Sunday, September 16, 2007

my heart can't possibly break when it wasn't even whole to start with


Life on the grid was decidedly odd last night. The gallery shows at Altered were sparsely attended, but we did manage to raise, between private donations and sales of art, slightly over L$12,000 for the child in need of care after sexual abuse. All of us at Altered humbly thank you for your donations and your caring hearts.

After that, though, I had what felt like ten thousand things to do, so I hopped through several sims, pulled by the whim of offered teleports, until two hours later, everything seemed resolved. I breathed a sigh of relief and thought of what to do next. I decided to go home.

Home did not seem to be there. I tried several times. In the process I was thrown off the grid twice, and both times tried to return home, and ended up in odd telehubs.

In utter frustration, I went to Taupo. I met the Royal Advisor, and briefly spoke with the new innkeeper. Both seemed rather bemused by me. (I think the bemusement wasn't all me--be fair, the inn profoundly lacked a door! [It was being repaired.]) Then I walked through the gate--I'm small enough I don't need to open it, I just push through the bars, it's a very large gate--and saw the largest tree I'd ever seen in my life.

I don't have a good picture, I'll get one--but it's fully six platforms in one on the main level, a trunk that makes my Maneater look like a twig, another massive tree trunk that supports a free room--but wait, it's not done!

To one side is a set of stairs, and past that is a hollow-trunk tree with another platform room, giving the owner two large open-air rooms and two large closed rooms for the whole arrangement.

It's magnificent. Alazarin Mondrian, he makes the best trees. I'll bring back pictures when I can.

In the meantime, past that, I attracted the attention of the Guardian of Taupo, a Sky Fae who'd washed ashore in the kingdom some time before. I think I can be forgiven--I've mostly been involved in the outer world, but since those responsibilities are easing, I'm going to be getting more involved with the business of the kingdom. We exchanged stories of our lives, and parted in good spirit, and I went downstairs to begin building the second version of the cuddle rug.

(Having found no cuddle rug rigged for three people? Frustrating. I have had no recourse but to build it myself. Do drop me a note in world if you happen to know of any good animated cuddle poses. Singles, couples, or trios--I will make them work!

(I'll probably be selling them once I've finished. I can't be the only member of a triad who's run into this!)

But apparently, all is not well. The crisis that killed Steelhead's Sushi is spreading. To wit:

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This is one of Taupo's Beluga whales. As you may have gathered, it's not in the water. I'm somewhat disturbed by this.

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Another shot across the waves.

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Creeping around the side with my cam. The tree you see on the shore? That's my Maneater. When I'm next able, I'll shoot my tree, and the big two-tree structure. Just so you can see the size difference.

It doesn't end here, though. Miss Neome, after helping me get the cuddle poses right (much appreciation for her efforts, there) wondered about fins. I flipped on mine and took her to EmeraldEver's shop, truly one of the best places for mer attire and moves. But I would not swim in the little testing bay area. I wandered to the larger sea and I would not swim either!

I thought it was just me, but then another denizen of the deep waves came in, and she couldn't swim either!


...or, it could have something to do with why more than 400 regions on the grid were down last night, including Rivula. Apparently there are bigger problems than we know....


Alexandra Rucker said...

Alas, the griefing continues... Hank ran into that in his travels earlier this eve. That would certainly explain the issues you're having lately.

emillyorr said...

What is it, fall happens and griefers decide to pick up?? This happened last year, too--September started the self-replicating attacks and the grey goo infestations.

Man, autumn on the grid. Go figure.

Seraph Nephilim said...

Makes sense, though. The children are back in school. sighs

emillyorr said...

That could be it.

Wonderful... :/