Tuesday, July 5, 2011

not stolen cash, I'll pay you back, bloody paradise attack

Odd thing that went out, just a bit before midnight:
[23:45] PARADISIS Group Controller: Sim is back on moderate. After receiving unacceptable ims (for some) , I prefer to do that than to see again what happen when you touched the selfish comfort of people. Have a good day.
Now I'm dying to know what happened. I know earlier today she sent out this:
I told few days ago that the mainstore will change and it's done all old collections and old freebies are gone to leave the place to new things. I hope you will enjoy the new look of PARADISIS sim and take your time to look around.

More, the sim is now ADULT, you need arge verify to go in, I'm sorry for this but this was recquired to fit linden lab policies.
Apart from some formatting, that is the relevant section from the card, typos and all. And, reading through that, I figured, okay, fine, I'm rated, cool, onward we go.

But now this. So, of course, I have questions:

1. Why did she change the sim to Adult? What new Paradisis clothing styles could necessitate the switch to Adult rating?

2. Who bitched, and how loud, and how long, and why?

Because seriously, Paradisis is definitely one of those stores run by fairly good people--she has frequent sales, offers up MM boards and lucky chairs, gives group freebies, and has the occasional hunt to boot, so...if she wanted to switch to Adult rating for her sim--and keep in mind, it is her sim, people--why on earth are people who aren't paying her bills complaining?

(Now, if someone's out there who pays her $350 a month in clothing sales alone, sure, fine, you are paying her bills, you can bitch. But everyone else? You don't have a stake in this. Back the hell off.)


Serenity Semple said...

Well I could tell you why the sim changed to adult, at least my theory. Beforehand not many even heard much about the Paradisis skins because they weren't really displayed well in the old layout but she did try to sell them. But she wanted to display them as full frontal, no censorship so I think that catergorizes things as Adult? Not 100% sure but that was the main thing I noticed change. If she was planning some more mature clothing, that's something we may never know. XD As for the people who bitched I bet they didn't know they could easily change their status of being verified now. XDDD Too bad tho, she's a pretty nice owner and didn't deserve that.

Emilly Orr said...

She really didn't, and here's the other thing--SCORES of skin makers have stores in Moderate sims and display skins. It happens everywhere. So why did she think she needed to specifically change the sim rating?

But seriously, beyond that, some people revert to whiny little babies over the smallest things. It's bizarre.

Emilly Orr said...

To "Games Online", today's spammer du jour: