Monday, September 17, 2018

but I want to be played by the unseen hand

How about we go to the Halloween Haunted House in Coulours today? Their blurb:
"Halloween is 365 days for me :) We have Seance,Tarot Card tables, and Ouija Boards. Get your free pumpkin and candy at the you pick it pumpkin patch. We have 2 haunted houses! Come on over and hang out or Bob for apples :)"
Okay. Let's go see.

Wasn't I here last year?

I'm sure I was.

This is interesting, though.

I made a .gif to show the movement, it's fun to watch live.

I don't think I found the kitchen the last time, though.

Simple seance room upstairs...

...and a coffin bed for two. Okay. Pretty simple haunt, but not a terrible one!

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