Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have faith that you're out there, living high up in the vast, somewhere in eternity

Aki Shichiroji has a new store! Well, I don't know if it's new, but I just found out about it. She's now making gorgeous floating sculpted land masses, trees, flowers, and items of decor, in addition to being the only maker, I still believe, of Farscape skins (and I own both her Delvian skin, and her Chiana avatar, believe me--I'm still enough of a Farscape fan, I look around for these things).


This is the view from my corner of Morgaine, at present. I still have some work to do, readjust some boulders, some wood bits here and there. It's in progress.

The big green glowing thing is the focus disc Fawkes is working on. Unsettling, the red glow at the base--I might have to speak to him about possible overheating.

But this is about the flowers. The field of flowers that now blooms at the base of the Darkhouse. This was the first set of California poppies, with that distinctive color, that memorable fluting, I'd ever seen on the grid. I'd been wandering Analise--they're having a half-off sale on some of their outfits--when I stopped dead, seeing poppies at my feet. I had to know who made them.

Turns out Organica did. And Aki Shichiroji is behind Organica.


This entire field of poppies, all the sinuous curves and overgrowth of it--it's one prim. She's got bamboo beds that are seven prims, total, and count out to more than sixty--but read, somehow as seven.

This field honestly counts out, at least at first glance, at around twelve, fifteen or so--but it's all one ratio-sculpted prim. Gorgeous.


I liked it so much, I wanted to get a new profile picture. But there was a problem--the now two antelope fauns kept wandering over and head-butting me just when I snapped the image. Or doing something freaky in the background that just wasn't right.

Didn't catch it? I'll make it easier:


Exhibit A: Antelope Faun 1 dragging himself along the mossy ground by his lips. Or some serious shoulder muscles.

(Fun tip: you click for the larger version, it leads to a different picture for find-the-faun--in that one, it's of him levitating out of the picture entirely, just part of his hindquarters and his tail floating up.)

Doesn't it just figure, though? The rest of the Realm gets the animals that behave predictably. I get the mutants.

Maybe it's all the cavorite gas?


hba said...

A surprising comment :)

As a big fan od poppies, I'm going to have to go over and check these out - they look amazing!

And try not to be too hard on we antelopes... ;-)

Emilly Orr said...

Ah, my apologies, I thought you were a gazelle. :)

And it's not me--they mostly frolic up and down the mountain just behind my parcel: eternally sliding up diagonally, legs kicking in air, the apparently powerful side and shoulder muscles moving them upwards, before they sink into the soil and sod-swim back down.

They have never behaved in any rational fashion; maybe it's proximity to me?

hba said...

Ooooo, *antelopes*! I see now, they are right old trouble makers!

Emilly Orr said...

Ah, so it wasn't antelopes you reacted to, it was "antelopes"...

...I am deeply confused. :)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Noooo, not "antelopes", but *antelopes* - little stars either side to indicate itallics :-D

Emilly Orr said...

See, I'm on too many different platforms at this point. Asterisks I still associate with general emphasis, but on Gchat underscore lines mean italics and in HTML code bracketet i's give you italics and that's without going into Gchat's fashion of *bolding* everything with asterisks and...

They're still crawling up and down the mountain between Morgaine and Wellsian. Persistent buggers, at the least.