Monday, September 24, 2007

what's left when the locks have all been broken?


Valruna is dead.

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News from the Queen of Air and Darkness passed on, to the shell once containing me. Lilit thought it prudent to wake me, and brought us back.

We read the inscription on the gates.

"Dear Merchants and Renters of Valruna I have recieved an offer i can't afford to decline.. namely to turn Valruna into gor for a bunch of people having lost their home and needing a new one. I have been struggling with keeping traffic up to support your sales, and i know this -final- change of my sim will do it. I will be handing out notecards to every merchant with info on what is going to happen, and i promise i will do this with as little bother for you as possible. Thank you for your understanding."

I see it, I see the change in the land, I can feel the changes coming...but I don't understand.

Already sand and sea are encroaching on leaf and needle-green. Already the desert air swirls through, replacing damp leaf-decay with parched dust and faint amber sweet. Already the land bucks under our feet, seeking to will the touch of fae feet from its shifting earthen heart.

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I don't know what to feel. I'm not the one I was, but I don't know what I will be. News reached us in the interim that my Raven is gone, perhaps snuffed from life, certainly never to return. And the lad from the Eastern lands is missing. Not even his best beloveds know where he's gone.

And now Valruna. Valruna gone, the second sithen destroyed, the Court in disarray and scurrying for cover.

And Queen Jaed's throne in the sithen in Lumindor.

What benighted landscape do I find myself in? I thought we left Hell, Lilit and I...


Darien Mason said...

Another message from Bloodwing..

"Seeing your civilization fall is never easy, young demoness. But ageless spirits such as we must endure these losses over and over..and learn to pack light and move on. Perhaps I will finally have the chance to meet you in the Victorian Age and share a draught of sorrows."

emillyorr said...

*Lilit quirks an eyebrow...*

"I hadn't thought to be seen in the Victorian era. But at this point, stranger things have happened. You may well get your chance."

Faerie said...

I know this comes a month late but the city of Samarkand welcomes all within its walls.

Placed on a crossroads on the Silk Road many wanders from many nations and species have found safety and welcome within.