Tuesday, July 12, 2011

oh I won't sleep tonight, I won't sleep tonight

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It has been many, many years since I've had this feeling of awestruck wonder. The last time, of course, being when I walked into Professor Sputnik's TARDIS--excuse me, Etheric Travel Cabinet--and had that moment of impossible deja vu.

This was another of those times.

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If you go to the sim, there's not actually that much on the ground. This is because most of the action--as, in fact, it happens on Babylon 5 itself takes place in and around the Babylon station.

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Right now, they're doing their best to bridge both solid immersion roleplay, and legal acceptance of copyright. Which is why, before you get to the station, you find posters with information cards in them as well as this copyright notice, protecting copyright as much as possible within the context of the play.

It is something J. Michael Straczynski has always held--if what we do, as fans, we do with honor, acknowledging that previous copyright exists--he has no problem with fan-created uniforms, art, or even derivative works.

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This was the first time I'd been aboard the station, and while I was there to resolve a sim-based issue, I still felt radically out of place. Now, claims can be made for virtually any avatar in anything beyond sheerly "modern" attire, because it could simply be a representative from a race that Babylon 5 had not seen yet. Still, I think dressing for the general theme of space-based interaction does no harm. If--or more likely, when--I go back, I think I'm developing another spacer "look". To--more or less, at least--fit in as much as possible.

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This was another moment when I simply had to inhale, staring at the screen in wonder. While I mostly associate the Zocalo with the main club on the station--or, at least, the club seen most often--this places it rather firmly in the realm of the main promenade, and yes, it does go off into the distance for a fair (and walkable) distance.

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And, at least in this version of the promenade, the carts are for rent. From what one of they sent me in a small polite block of text:

[00:52] Zocalo Vendor 7 whispers: Zocolo @ Delenn 136, 116, 2689
[00:52] Zocalo Vendor 7 whispers: Price per week: L$50
[00:52] Zocalo Vendor 7 whispers: Minimum rental weeks: 1
[00:52] Zocalo Vendor 7 whispers: Maximum rental weeks: 8
[00:52] Zocalo Vendor 7 whispers: Prims Allowed: 20

That's a fair deal in any universe.

If you want to join in, you'll want to start near the entry gate. Thankfully, that's not hard to do. You can reach Babylon 5 faster than you'd think; but keep in mind, they do have an active roleplay atmosphere, and they're doing their best to keep it reasonably consistent with the show. If you're interested, however, they'd love to have you come and play.

They're looking for scripters; for costume designers (their main uniform designer departed to other realms, and took her designs with her); for builders (they have one, but he's something of a dilettante, though his work is fascinating); and, of course, for roleplayers to add to the dimensions. Mr. reese Shawbridge is the one to talk to, I believe, about renting merchant stalls; he may also be the one to ask about getting involved in the RP. At the least, go to the station and click to join the group, and ask questions there.

I'm very glad to have seen this, and to know it exists in Second Life. Already, they have much of the Babylon Station, the ISN broadcasting center, the Grey Council meeting room, and something that I initially took for Mars, but which turns out Epsilon III--and yes, there is a small room featuring the Great Machine.

Next up, says Mr. Shawbridge: Minbari City. I thought he meant the entire planet at first but he says no--for one, they don't have the prims for that. But the main city, with the spires, and the crystal, the wide paved streets--that, yes, he wants to do.

I can't wait to see it.


Serenity Semple said...

While I never got into Babylon, I can still kind of smile at things like this. I thought most of them were extinct. XD I wish there were more roleplay and things like this around. :c

Emilly Orr said...

I admit, I'm a diehard B5 fan. It spoke to me deeply, I followed the show from start to finish, and gleefully followed into Crusade (until it was canceled). We have several of the films, as well as the entire series, on tape, and we're working on getting them on DVD.

Hells, we even stalked eBay for the bizarre 64-dice-cube-based board game for the show (the game was needlessly complex, and never caught on well; still, we felt compelled to buy it).

So yes, this was one of those insane fan moments for me, where I walked around wide-eyed and tried not to say "Cool" more than once every five minutes. :D

Edward Pearse said...

It took me two days to make it round the SLSFC4 (or the Second Life Science Fiction Convention 4) this year. I was impressed to see that in addition to the numerous Trek, BSG and Star Wars sims, there are at least two B5 sims. One is the station itself, and the other is RP aboard an Earthforce ship.

I may have to revisit my SF on the grid series I did some years back.

Emilly Orr said...

For one thing, I'm sure there have been changes, but for another, that's never a bad idea.

Me, now, I'm wondering if the two RP groups are connected--or want to be.