Thursday, June 4, 2009

no sleep until I'm done with finding the answer

This is long, rambling, and the sound quality is horrible, but if it can be believed...Cyn Linden seems to be making rational sense, and while Ken and Marty Linden mostly are playing tag with covering their asses, now and again real information accidentally escapes.

So, adult content seems to be narrowing down, to public sex, extreme violence, but bypassing sex beds in homes, medical/relational education sources, and strip clubs/skin shops. This might be good news...

Also, on the heels of this, we hear that they're developing voice adaptation--so that those of one gender, playing another, will be able to sound as if they're of that gender.

Hmm. Interesting. I personally think that's an advance whose time has more than come, but I'm sure we'll start hearing from those who are paranoiacally addicted to knowing the (RL) gender of their (SL) playmates...

Moving on. Today I found the cutest down-time sign EVER:


The twee! I am dying from the twee.

And has anyone told Joss Whedon yet about Google Wave? It's being built by the Google technicians, who are also...Firefly fans. And from the name of the product (Wave) on down (a glitch message comes up saying "Curse your sudden and inevitable betrayal!"), it's being designed with future communications needs in mind.


Remember Miss Putrid Gloom? She made the tippy-toe fetish shoes that--if I'm not wearing Damen Gorilla's wonderful pumps--I'm pretty much living in? (Seriously--I'm now down to maybe three designers--Putrid Gloom for the heel-less pony boots, Damen Gorilla of Adam & Eve for drop-dead gorgeous pumps and slides, and Dare Munro of Dare Designs for his amazing thigh-high sculpted fetish boots. With buttons that go allll the way up the thigh.)

...Soanyway, she made some new shoes, realized they had a problem, and recalled them all to be fixed. I'm really beginning to love her customer service skills:

So this week I released a bunch of new shoes, but they have a problem that I need to fix so I have had to pull them until I have redone them. If you bought a pair of the new ones ' Little Carnival Lady Pumps' can you [drop] me a notecard with your name and trans number and I will send you an updated pair [tomorrow].

As some of you know, I had a pair in the Lucky Board, I have removed them too, but I know some of you won the outfit already, so I will fix these ones and send them out as a group freebie sometime tomorrow too (these ones )


In the meantime, if you want to get people to come and subscribe in order to get [these] pumps, be my guest, the more the merrier

Show Me On the Doll, Slaughter City

Apologies for any inconvenience

Putrid Gloom

I swear, she's the definition of "perkygoff" for me now. But she's really on the ball; she finds a glitch, she fixes it, she chirps something to let us all know. She's really, really great to work with. (And yeah, I admit, I corrected her spelling errors. But there were only three!)

In the meantime, two projects call: I'm working on a set of animal skin/hide rugs (some bear, a LOT of cow, a few goats, and some severe oddities tossed in to round it out); I expect to be done with that in a couple weeks, actually, all things considered. The second project, also textures, is a card set; I started it a while back, and got distracted. Very distracted.

In the meantime, I've updated the XStreetSL box, and it's only got five things in it, right now, but they should be up and available on Saturday. (I hope.) And I'll work on getting the items I'm going to keep fixed and updated and thrown in, too!

(Miss Kamenev, you can now shop securely; I've changed the packaging. The teal glass spider has been replaced by an oversized skeleton key. 'ware the rust, but it has no extra limbs.)

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