Wednesday, June 10, 2009

and if I bleed, I'll bleed, knowing you don't care

I want to be understanding enough, compassionate enough, to say I do not care. I want to be the person who shakes her head, and smiles, and moves on. I want to be bigger than this.

Apparently I'm not.

I woke up this morning, and after the usual starts to the day, wandered to the keys and checked emails. And there was an announcement from Caledon:
hehehehe. it will be my first party lol just to try out my new dance floor and dances i have purchase . please come join us and have some fun with club music.
"hehehehe" it said. "lol" it said. There is not a single instance, in any of the three sentences (if one counts "hehehehe" as a sentence), of any attempt at correct capitalization.

To say I was, in all honesty, stunned by this development would vastly underemphasize my level of reaction towards this missive.

Before we go any further, I want to say that I then came into world, with the express purpose of investigation. I pulled her profile, this damsel who was inviting the gentles of Caledon to her demesne. I took the time to read through it. And yes, she was only born early this year, but she seems a genuinely devoted soul (to the ideals of "the past" in general, if not specifically steampunk or Victoriana). But she is at least trying to indicate her desire for vintage presentation.

One line from the first page of her profile struck me:
I love the rp of the past, it is amazing how one was treated with such respect, one must think where did the world go wrong, but this is why we have sl.
So. I have to say that she is at least trying, in her own fashion, and I have to say that I am appreciative of the effort. But this is the point I just can't get past: if one is to send a notice in Caledon...if one has access to send notices in Caledon...I realize this is likely to stir up controversy once more...but...

Is it too much to ask that one at the very least employs spell check of some kind?!?

Even a cursory glance through basic, accessible rules of grammar would injure none of us. Surely, that's not too much to ask, especially if this is likely to happen again? For notices to the Realm at least??


(The inscription says, "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.")


I am trying to let it go. It is a brand new world, with new and changing rules, and I am still adjusting. It just galls at times, and deeply.


So I went wandering in Creve Coeur. Some of the Carnivale balloons are still up--from dollarbies to under-thirty outfits, you'll likely find something to suit you. Many of the merchants will likely be removing them soon, because their Carnivale officially ended June 9th.

Mostly, though, I was here because it was dim, and beautiful, and I was trying not to rant.


I sat for a while and lit a candle for Ganesh in the little temple off the main square. He and I have been diffident conspirators for years, now, considering I pull stronger towards his mother, but I sent a little prayer anyway. What I received, as the day wore on...well, it may be that his mother heard me after all, and answered in her own way.

Either way, I am always open to their lessons, whenever they choose to send me one.

[13:33] RockAndRoll Michigan: Everybody pass it on, after all this time starting today Linden Lab is FINALLY telling their clientele that they're doing something about adult content on the grid. Only they're passing it off as an "improvement."
[13:34] Mari Asturias: Does that include shutting down regions without any notice? Meadowbrook is being deleted and SDSU has less than 24 hours to take everything. We only found out by accident
[13:38] Emilly Orr: Hmm. Define this "improvement".
[13:39] RockAndRoll Michigan: I can't, I haven't followed the link, but finally for the first time there's a reference to it on the login screen, talking about it as "an improvement to Search and Adult Content" with a link

So I went off to the blogs, and after a chirping note detailing some form of "progress" on the adult content issue, there was a link for the forums, and off I went to look there.

I stopped before even fully immersing in the charged waters of the forums with a comment from Blondin Linden:

Hosting implies that one is advertising a service. If someone is advertising adult content or services then yes, they should be on adult land.It comes down to key words. If you wish to use words that have flagged adult, then you'll need to be located on adult land.

And there I departed, and I likely won't be back. I have no outrage left in me for a company that is presented opportunity after opportunity to learn, and fails to at every opportunity.

Save for the login screen bit. We've been begging them for that, for months--if nothing else, for that--so...I don't know, maybe they can learn...if kicked hard enough.

Also, I am so glad LL is bringing back some of the old bugs to entertain us with, while everything else falls apart. The latest fun one was porting from Five Blades to Nomine, and having the prim skirt I was wearing from the last outfit show up again as what I was wearing currently. Gosh, thanks for that, LL, I can't wait until we're back to the point where all our prims go internal on ports! Whee!

*coughs on the sarcasm*

Finally, Miss Neome brought me in to a hunt at DV8--tricky little Terrorbots have infested the main store, your job is to search out all twenty for never-to-be-released colors of existing outfits, hair and boots--but I admit it, I had to pause.


Baby got back.

Apparently, LadyAnjile Tsunenaga hires out as a DJ, is friendly and approachable, but somewhat shy, according to her profile. If you say so.

I found myself staring at her derriere while things around it rezzed in, like moons drawn by gravitational pull, and contemplated the fishnet demi-thong, demi-bodysuit she was wearing. If that's shy, I'd love to see her let go. What does that involve?

Really, I'll be better tomorrow. This was just a trying day. Feeling very much akin to Saint Sebastian of the arrows, but it's just the day. "A' wi' be well, an' a' wi' be well, an' all manner of things wi' be well", the saying goes.

In time. All things in time.


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

[Red lectroid voice]

Big BooTAY!

[/Red Lectroid Voice]

Rhianon Jameson said...

I completely agree that one should make an effort to create messages to the Realm that approximate the Queen's English in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It's not that much to ask.

