Saturday, October 16, 2010

who am I to resist? who are you to fail?

I don't often post great avatars, but this woman blew me away:

Brianna in Solace Beach

And that says something, because yes, this outfit was as yellow as it looks. But it was well-made, detailed without looking prim-heavy, sleek without being plastic.

Brianna at the Beach

Hotpants, even. But she totally rocks them. Wau. Just wau. I was impressed. And the staggering thing is, a friend ported me over to Selidor, the Fallen Gods sim, after my work shift, and I forgot to capture her name.

I was that blown away.

So, Brianna whomever, kudos to you. 49 days in world. You are doing fantastic.

The outfit might be available at oBCEDed design (yes, that's how the owner of said business spells it; no, he can't spell if you read the rest of his profile; but I will toss him significant slack because he's not a typical ill-educated American, he's Polish trying to master a second language. Or possibly forty-fifth, who knows? But English is not his native tongue). Still, if not, at least the shoes are likely to be found there.

Now. Everyone remember the...artist...called Stinna Biddle? Mentioned a few days back?

Yes. She revised her build.

It's baaa-aaack

I have no words. Beyond yes, that's not cache blurring; I stood in front of this place for ten minutes, clicking on the building. That is as rezzed as it gets. The texture itself is out of focus.

Biddle's new first floor

The revised first floor. Note: dyed freebie bear? Still present.

The under construction sign: still up.

Revised second floor. Note 'under construction' sign still up. Also note: the purple spiral staircase? Spawns marbles.

The undersea light show!

And there's one new addition. A hole in the ground floor drops you down below the sim--if you look up and to the right on the large version of this picture, you can see two overhanging prims that I put up, for the sidewalks on that sim--this 'light show' is underwater. And this is pretty much it--prims scripted to rotate and change colors, some in patterns, some just coruscating through the spectrum.

Happy she's a paying client, to be sure, as is the owner of the sim, but...Wau. Just...stunning, mentally. Inconceivable.

But at least it's not a four-story megaprim-built default-white nightmare. That's something, surely?

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