Friday, July 15, 2011

hey keep your fingers off me, why can't I get through?

(from the bizarre album. Apparently, she's playing a three-year-old. No, really.)

THIS had the nerve to call me scary:

[02:00] yayashi: :O
[02:00] Fawkes Allen: Sorry!
[02:00] yayashi: scarry
[02:00] yayashi giggles
[02:01] yayashi: ??
[02:01] yayashi giggles

The apology was because we were at the Hair Fair's last day, and Mm. Allen was guiding us around on a prim. And bumped into Little Miss Thing coming into a shop. You'll see why she called me 'scarry' in the next shot. The "giggles" were accompanied by that frenetic high-pitched squirrel giggle gesture. Gaaah.

(from the bizarre album, and NO ONE under the age of consent should wear shorts THAT

Over this waif's right shoulder, you can see me, green and agog at the spectacle. (Actually, technically, Mm. Allen is there too, but currently removed from view with an all-over-body alpha layer.) And I really was just baffled by this. I mean, sure, I'm not going to win any style contests--I was bottle-green, with a nearly matching outfit that--sans the prims--became a halter top and spandex leggings, not the sweet little summer dress it had been before. And I was bald, with pointed ears. So I get the "scarry" accusation.

But...this? This is a nineteen-year-old pretending to be a three-year-old with that fetish-skank outfit on. I'm not just pulling those figures out of thin air, either--this is from her profile:

i am 3 in SL - i am 19 in RL :D

And that's ALL that's on the first page of her profile.

(from the bizarre album. The AO, also, is OBVIOUSLY designed for a more mature
person. NOT a three-year-old child!)

1. No three-year-old on the planet has breasts.
2. Any mother who thought this outfit was appropriate for a three-year-old hooks on streetcorners. I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm trying to be factual. NO mother would dress her kid in this, even if she was working a minimum-wage job, because this does not come in child sizes. (Unless you're in SL.)
3. No three-year-old on the planet is four feet tall.

Me, scary? Fine. I'll take that. But she's pretty much hanging out the sign to pedophiles everywhere in this. That is just disturbing.

Briefly and beautifully, though, at the Hair Fair, I fell in love with Etain Ceawlin:

Don't just stare, say something!

I'm an owned switchy sadomasochist that's sometimes a dolly, sometimes with extra bits, and always sarcastic. Using single letters in place of full words is a hard limit. So are bling scripts and facelights.

Mohawks, fantastic futuristic robotics and sexy and/or stompy boots catch my attention like WHOA.

I like her. I like her a LOT.

Unfortunately, then this came in:

[7:25] Argenta Redyard: Hello and no you do not know me I was just looking at residents with intrest in victorian intrests and i would love to talke with you about that!

Dear gods, why me? Why? I am not the best spokesperson for Victorian matters. Mr. JJ Drinkwater, Miss Stereo Nacht, Miss Reghan Straaf, Miss Riven Homewood, Sir Edward Pearse, even Desmond Shang--goodness, nearly anyone who's a resident of Caledon--all would be more suited for finding out more information!

But I am dutiful, in some things, so I logged onto the grid and pulled her profile:

Hello I am Argenta Redyard. I have been here before this is not my first avi. The reason I have this avi is because of darma so please do not cause me any with this one. Well I do not bute so feel free to IM me since you are already creeping on me my reading this but wait what else is it for.

Oh. I am much less inclined to talk with her now. Well, then.

This has been a far-from-private pet peeve for some time. This fairly new idea that if I employ basic reading comprehension and keyboard skills, and pull their profile from a mention of their name--an action that has, I hasten to note, been an expected part of several jobs in Second Life--I am somehow "stalking" them. This idea is ludicrous and all who hold it look absurd for doing so.

So, to decrease any chance of "darma" to Miss Redyard, and to invalidate any potential sense of "creeping" on her, I shall simply choose not to contact her back. I hope she succeeds with that lack of "darma" thing. It sounds painful.

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