Friday, July 8, 2011

floating logs and scissor kicks, and lemonade and sweaty sex

stiv: alcoholo
stiv: what is it
stiv: where does it come fromn
stiv: what does it want
Emilly: well, it is a systemic poison
Emilly: So I suppose it wants what all poisons want...your eventual demise
stiv: And it shall receive it
stiv: but not today, my lady

Wise words indeed, O Lord.

Meanwhile, somewhere far away...

(from the bizarre album)

Now, before I really go into this, I am not posting this because of how her avatar looks. You want to be a giant lactating cow wearing silks, hey, go for it--SL is a big wild world, feel free. Enjoy with my blessing. (I am also neatly sidestepping the fact that while cows are mammals, they have udders, not udders and breasts.)

Where I have a problem is this: she's showing up in a science fiction setting. Specifically, a science fiction survival horror setting.

Where does a giant lactating cow belong in a survival horror game? Seriously? Mutation? Yeah, but she's wearing silks. Okay, anthropomorphized animal. Yeah, but this universe doesn't have humanoid aliens, so we have to default back to mutation, and...yeah, no. Lab experiment? Falls under mutation. Next?

Seriously, where would something like that fit in?!? I mean, these are the kinds of things that pop you right out of the survival immersion and...well. Remind you that you're still on Second Life.

But more than that, where do cows really fit in in science fiction? Fantasy, sure--there's a whole World of Warcraft race devoted to bovines. But sf? Well, beyond scattered strange cows-in-space art, and genetic experimentation--and that's actually not science fiction currently, just science--and robotic artistry, there's, well...not a lot. Well, there's now a cow abduction website...And there's an entry on TV Tropes about it. (**WARNING!** This is a TV Tropes link! Warning! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

But seriously. There are cows you can surf on with flowers, fine. There's a small tonnage of fan art about cute 'cowgirls' (and trust me, it took me a LONG time to find something not X-rated; thank me). There's a slightly larger tonnage of minotaur art (again, that SO easily could have gone X-rated).

So--had it been a fantasy sim, having her wandering around would have made sense. It would have been appropriate. It would have been logical. (And seriously, traditional presentations lean towards the Greek anyway, so silks are not that far off, fashion-wise.)

But on a science fiction sim? On an industrial space-age ship? That is supposedly only containing humans, and all the Other population is, well--very much non-humanoid Other? Is there any rational answer as to why she was walking around on the ship other than she just wanted to, and damn the coherency and the rules?


Serenity Semple said...

LOL. XD Would probably fit in a just furry world I suppose. I could probably go on all day talking about the different avs and fetish that show up there. Who knows for scifi though, she'd probably make a great battletoads enemy! XD Or Earthworm Jim setting with the constant falling of cows at the end. Hehe, just an amusing motion none the less. ^^

Emilly Orr said...

See, that's the thing. I have zero problem with her in a mixed sim--granted, my travels in the fetish world these days, at least on SL, are dwindling, but I'm fairly sure they're out there.

Or if not, they should be.

And there are several established anthro comics that featured furs in space, that's not the hangup. Hells, I think Foglio drew one that was adult-rated; if not, he's had enough issues of xXxenophile that dealt with the issue.

Where my problem comes in is twofold:

1. There's a rules card coming into that sim that asks for human avatars only. (Though that leads to the continual bitch, "No one reads the f*cking notecards.")

2. Even without that, if she'd made SOME attempt to 'space up' her av--even to the point of a tech collar with a glowing band, or a headset array, something--she wouldn't be on this blog. Instead, she is a cow. In silks. In space.