Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oh, you're one of those things I love, but you're bad for me

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I had a feeling it wasn't going to be the best day.

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I was trying to program a rug. (That's the rug below me, that round thing, ohhhh so far away.) It wasn't precisely working.

Mr. Allen came and tried to help me. At this point the conversation wavered between moribund and cumbersome; I did try to pay attention. Between moments of being flung very very high.

He said I had my rotations wrong...

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I'll agree with him there.

He told me, always make sure my poses start with the rotations at 0,0,0. I misunderstood him at first and entered 0,0,1.0 on the rotations card. It flung me off the sim entirely.

[23:09] You: That flung me off the sim
[23:10] Fawkes Allen: Now Em, did we go over the making sure the Positional Vector was below 1.0?
[23:10] You: You said 0,0,0,1
[23:10] You: So I put that in
[23:10] You: It said not a vector
[23:10] You: So I put in 0.0, 0.0, 1.0
[23:11] Fawkes Allen: Noooo.
[23:12] Fawkes Allen: I said 0,0,0.1
[23:12] Fawkes Allen: Notice the .
[23:12] You: Oh.
[23:12] You: Aheh.

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He's trying, I'll give him that. I think it's much easier to make something and use poseballs to make sure people are where you want them to be. I think it's much harder to try to get the rotations and positions right so that each prim in an object has a sit target.

Trust me, I'm not playing the typical girl "Math is hard, let's go shopping!" card here. I'm trying to learn it. It's just not making sense yet.

[23:25] Fawkes Allen: What was Pos at?
[23:26] You: No, wait, no, it made sense...
[23:26] You: N'mind ignore me
[23:26] You: Okay
[23:26] You: rot = <6.95, 356.95, 60.60>
[23:26] You: No no
[23:26] You: pos = <15.723, 202.131, 20.900>
[23:26] You: right
[23:26] Fawkes Allen: Yeah see.
[23:26] Fawkes Allen: Stop using any number higher then 1.0 ^_~
[23:26] Fawkes Allen: Fix that, we can try again
[23:28] You: Okay, then we're back to, I have no idea how rotation and position work

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He made a handy little visual. I'll have to look at this more, but this may actually help

[23:35] Fawkes Allen: Notice the spiffy diagram here.
[23:36] Fawkes Allen: That Neome is in
[23:36] Fawkes Allen: The larger X/Y/Z is the Sim "Grid"
[23:36] Fawkes Allen: It's where you are in 3-d Space.
[23:36] Neome Graves gets out of the way before something goes off.
[23:37] Fawkes Allen: The smaller one? Is the prim. You want to be changing the position of the SitTarget (What the Config notecard is for) relative to the smaller "Grid"

I'd love to say the light went off at that point, didn't, quite.

[23:41] You: Okay, so let me ask this
[23:41] You: Do the numbers under rotation in the edit window mean ANYTHING?
[23:41] Fawkes Allen: Yes.
[23:42] Emilly Orr stares at Fawkes
[23:42] Fawkes Allen: Rotation *and* Position mean something. It's just you can't interpret the data Raw.
[23:43] Fawkes Allen: You have to essentially reformat it to be relative to the root prim. Which is most easily done by taking away the X/Y/Z of the Poseball from the X/Y/Z of the pillow.
[23:43] Fawkes Allen: More or less

Maybe it's that I need to take a class or something. Go through the Ivory Tower tutorials again. It's almost making sense, but my brain is missing something.

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But I tried using what he was trying to teach me. Every attempt at reprogramming the prim, I got a little closer. Even if it was getting harder to talk.

[23:44] Fawkes Allen: See this Sphere?
[23:44] Fawkes Allen makes it a sphere.
[23:44] Neome Graves: Hee
[23:44] Fawkes Allen: It's at 14.500, 202.500, 22.000
[23:44] Fawkes Allen: I want the pose however to be here.
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: Okay?
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: This is at 15.0,202.5,22.0
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: So I'd take the notecard configuration file.
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: And under Pos
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: I'd go
[23:45] Fawkes Allen: <0.5,0,0>
[23:46] Fawkes Allen: Which means the pose will be sitting .5 meters forward along the X axis.
[23:48] Fawkes Allen: Did that help at all?

And my answer is yes and no. It helps, it's just not how my brain is used to working.

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I finally just plugged in 2.5 along the X axis, I was tired of being in the pillow! Which set me hovering above the rug entirely. But that taught me more about how rotation and positioning works than anything else had...and he had to tell me again to use Local edit settings, not World.

Hmm. Does Local edit settings give one different figures for rotation and position? As in, would they give the relative rotation and position of that prim in the edit window, not the rotation of the object being edited on the world grid?

Because that may make everything very simple.

Finally I cobbled something together that would work "for now"--I could finely-tweak later, I was getting tired. I decided to throw together the figures for the pillow in the middle, to make it a properly working set of three poses.

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I give up.

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