Monday, June 29, 2009

get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now, that's what you get You know what? No. Just no. Not even bothering to try to figure it out.

Save for this--LOLspeak is more of a language than Simlish! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?

(There's also one for Lily Allen. My heart despairs.)

So yes, I did spend a few hours, going through my photos, and made this--partially, wandering around the last of Relic, how could I not? But also, that Fat Li'l Sofa (in Weimaraner, a color he doesn't even offer anymore) seemed to be ever-present.

Going through the photos was another attack of nostalgia, but I got through it. I realized so many things are gone, though, when I was assembling the montage. Ryce-kitten, for one. Le Jardin, and the Irish Rose piano I had there. Rivula, Lumindor, Svarga--there's a shot of Ryce and I on Relic mushrooms I rezzed out.

Savan, bastard boy, even gets a sidewise mention, because the shot I took for my profile in deep grieving is in there, with the Fall of the Day sofa I bought, back in...2007? I think?

So, yes. Had to do it. I will miss Relic, and the Isle, and the things that came from Relic, Sanctum Sanctorum, In Temptesta Nox, and Serendipity. Can't not.

Which leads us, not in any way concurrently, to This Way to the Egress. And this one's gonna be tough.

They have a MySpace page as mentioned, but...they don't seem to have anything else. There's a mention on Gilded Age Records, the collective begun by Vernian Process, but again...not a lot of info.

So I went name by name.

Taylor Galassi has worked with Argyle Johansen and is listed as playing cello, accordion & glockenspiel. The MySpace page, additionally, lists piano, both acoustic and electric cello, and vocals for Egress.

Sarah Shown, weirdly, didn't turn up as a Google listing even on her own band's page, but she did turn up this link--which is related to the band, somehow, idea how. She's listed as backup vocalist, as well as playing flute, clarinet, violin, and intriguingly, mandola for the band.

Matt Venderosa turned up nada; but then, neither did a search for M@ Venderosa. According to the MySpace site, he plays drums, general percussion, and is also responsible for random screams and facial contortions when playing live. (And one would assume recording, as well, not that people could see the facial contortions.)

So I admit, I wandered their pics on the MySpace, and grabbed two at random (well, two I like, but yeah):


(Taylor Galazzi [and now I'm pretty sure also seen repainting basement/garage for studio work, I think, in that vid] street busking somewhere in Pennsylvania, one assumes.)

And here's Taylor with the whole band:

(from the media album)

NO clue where they are for this, but I'm amused by the mylar curtain behind them.

So...there we have it. I can't find any videos beyond the studio painting; I can't find pictures that aren't on the MySpace page; no one's even covered them. My gods do these people need a press agent.

They do have a page, that's something. And there is music you can hear in both places.

And that's one thing I do know; they have a very vintage sound. Accordion, vocals that remind me of the Tiger Lillies if their main singer actually didn't sing falsetto that day, and the ratchet-clank of odd percussives in the background. Semi-growled lyrics, enticing, inviting, baffling all at once, and...

...why don't they have even one video out?!?

Anyway. Eloosive Moose, another Pennsylvania band, mentions they planned a tour with them this past Aprille...but whether that happened, or anyone reviewed it, your guess is as good as mine.

You know, this might be the first case of me banging on VP's email account and begging for more information! If he's going to be name-dropping, he needs to give out all the info!

I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

As an advertisement for Sims 2 -- which I assume was the point -- that's actually pretty effective. As somebody who's never played any form of it, I had no idea one would be able to wrest anything like that machinima out of it. I'm impressed.

Emilly Orr said...

On that point, it is impressive--with the advancement of Sims 2, the ability to get up close and personal with the Sims became much, much easier--so yes, machinima could then be made, as opposed to the traditional scurrying-of-small-ants movements before in the first iteration.

It doesn't make pop songs translated into Simlish any less scary--especially since there's not even the vague attempt to make certain nonsense sounds repeat, as per actual language--if "zeeba" (picking a Simlish word purely at random) means "love" in verse one, it should mean "love" in all instances, and...there's not that kind of cohesion.

It's shuddery creepiness for even a lay linguist. :)