Monday, September 10, 2007

everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers, that grow so incredibly high

Steelhead and Caledon are having a Harvest Festival! It opened Sunday, when I was in limbo, and very late last night--or early this morning--I got the chance to see the town decorated.

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They have a corn maze, which is ever so much fun to walk through. We were three going in, joined by Miss Curry (the rabbit in the cap) from the entrance later on, and were met by Mr. AzA Zymurgy midway in the maze.

He was wearing a skin tattooed with puzzle pieces, juggling skulls, and riding a unicycle. He gave me a landmark to his gallery. I simply must go. He also says the Taiyou is full of art, so do come see.

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In the meantime, I came as is from Miss Megg Demima's store opening, Chateau tres Mignon, wherein all her lovely hats are on display in all their surreal loveliness. I can see many of my Lindens going into her pocket. This one was a gift from my artist--apparently it's a special-only black version--but she also does green (living) and red (undead) lobster chapeaus.

She also does custom work. So if you have any ideas towards a quirky little Loli hat, a beautifully daft bonnet, with exquisite detailing and inordinate amounts of fun, do look her up.

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I think I'll name him Sweeney.

And when we got out of the maze, the next several hours were spent happily engrossed in hunting down pumpkins. I think we're missing five. Six, if you count the repeat pumpkin on top of the gypsy tent.

Oh, and then things got odd...

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First possessed turkeys, next, alien hybrids that haunt mercantiles, then drunken sheep...NOW STEELHEAD HAS WILD HAGGIS!!!


I'm told they startle at the smell of good single-malt, though, so keep that in mind.