Sunday, June 28, 2009

farewell, cabarista, the writing's on the wall

That'll teach 'em.

In any relationship, be it business, love or friend, it takes two to fight, but it also takes two to mend. If we can do nothing else, we can at least step back and refuse to argue. Robert Scoble is trying to do this very thing. So am I.

Tonight, in fact, gave me an excellent opportunity to get back to something featured on this blog that has nothing to do with trains, or wrecks, or even fire--but music. Steampunk music.

I now have a whole new source of lists. Seems someone--Duchess Gabi? Edward? Someone else?--talked Josh Pfeiffer from Vernian Process into SL. In fact, he has an av now, name of--what else?--VernianProcess Steampunk. Figures.

But every couple of weeks, or so, on Sundays, he spins a couple hours of steampunk and steampunk-inspired music in the New Champagne Rooms in Babbage Square. Edward pulled me in half an hour into it tonight, and I admit, I was enthralled. Music I'd never heard, but could see how it fed into steampunk. Music I *had* heard, and had decisively labeled as potentially 'steamy' in nature.

Some folks danced, some--like m'self--sat on low cushions around low Moroccan tables, listening. It was well worth the bit over an hour I spent; I'll be looking forward to future events at the New Champagne Rooms.

So, as the lists come out, I'll add those to the music exploration project, and in the meantime, I'll add in a partial one from tonight.

The Real Tuesday Weld - listed as lounge pop/electronica
This Way To the Egress - listed as "electroacoustic" experimental
Man Man - no description, but they strike me very much as avant-pop with all the bells and whistles (and I do mean that literally. Is there a 'toycore' sub-genre yet? If so, they fit it)
The Tenth Stage - alternagoth/melodramatic pop, they say
Unwoman - she calls herself "postpunk classical", which kind of hurts my head
Gogol Bordello - who beats Unwoman in their genre description, of death metal/Japanese classical/melodramatic pop/gypsy-punk (the HELL)
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Wiki says they're a Swedish avant-metal band; DSO call themselves a rock/classical/jazz band (me, I'm going with Wiki, it seems closer, with a strong side of swing)
Humanwine - self-described as "2 step/lyrical/visual"; I'd compare them a lot to Rasputina mixed with a stripped-down Within Temptation. (Though sad, so sad--their lead singer has one of the facial tats I was considering getting. Back to the drawing board...)
Vagabond Opera - another dark cabaret venture, with a touch of swing and boogie-woogie
Paul Roland - In 1983, according to Pfeiffer, Paul Roland recorded a song named Wyndham Hill (I think, unless that was the recording label and the song was called "Paul Roland") concerning manned flight in Victorian England. He's naming it steampunk. So he's on the list to listen to, at any rate

And off we go, the next several entries, then back to the old lists! Muahahaha?

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