Yet I was struck most by the Profile line: "I love the rp of the past, it is amazing how one was treated with such respect, one must think where did the world go wrong,..." Say what? Even confining ourselves to the Victorian era, can you say that with a straight face? I refuse to type the various derogatory terms of the time that come to mind, but suffice it to say I have quite a few. How much respect did the lower class, foreigners, gays,...hell, colonists receive? Or - wait, are we just talking about respect among the upper classes? Gotcha.

Emilly Orr said...

Edward: Damn, now I need to see that movie again!

Though, you know, after seeing the latest crop of SL names--and what people are doing with them--I'm just waiting for a Smallberries to show up.

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Jameson: I believe that's it, precisely. Everyone wants to be a Princess; no one wants to be a peasant.

Perhaps I'm missing some deeply esoteric, Andy Kaufmanesque jest on Caledon--after all, many women of the upper classes, if they were taught in any fashion beyond dancing, painting, and playing an instrument, simple clothing construction and forms of embroidery or embellishment, were taught only that which would help them in the home--how to count up to common household numbers, the addition and subtraction necessary to oversee kitchen and manor purchases, how to properly organize and oversee the household.

Maybe that's her character--she's preserving the integrity of the "rp of the past" by appearing easily as unschooled.

Likely she dances well.

Christine McAllister Pearse said...

I find it rather amusing that she ponders where the world went wrong and the proceeds to act like the modern word. I shouldn't be too harsh on her, I mean she could have been vulgar or worse and it is encouraging to see that she is perhaps interested in trying, but maybe that first step would be actually talking like an articulate adult rather than some texting dipstick.

*sighs and returns to her spot at the fire to be a crusty old fusspot*

Emilly Orr said...

Well, at least you're not the only one?

I swear, I'm tempted just to give in and wear grey hair for the next month. Get a cane to wave at people. "YEW KIDS, YEW NEED TA TALK RIGHT!"

I don't know, maybe it's me. But she so could have handled that better.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should think about what you type. You know, like possibly ask her about her outfit or even herself. Instead you jump to a ridiculous conclusion based on some retarded insecurity you have to feel intelligent. You obviously don't know Anjile or how to navigate your head out of your ass. Do everyone a favor and lay off the hormonal bullshit. She was trying on outfits to post on her blog, by the way.

Ty Aristocarnas on SL and I'm proud to be her friend.

Emilly Orr said...

Mr. Aristocarnas,

Good for you. I'm glad she has friends. Everyone needs friends, and staunch supporters, and people to laugh at our jokes.

However--and not that I have to explain this--but did you once hear me say "As Loki is my witness, she is terrifying." Did I once type out, "WHOA, she's ugly!" Did I once even imply that she was in any way unattractive?

Go on, go read through the post again. I'll wait.

...didn't find anything like that? I didn't think you would.

Now listen. First, my damn blog, my rules. Second, I said she had a large ass. She DOES. That does not mean she looks stupid with one; that does not mean she is not pretty.

And her profile does say SHY. What shy woman wears a high-cut fishnet bodysuit? Which is what I meant by, If that's shy, I'd love to see her let go.

No, I don't know LadyAnjile. I don't know you, for that matter, beyond your willingness to be rude at the drop of a hat. For that matter, what makes you think commenting on SL fashion--as it is seen in stores, and on residents--means I'm trying to sound "intelligent" by describing it? For most people, an interest in fashion means one is obviously a few apples shy of a full bushel, and lacks appreciation for the finer points of philosophy and intellectual discourse.

So back it down, already. I wasn't insulting her, I wasn't even insulting the outfit. And you'd know that if you had even a basic comprehension of what I said.

Come back anytime. I'd adore knowing what irks you next.

Emilly Orr said...

*reads through the post again and rubs her forehead*

One last comment, Mr. Aristocarnas. Because I think you substantially misunderstood the nature of my post. (I'll reserve remarks as to your intellectual level. At present.)

If you think THE ENTIRE POST was devoted to bashing your friend, the no doubt sainted and untouchable at this point LadyAnjile Tsunenaga, you are vastly and ridiculously mistaken. Read it again. The remarks on LadyAnjile come into play directly under her picture.

Let me repeat that, because it's vaguely important: I am not discussing your friend before her picture appears in the entry.

Do you understand that? Clearly? Because I think you missed that the first time out. The woman I am discussing before the picture of your friend is seen is not LadyAnjile Tsunenaga. It is someone else entirely.

Are we clear? Is there comprehension? Wonderful, do run along.

Ty Aristocarnas said...

Wow, just wow. I never said the whole post was devoted to her, I picked that out to talk about, because that part was focused on my friend.]. I also never mentioned her looks, I talked about you making a snap judgement based on an outfit you saw for a short period of time, a period of time she was changing clothes. This is true, instead of asking her, you run to your blog and post about her. I may come across rude but at least I am confronting you in a manner you can respond, unlike you. Speaking of calling me rude, that's laughably ironic since I'm only replying to an unprovoked attack on my friend.

Emilly Orr said...


To each their own. It wasn't an attack, and if that's true, then she changes clothes *very* slowly, because I stared at her for twenty minutes trying to snap the right picture that was flattering, without the avatar mesh cutting through some portion of her anatomy. In that time she never once changed clothes into anything else...