Friday, September 21, 2007

a spasm of good sense is making my eye twitch

As promised, shots of Miss Megg Demima's new shoes!

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Or at least one of them. These are her Fur Booties, very nicely made, in black faux fur with gold trim. (As one of my companions last night pointed out, one wonders what is 'faux' fur on the grid, but Miss Demima is of the belief that if she said it was real fur, that furs might attack her shop. And she might not be wrong, there.)

The detail is dizzying:

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Truly amazing, and for a first effort, phenomenal. She has a variety of selections, these were just the ones I had to have.

And Miss Graves has named her new hat!

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This is La Pierrot from Miss Demima's collection of quirky chapeaus. She calls them "brain wrongs", but as I told her, originality is never to be decried.

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Miss Graves (seen here and in the above shot) has decided to name hers Minionette. She would like Minionette to have a voice in the world, and to this end she is asking Miss Demima if she would mind, once a suitable voice is found, if she would allow said script to be inserted into the hat.

Miss Graves then added with a dark laugh that if Miss Demima says yes, then of course Vincent (my night unicorn), Sweeney (my goth lobster) and our third companion's Dove hat must then gain voices of their own.

I have dread.

To pass some of tonight's time apart from my loves, however, Lady Speirling wanted a test run of....something....that will be occurring this weekend. (There's nothing behind the curtain! Move along!) This took me and several others on a whirlwind tour of Caledon's more unique locales.

I'm going to have to stop at all the locations some time soon, I've kept the card--but before I had a chance to hit more than four stops, the mys--the puzz--the, err, the event had been solv--had stopped, so...


I mean to say, I didn't get very far.

But I did see some intriguing sites. For one:

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This...something...above the cavorite mines. I'm quite intrigued, and completely baffled.

And this I found in Port Caledon:

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Apparently this is the home for Wayward Librarians? One does wonder. If the librarians weren't wayward to begin with, they might be so after spending some time in these structures!

Overall though, the adventure confirmed one thing to me.

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I dearly love Caledon. And I should spend more time exploring it.

IN OTHER NEWS: The premiere of the Poison Apple show this coming Saturday is postponed. We're hoping only for another week, but my artist has some medical complications, and those trump art shows on the grid. Therefore. I'll keep you posted.


turnerBroadcasting said...

do you do that thing where you stay on the ground and walk around SL or do you teleport?

some people say its more fun to explore trying to walk out a sim.

emillyorr said...

If the sim is linked to another sim, you can walk--I wouldn't recommend flying, it gets....very odd.

But yes, normally, if it's a good view, I walk.