Sunday, September 2, 2007

we'll be falling in love, to the rhythm of a steel drum band, down in Kokomo

Honestly, some days on the grid, it just doesn't pay to get up of a morning.

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I mean, when your world spontaneously decides to malfunction across the board...and has been doing so for more than a week...the suspicion begins to occur that what's broken, cannot in fact, be fixed.

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However, there are bigger things happening than discovering I can still dance with broken feet, or learning what my collarbone tastes like. I'd like to speak to an interesting sim in progress.

Taupo is a roleplay sim under development, it's been in the building stage for about a week now. Dennis Albion and Anna Adamant are the King and Queen there, as well as sim owners and major contributors to the process. You've probably seen their work if you've gotten married, or been to a wedding, in world--they do a lot of wedding poses, wedding floral displays, wedding furniture. In point of fact, Anna makes most of her income selling flowers, and glittery jewelry pieces. (They bling, of course, the only drawback--but I'm willing to forgive her even that, because she's one of the few women who actually manage to look charming wearing bling...)

The history of the world, and the people who live and work there, is still under development. But at present it's a series of archipelagos, small islands on a mostly water sim. They're thinking elves, and my mind is absolutely intrigued by the idea--because honestly? Yes, there are elven lands on the grid, but tropical islands populated by elves? I think that's a concept that's not been widely done, if at all.

They seek players. Merfolk if they'll come, and tell them what they want to see, the ocean they want to swim through. Other roleplayers if they're interested, and word is slowly spreading. Dennis wants a cordial environment, courteous, polite--he says if Taupo were a movie, in terms of rating the land would be given an R--adult themes, but no force/capture, no dark RP for the sake of it, no sex in the streets.

And frankly, there are worse things than encouraging roleplay with a sense of fair play, roleplay without force/capture and slavery, roleplay for the joy of the game.

Child avatars are not disallowed in Taupo--I have the Princess of the land, little Miss Moody, as my next-tree-neighbor--but with absolute strictures: if you seek to be a child in Taupo, you will be a child. No sexual situations will be allowed, no ageplay in terms of adult interaction and adult themes--nothing the Lindens have declared verboten. Innocence, mayhap, revisiting childhood a second time--and again, how is this a bad thing?

Taupo is intended to be a members-only sim. If you wish to visit, you can, freely. But to build, to live, to roleplay, beyond simply looking over the world, will require membership in the Taupo group. It's free to join, and they'd love to see you. As it's not--quite--open yet, roleplay occurs every evening from seven to nine pm SLT.

The magical islands of Taupo--sea breezes and world trees, magic and whimsy--this could be a very good thing.

Come see us. If you want more information, feel free to message me in world--I'll give you what I have. After all, I'm the current advisor to the King, completely by accident--I should live up to the title.


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

You failed to mention what a delight both the king and queen truly are. She is a lovely creature and he is a honorable man himself. I will be looking forward to frequent there as our two sims, Steelhead and Taupo will be in constant communications and in freindly terms with each other.

As for Elves walking around, I wouldnt mind a tree house there myself.

emillyorr said...

Well, I can't recommend Alazarin Mondrian enough as a maker of trees. but then you make a fairly amazing tree as well. In fact, I'd look at putting yours up again, but I don't know if Asian traditional fits in fantasy medieval...for all that similar structures were seen in medieval Japan...

Anna Adamant is a sweet woman with Tensai's steel--she owns a frying pan, and is not afraid to use it, and also manages a sandbox with fairly simple rules, the chief of which is writ in large letters on one retaining wall--BEHAVE YOURSELF. She says she wants that for Taupo, too.

There are definitely worse goals.