Tuesday, July 19, 2011

hey keep your sickness off me, tryin' to get through

Way back when on a Hair Fair entry, I quoted someone who had the nerve to ask me for Lindens while I was contemplating future purchases in Bare Rose. Now, having just paid rent, I was down to the very thin proverbial dime, but even if I had had the resources, I wouldn't have tossed it her way, for two very important reasons.

1. She wasn't even asking about Lindens to buy something at Bare Rose; that's tacky in the extreme; and

2. She said "pwease". I am not an infant, don't talk to me like one. AKA, grow the fuck up.

But it didn't stop there. This afternoon, I got a message from her asking why she'd shown up on that entry, to wit:
why have you put me on your blog? lol.
Oh gods, she's a lolperson.

I was also rather honestly amazed, because I would have thought it patently obvious why she ended up on my blog. In point of fact, her very words reflect why she ended up on the blog:
[11:01 AM] [adversity]: Hi can I have 100L, because theres a new hair I have to have and I only have 200L and its 300L :( Pwease ^.^
I suppose the frowny face is to convince me she's someone with a heart and mind, and therefore, I should feel it's my utmost duty to appease her every whim, because my gods, the world will stop and disintegrate into nothingness and screaming if she doesn't get that hair, won't it?

Oh wait. It's still here.

Here's the thing. Obviously my blog is making the rounds again, for some reason, and just as obviously, I have a wider readership, and both of these facts together have me thinking--and beyond just today--that I might need to adopt more anonymity (on the part of those I quote, not specifically me) because more eyes are on the topics I present. I do understand that.

I also have this admitted inability to walk away from stupid. It bothers me. I post on it. Because it bothers me. Is it ever going to change? Likely not, and that goes for both the urge to post, as well as the stupid.

This was the part of our earlier communication that really galled me, however:
not nice posting my inworld antics into the real world. It is only a game afterall! And I only was after 100L because I couldn't afford any lindens!
So, [adversity]? Just in case you happen to be reading this, I post on a lot of games. And I post the silly things that happen in them. You are one of hundreds of silly things I've posted over the years that this blog has existed.

Short version: if you don't want to show up on the blog, don't be an idiot in public. It's that simple. And if I do have reason--or even think I do--to post what you say, and I'm using your SL name, and you don't like it--there's a very simple recourse.

Just ask.

That's all. I don't demand groveling, I don't accept trades, I don't want payment--I just want to be contacted. If you don't want something attached to your name, just ask me.

Is that hard? Hells, on a rare few occasions, people have asked me to remove all mention of them on my blog, or not mention them in future, and in those cases, I have honored those requests. Just ask me to remove it, and generally speaking, I will.

Unless you're a dick about it. And [adversity], that would be you.

But don't worry, your name is gone. Not that it hasn't been out there, reflecting the staggering shallowness and lack of any depth of what you call your personality, for over a week, but hey. It's within my power, so consider it done. I told you I'd fix it when I got home; it's fixed.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE...I'll work on a better sense of anonymity, though to my mind, that's a one-step remove from sheer fiction, which is why I try to use real names when I can. And if I slip and post something, and you don't like it--just ask me.

Are we clear? I really hope we're clear.

Just don't use "lol" two times in a five-post conversation--when two of the other posts are from me--and expect me not to treat you like the consummate twit you are.

Now run along, babycakes, I'm sure there's some other deserving avatar who's worked hard for their Lindens you can sink your claws into. Nitwit.


Serenity Semple said...

XDDDD I am so utterly amused that they somehow found your blog. Plus it's amazing how butthurt people get over their names being posed when they're begging. Hello? You're begging random strangers anyway. What's to say you don't bother the wrong person and get banned from the store. *Shrug* Ah well good luck trying to deal with the crazy.

Emilly Orr said...

Yeah, really. If I'd been staff, I probably would've bounced her.

And the harsh thing is, I probably would've tossed her what I had--as I recall, either 67 or 87 Lindens--towards the goal, if she'd been asking for a Bare Rose outfit.