Saturday, July 30, 2011

what's that sound coming from the bureau? do I dare turn on the switch?

Proof that Notch hates us and wants us to suffer: Meet the Endermen. A pixelated take, many believe, on the internet legend of the Slender Man, they're coming in the next update, code-labeled "Adventure" (to make it less seem like the giant sandbox which, well, it is, and more like an actual game. Because apparently, players of Minecraft actually want it to be WoW, or something).

The trick with the Endermen is that they're completely passive until your character looks at them--and in game terms, that means mouses over them. The second that happens, they attack. A lot. And quickly.

Wau, that's a lot of pumpkins.

Okay, I ran across something today that seems sheerly unbelievable, but...this is the grid, where anything can happen. Right? Still, in putting together what I could of it, I discovered that I'd have to edit the original image. Which removes nearly all of the impact of showing it.

This is somewhat bothersome, but here goes: click on the picture if you want to see the larger (and uncensored) version.

Now, I wish I knew where this was from, I just don't. I can tell you where I found it, though:

[18:49] Croon (croon.nandahar): newest fad for all the boyos
[18:49] Croon (croon.nandahar):
[18:49] Emilly Orr: 1. Please tell me you're not serious.
[18:49] Emilly Orr: 2. His penis is a potbelly??

Yes, apparently, or at least the shape he chose underneath the penis skin had a potbelly, and a rather pronounced one. Here's what gets me, though:

Unless you're on Adult land, it's just tacky to wander around showing anything below the waist, isn't it? I mean, have we as a society gone past the point where bits are modestly concealed in PG/Mature zones? Because this is a skin, remember. This is not something that you can just cover up with...

Oh, wait. You can. With actual clothes.

I have zero idea why anyone would want one of these, but hey, if you do, they now exist on the grid. Do let me know if you find them.

Oh, and for those who do not want to click the larger image, lest they see Peeping Penis: the buckle on the belt of his low-low-LOW-rise jeans? Says "GOT BEER?" And mayhap that explains it. Too much beer made pot-bellied penis sound like a grand plan to get the ladies.

Or the, well...whatever it is he's hoping to get with that look.

The ladies behind the What the Fug blog (pity they seem to have gone away) have a term for such things, in fact: public privates. (And it's not exclusive to men, either. Sad to say.)

Speaking of perversion in general, something happened in Fallen Gods (in the store, not in the chat group) the last time I was there, which still has me puzzled. I'm not going to furnish a quote, because who said what is less important than what was said.

Obviously, this story starts when someone cammed in on someone else's avatar. There could be a hundred different reasons for this, everything from 'I wanted a closer look' to 'I was camming around the store, I needed closer to a wall, and targeted off an avatar to make the hop over'. We just don't know why people watch us; but this is what people do, it's not going to change.

But that time, this caused sudden and inexplicable outrage, with shouts of "Stop camming me you perv?" and "Why are you camming me? Stop camming me!"

I just don't get it. Can someone please explain to me what the drama is about camming? I blame the coders who thought it was necessary to put the code in to allow you to see who was looking at you in the first place; but that's not even the point, is it? The point is it's here now, and it's been here long enough for it not to be a new, or even particularly unsettling feature. So why are there people on the grid who keep losing their minds over the fact that people cam in?

Honestly, most of the time I'd take it as a compliment. Focus is drawn, generally because the avatar in question stands out; we pick a prim, we pull it into edit, we grab the creator's name...because we like the outfit, and we like the look of the avatar in it. Why is this so wrong?

In other news, there's some initial investigation ongoing into Jomo's product line. I'm not going out on that limb and saying directly that they're infringing copyright, but apparently--especially in the case of LaQ's "Aline" skin, in the lower right corner of that image--there's at least one good visual match for Jomo's "4skin 010".

Part of the reason I'm leery of direct accusations is that most infringers are strictly fly-by-night operations, mostly driven on mainland sims for a month or so, and then disappearing into the fetid ether from whence they game. Jomo's main store, by comparison, is huge, and seems very distinctly designed.

So the jury's still out, but watch your feeds. I'd withhold shopping there until the issue's decided--one way or another.

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