Sunday, July 24, 2011

now baby, we could shoot a Russian unicorn

(from the bizarre album)

This is Athon. Apparently, Athon plays a "Planewalker"--someone who can teleport at will, and can't be killed. Oh, and he's a doctor, so he helps people. On occasion. Oh, and he's bright blue. Oh, and he's a demon. Oh, and he's fond of narcoleptic partners.

Yeah. Great guy. Godmodder and alternatively helpful and evil in turns. Remind me never to run into him for the foreseeable...EVER.

Meanwhile, this was overheard in Atlas Park (in City of Heroes):

[Broadcast] Jack Smooth XXX: WE ARE RPSG Lycans Of Avalon.Recruting new members and to help build our base.memebrs must be Active all times. have fun.Our Theme is Werebeast Academy.We have an website.Online Radio station also.PST for info or an Invite.

Um. Okay then. Just for future reference, spell-check is your friend.

But my actual reply was:

[Broadcast] Literal Lass: "We have an website" might have to become a catchphrase, temporarily. That's as good as "the intarwebs".

It really is.

Of course, there are still fun things in CoH. Witness, the bio of "Lizardo", a level 50 Mutation Controller.

"Ricardo Ricardo Lizardo, in an unlikely twist of fate, was born a mutant displaying elements of lizard dna. Although at birth his mutation was barely noticeable, it advanced very rapidly such that by his first birthday he was no longer recognisable as human. Abandoned by fearful parents, he was left in the wilderness where he was raised by a pack of lizards. During this time his mutation continued to advance and he developed an affinity for the earth, which grew to become full blown control.

"Now for some generic reason that seems kinda forced, he is in Paragon City taking on the role of hero and protector."

I like heroes that admit their origin stories have flaws. It's amusing.

BioWare, the makers of Mass Effect 3, are letting their players decide the next feminine version of Colonel Shepard in the game--but only if they have Facebook accounts. All of them look profoundly angry at having been tapped to play Shepard. Is that a good thing?

Meanwhile, the first steps are being taken for human cloning in Japan. Oh, not really, but it's pretty much your face on a doll, from a 3D printer. Which means they're getting very very good at human reproduction in synthetic forms. And they're already pretty good with robotics...

Maybe the goal isn't to clone humans into better versions of themselves. Maybe the goal is to go completely synthetic and leave the meat behind. Is that a good thing?

Echo Bazaar has suffered a case of accidental lesbianism, apparently. Now, the article is well worth reading for many reasons, not the least of it the accurate breakdown of character developments in games and RPGs. But the intriguing thing--for me, at least--is the player behind that particular character instantly assuming that the final line of text for that quest indicated her character had become a lesbian.

Why couldn't it mean that her character went over to warn the other woman about what she'd discovered? Or to commiserate with her? Maybe make a nice soothing pot of tea, talk about inconsequentials of the day, and stroll off home, nary a garter rumpled?

What happens when rock and roll gets crossed with comics? This. Is it sad I'd love to see this as a full-fledged book?

The Google+ disintegration is getting chilling; not because they're deleting Google+ accounts, because--for me personally--I really could not care less.

The unsettling thing for me is the reports of Google shutting off all Google services. And I've had this account for five years. My bank has this account name. My insurance has this account name. My family writes to Emilly, not an account tied to my "real name".

If I lose it's just painful to contemplate.

Friend of mine, in separate research, ran across Joe Clark's contact page. Have no idea who he is, really, but I adore his clauses for contact.

Random images from wandering over the past few days.

(from the shopping album)

Remember a while back, while in Curious Kitties, I found an example of really well-done prim feet?

Yeah. These aren't them. But I don't entirely think it's the fault of the avatar (admittedly, even with a HUD, tinting can be tricky). I think it's the fault of the shoes, frankly. This is an example of bad prim feet.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who made them, because shortly after snapping that pic, the feet--and the avatar in them--ported off. But seriously, if you saw prim shoes made this badly, would you buy them?

(from the shopping album)

Some of the folks behind the Seasons hunt have gotten very...whimsical...with shark placement.

(from the shopping album)

Witness what's happened at Willow, for instance. Land sharks, indeed.

Finally, seen at this year's ComicCon--brace yourselves if you're going to click, this may leave mental scars: Hello Kitty, slave Leia version. You're...welcome?


Darien Mason said...

A doctor AND a demon? That's the most REDIC...


Fogwoman Gray said...

Having played Echo Bazaar, I can comment on the "lesbian" aspect.
One chooses one of three gender options: male, female, or "it is my own business, sir, and I bid you good day."
The way the stories play out, you can choose to be an amoral seducer out for your own ends. The choices of seductees are male or female, and one can be as selective as one likes. Or not :)
I was actually tickled to see the game makers not getting hung up on it, frankly, and just having a good time telling a story.

Darien Mason said...

I read the storylet that led to the title of the article. While it COULD be construed as your character wanting to move in on the bandaged Cyrano's lost cause, there's room for interpretation. It could be you just wanted to *warn* her about that Lothario.

On that same note there's a storylet where you try to get close to an impassioned (male) revolutionary. I'm not finished with it yet but it's very hard NOT to imagine it as yaoi. O_o

Emilly Orr said...


*snerks* Well, and I think I'd have posted some bit of horrified incomprehension had your demon been pretending to be good, and save people, in a world frame where demons always mean harm to people around them, and had a predilection for raping people fresh out of cryosleep to keep himself alive.

Emilly Orr said...

Lady Fogwoman,

I admit, I've drifted from Echo Bazaar in recent days, and, partially based on this story, I do believe I will have to put it on my priorities list again. So far, they have handled every bit of controversy on their game with grace and aplomb.