Thursday, September 20, 2007

do you think it's good to feel like I'm lying here swimming in memories?

A day of much wandering, many new discoveries, and much affirmation of love.

I need more days like this.

I started out at Nomine, trying to decide if I really wanted to spend two thousand Lindens on a skin which looks lovely, but has no demo. But along the way, I realized Mme. Zaius had completely redone the sim. Making certain things impossible to find. Trying to find the specialty skin vendors, I took a wrong turn and ended up in front of this sign (click for larger version):

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That's just a marvelous statement, right there. Start to finish.

What is Torn, you ask? Well, that's the interesting part. They're a set of skins. But not just any skins.

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Beaten skins. Clawed skins. Whipscored or razored. Bruised and battered.

I don't know about you, but in my old line of work? This actually came up a bit...

...and we can handily gloss over the why. At any rate, yay!


From there I moved out to the courtyard, where I found this:

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Yes, this frightening metal thing is for sale. L$975 currently, steepish, and yes, it has sit poses!

I'm somewhat tempted.

From there I needed to revisit Temenos, in particular the new crash site of Cybernetic Apocalypse:

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This is the crashed ship on the shore of Temenos, just a few fathoms away from the pirate cove. Cybernetic implants scavenged from the ship's medbays are for sale here, along with full enviro suits, and some cunningly constructed steampunk variants.

Miss Zoe Llewelyn (the mind behind most of Temenos) also managed to scavenge enough parts from the ship to manufacture cyber-eyes:

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There's twenty-four eyes in all, offering quite an amazement of variation for those in need. They're all blue, which leads me to believe she may soon clone others in other colors.

After that, a friend (the lass with the coppery tresses) and I hit a true amazement of GothLoli shops on the grid. I don't have pictures from them, there would be too many!

But after that, my artist--our artist, I should say, as Fawkes and Neome are now Muses to the cause--invited us out to Chateau tres Mignon, Miss Demima's lovely shop in Dreamworld West. I don't have pictures of her new shoes she had just put up that night--I'll do my best to come up with some in days to come--but she also had new hats.

I was offered her Black Unicorn hat:

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I've named him Vincent. (Well, Vincent van Gogh painted The Starry Night, and it seemed apropos--besides, "Starbutt" lacks a profound dignity.)

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And my companion in her latest Demima creation, the Dove. Dove does not yet have a name.

(Behind her--and her hat--can be seen the wall of Sir Edward's new shop in Victoria City. I did want a picture of her hat, but I didn't know if I was allowed to photograph the new shop, so--that slice of wall is all you get.

(It looks lovely. bright and spacious and airy, wood-paneled and wonderfully detailed. At any rate.)

Though there was wonderment about what should happen should the Dove fall in love with Sweeney, my very gothic lobster hat? We do believe the hatspawn of such an unholy pairing should not be considered too strongly, else we risk mental damage, but....should it happen, we are all agreed--Miss Megg Demima must make hats of the children.

Now...what would a dove/lobster pairing look like? Though that may also fall under what Woman Was Not Meant to Know...

Thursday I should be able to turn in the completed list of items needed for the upcoming Temenos shoot, and then start scheduling Muses for shoots after the 23rd. Yes, another day where I hit the ground running.

I'm getting used to it.


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

Temenos looks interesting. I'll have to visit it.

And yes you can photograph the shop. Still working on the basement but the upstairs is all good.

emillyorr said...

The warning for everyone--Temenos lags. Temenos is the godmother of all lag. How'ver, it's still worth a visit.

If you search for Temenos, it'll drop you off at the top of the island next to a telehub, and you can follow the links to everywhere else. The crash site is Cybernetic Apocalypse; the pirate ship is in Pirate Cove; Jungle Voodoo is where the neko gear is found; Boneflower is fashions and (female) skins. And in the basement is Broken and the Whispers of Night line.

But all over are little treasures, on the island...meditation alcoves, temples, ships, camp sites, you name it.

And yay! I shall have to return to pimp--I mean, to photograph your new store effectively.