation intact:

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You want to know something else?

It worked. One of the rooms in Animation Island. It can be done. It's very strange.

Lastly, I was taken on a tour of the Gaiety Theatre in Alice, being built for the new Caledon sim, Penzance (a concept, I will admit to you, that finally made me approach the Guvnah to put me on the waiting list to move to Caledon). I don't know if Miss Persephone Gallindo, owner of the texture shop Architextura, wanted tons of pictures flipped up of her magnificently realized vision, so I only felt comfortable in capturing one.

That would be backstage, this image:

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She has, backstage at the Gaiety, guy lines. And sandbags. In a world where a touch is enough to open curtains and things are fixed in place until they need to be moved...she's weighed down her backdrops traditionally, and rigged the curtains for effective pulling capacity.

Once she's finished with this, I do hope she offers tours, as well. We walked in the front door and, from the carved cranberry glass gas lamps, to the richly detailed painted-tin ceilings, there's not a single thing we saw that didn't enchant and amaze the eye.

She hopes to pull together an acting troupe. I'm fascinated by the concept. Whether or not I end up in Penzance...I know I'm going to visit.

My reborn princeling visited last night. He was bored, he said. He stood in the heart of my living space, silver hair pouring over his shoulders, pale skin gleaming, and I introduced him to my new loves.

He left soon after. Apparently replacing the vampiric love of your life with a mad creator and the gothic Marlene Dietrich? Threatens him, somewhat.

Hope it wasn't anything I said...

I have several ideas for things to build, I swear, I'm getting mad Spark headaches. Save I'm an artist, I'm not a Spark. I wouldn't know a left-handed turning calibration wrench from an avocado...assuming the avocado was also metal and somewhat wrench-shaped.

But I have too many ideas right now for dresses and rugs and beds and chairs and homes and skyboxen and...and...and...

Current build: Everything. But concentrating, right now, on a model of a potental floating Victorian whimsy. Hee.


turnerBroadcasting said...

I serve. I obey.

I end up in your blind spot.

emillyorr said...

Alexandra Rucker said...

Sometimes building can BE "spark"-ish, you know. :)

And hey, the princeling? Had his chance, IMO. If he truly expected you to wait around forever, it's his own damn fault and YOU know it. *grins*

emillyorr said...


See, the funny thing? Got up to the 'wild' Jagers last night. And when Agatha's creating, one tries to interrupt her, and the other pulls his arm and says "She iz zhtill in ze madness place."

Man, that is my home turf, I hear that--usually when I'm writing, but also computer graphics, clothes design ('real' or virtual), freeform embroidery, dollmaking (which also includes doll mutilation), fabric art, sketching--I so go there, and snarl and hiss when someone tries to pull me out.

Hee hee hee. I am a minor spark! Whee!

emillyorr said...

Well, and yes. He didn't want me not to move on, he shouldn't've broken up with me. So nyaaah.

turnerBroadcasting said...

I guess I am just a guy who is turned on by the complete reversal of entropy.

... and when they don't see it coming.. :)

turnerBroadcasting said...

um. BTW I just wanted to add that I'm really glad you're not a spark. I mean, its nice to be a spark. Don't get me wrong.

So, er. Do you think a picture of betty page is inappropriate for a post about love as a form of molecular attraction.

i mean, i am questioning my objectivity... just curious.
I wonder if it distracts from the point. especially if she's wearing a bathing suit..

emillyorr said...

Wait, I lack understanding.

A post wherein I mention Spark-like tendencies re: creative storms that pound at my brain, and start to hurt if I don't attend them, reinforced by my friend saying building--a form of digital constructed art--is very similar to what I do, anyway, with words and fabric, plastic and clay, out in the analog--tells you I'm not a Spark?

One of us isn't reading the same text, methinks.

And I have no idea, really, but I do know you like Bettie Page and see nothing wrong with throwing her image anywhere it's vaguely appropriate. :)

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

[attention attracted]

A Spark, you say? And you're moving to Caledon...?

emillyorr said...

At some point in the next four months, I can say definitely. But to where, how large my parcel will be, and when I'll gain access? No real idea.

Soon my finances will be stabilizing somewhat, and that will allow this sort of move. That, and several gentles of my acquaintance have been urging me for some time to come to Caledon.

I am currently plotting out the potential home on whatever parcel--at present, I'm thinking of a Victorian gingerbread whimsy, three floors, two turrets, and a small front porch, on floating spires of stone. :)

turnerBroadcasting said...

" have several ideas for things to build, I swear, I'm getting mad Spark headaches. Save I'm an artist, I'm not a Spark"



emillyorr said...


Okay, how about this. In the larger sense of things, since Girl Genius and the concepts therein are all literary creations with no basis in reality, we do not live in the world where creative tinkerers are called Sparks...I am not one.

But I recognize the mentality. I do get 'creative storms', where I'll spend several hours--sometimes several days--working on things. Possessed by inspiration, I work, I write, I sew, I construct, I carve, I create--and I hiss, snarl, spit and lash out at anyone who dares to interrupt me. Life with a writer is hard at times. Life with an artist can be worse. :)

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

[makes note of Frl. Orr's name on chalkboard]

emillyorr said...

Oh, dear.

I should mention--ARTIST. ARTIST, not mad Spark!

*hides plans for her own Baba Yaga steam-powered hut behind her back*