Sunday, June 21, 2009

believe in me, help me believe in anything, I want to be someone who believes

Instability. It hurts us all. Today the grid, tomorrow everything else. As much as we rage and rail against the violations of the powers that Linden, once the data is removed we wail and rage until it appears.

Until the virtual is real under our feet again. Oddity, concurrence, instability. It gets us all.

What happens when the world goes away? I used to drift in limbo, featureless, breathless, awaiting the world's return. Now, I look for other things. Identify, paint, texture, carve. Small projects, larger ones.

Or play other games.

Like Runes of Magic. The last bit of that? The bit that says Accepted Quest: Breeding? That was a quest the Ent--the tree-man trimmed out by the cropping--gave us. Which, really, by itself, even not next to a possessed puzzle-box floating in midair...would be odd.

Pair that with a possessed puzzle-box floating in midair? Things get odd indeed.

Still. Wonder how many times the main grid needs to go down before there's more people running around in other games--or the OSGrid as it slowly improves...

After all, SL's still the only game in town...but the competition's well on their way to riding in fully armed.

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