Monday, July 18, 2011

just be still with me, you wouldn't believe what I've been through

I've seen a lot of really silly things on City of Heroes. This is the first time I've ever run across a living ad.

Her particular superhero build isn't important; "Sister Heat" had on a standard red halter and red hot pants, dark skin, white hair, pretty generic. What she did have was her bio. And whether we approve or not, she is using it to advantage:
Burn Baby Burn! Feel The Heat!

( I farm the best on VIRTUE solo 54s, FASTEST LEVELING ON GAME PERIOD, IM me I charge information for leveling if you want help hit me up im Expensive but worth it starting at 550 Mil per Hr .. 450mil for 1 mission .. 1 Bil from 1-50 in approx 5-6hrs .. 20-50 850mil .. 30-50 750mil .. 35-50 650mil .. 40-50 600mil)

Will Negotiate Prices .. Trade leveling for purples/recipes Why struggle leveling?
Let me do the work for you.

NO one is Doing TFs anymore or missions all on Incarnate stuff why I charge what I do and IM fastest on game its worth it .. if you need leveling you hit me up and I have to stop my game time to do it thats what your paying for.
If your not in a rush and dont mind getting a 50 in 2 months its great do it that way.
Now, I get that 650 million, to me, seems like a lot--and it may be in the game, too. I sell pretty aggressively at Wentworth's, the consignment shop, but I also have an addiction to ICON, the costume shop folks, and they charge heavily for their services, pretty much leaves me around two to three million operating capital, nearly always. Anything over fifty million, to me, seems insanely expensive. Even "Sister Heat" notes her prices are high.

But what strikes me harder is this--she wouldn't do this if there wasn't a market for it. So people are paying her. Here's the thing--there's not much to do past level 50, it's all just missions for Incarnate shards and playing for the love of the game. So...if you've fast-tracked a character to GET to level 50--with the help of "Sister Heat"--then you've missed just about everything that could solidly hook you on the game. All the back story missions, the side missions, the just random killing things missions--and moving through the areas, Mercy Island, Port Oakes; Atlas City, Steel Canyon; Faultline, Croatoa, Peregrine Island...I mean, these are pretty richly developed landscapes, I've actually found myself walking through on occasion just because I like the way they look.

But at that point, why are you playing? I mean, seriously, why would anyone who paid someone to level them quickly be interested in the backstory of the game? At that point they're just looking for huge guys to bring down. Why? Is that really fun for people?

Not to mention, I know people who are still doing task force missions (TFs) and working for Incarnate shards. Like, twice a week, not every once in a while. Her claim that "NO one" is doing missions and TFs? That just doesn't hold water.

And they're not alone. So again--why is this worth it to anyone?

There's another quirky little game lumbering towards Beta--this one's called the Kerbal Space Program. The best way to describe KSP is...well...

Let me show you instead:

There's also the, err, symphonic failure version:

If you consider 8-bit music to be "symphonic", that is.

And this too:

You can download it here; though it's in very, very rough Alpha stages.

Meet Doctor Whooves. Oh gods, the pain...

Another flyby profiling, one "AM Bush", a level 2 Science Controller in City of Heroes:
Description: Anne Marie Bush was a normal research assistant working in Steel Canyon when the 5th Column raided her lab and she decided to take matters into her own hands.... [Oh god, just click the 'Powers' tab already.]
At least she tried for a backstory. I never fault people for trying.


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