Sunday, October 24, 2010

follow the smoke going higher and higher

The people behind the Fallout games have finally decided what the MMO-playing world needs: humor. They could have something there...

More from the Unknown Hunt. (See part one if you're coming in to this now.)

Stop #11: Clothes Culture. The clue: 'OMG I'm so randomly placed.' (Yes. Seriously. That's her clue. It's...sort of a play on words?)

Your pants are too short

The prize: They're...capris. Might have been improved by the addition of prim cuffs; and the T-shirt, while a nice print, is photorealistic enough to make my breasts look pitted and lumpy. Good Halloween effect? Maybe? But I doubt it's what the maker intended.

Dear gods, why?

There's also a pumpkin novelty bra, and I swear retextured freebie male jeans. I may be wrong on that last one, but...geh.

The Curious Kitties Azil skin

Worn: Sterling Artistry's Briar Rose Fairytale eyes (I think that was a store freebie); Fades Pony Stilettos in Mandarin (sale item sometime earlier this month, but the shoes themselves are still available) from Malfean Visions; Discord Designs' "Hayley" braids in Amethyst, bought at the recent Wear Purple promotion; and Curious Kitties' Azil Autumn Spirit skin, in Snow, bought on the Marketplace for nada. (This skin? Is gorgeous. Really, really gorgeous. This skin I would have paid full price for. And if you have any understanding of her normal prices? Trust me. That's saying something.)

#12: Finishing Touches. The clue: Bad crow - go to the corner and think about what you've done! (I have no help on Finishing Touches. I found it on a fluke. She has an arcane mind and she hides things in deranged places.)

Glowing luminaries, close

The prize: Three Halloween luminaries. Nicely done, two prims each, little bit of glow; but it's all modifiable if you want to change things.

#13: Bottle Bird. The clue: Bird Bath.

Bat boots

The prize: Silver and black bat-covered short boots. They're kicky, but the toes curve up oddly. And at first I was wearing the invisiprims and the viewer 2.0 alpha layer. (Don't do that; your ankles disappear.)

#14: Nexx Neko Playground. The clue: 'This birdy is outside where it's meant to be.' (This one's difficult, but it helps to realize she means this--so just wander around outside the store. You'll track it down.)\

Cute seasonal cuddle thing

The prize: Cute little Hallows diorama with poses. (Would've shown the poses, but it was all in multiple pieces, and I didn't want to take it out of edit to sit on things.)

#15: Prim Savvy Furnishings. The clue: 'I have my wings spread as if to take flight....though I am actually hidden well in plain sight!' (They're not kidding. This one was very inventive.)


The prize: four separate "Pirate" t-shirts (Green is shown); with
an animated shoulder parrot (he's kind of cute); and

Glowing pumpkinage

a multi-configurable pumpkin that has glow off and on, your pick of pre-loaded emitters, and a small but decent selection of 'carvings'.

#16: 3 Star Design The clue: "Down the Stairs and through the fog, past dolphin sweet and at the top of a rainbow fall you will see it!" (It helps to remember there is fog involved; it's not hidden in an insanely complicated place, but it will take some diligence to track down.)

The haunted gown

The prize: This one's amazing. A "haunted dress", in aged brocade printed with poppies and skulls, that 'poofs' skulls and a wandering ghost. I love this one.

#17: Moonlight Shapes. The clue: Hiding in plain sight. (She's not wrong, but it's also cleverly concealed.)

Forgotten Town frock

The prize: "Jane" shape. (There's a male shape included as well, "John".) This one's not bad. She's insanely tall, but the face is cute, and the proportions aren't surreal. And it's modifiable, which frankly, is ideal in a shape--buying a shape gives us the starting point, and the choice--keep as is, or tweak it closer to what our minds/hearts say we 'should' look like? So that's a good thing, also.

Worn: The 'Forgotten Bride' dress in Zombie from Curious Kitties (full price purchase from the Marketplace. Impulse buy? Yes. Bought with limited PayPal funds, not Lindens? Also yes).

#18: MOPY. The clue: "Out where the kodama play, near the hidden corpse." (For those who may not know, a kodama is a Japanese nature spirit, of sorts. They live in trees.)

The I Love Halloween shirt

The prize: Two jacket-layer tees, one green (I Love Halloween); and

The Murder King shirt

one charcoal grey (Murder King). Eh. But the hidden corpse is amazing. Pick a survival horror video game made since 2000; it looks exactly like that.

#19: =Flutterby=
Clue: "Where happy little bluebirds fly???" (If you think it through, this one's a gimme.)


The prize: Devil and Angel shoulder bunnies. They speak when clicked (and their list of 'sayings' can be added to by configurable notecards inside them). There are also carryable versions.

NOTE: Flutterby is on Adult land. If you are not yet age-verified (or do not wish to be), the organizers advice you skip #19 and go directly to #20...which is, well, me.

#20: Lady Disdain. Clue: Going up?

I admit, I hate hunts where the maker gets arcane to keep you in their store longer. I tried to make it absurdly easy. While you're there, going out the front door will lead you to the doorway to my haunted house, which I am quite pleased with for this year.

But I digress.


At Lady Disdain, you'll get the Hauntine dress in green,


and the Zombie Hunter outfit for men. Which I've only worn previously on a male avatar, to snap vendor pics, so I'd forgotten how good it looks on girls.

#21: Razorblade Jacket
Clue: [03:01 PM] "Wander around, look UP look down, you'll find me perched in a comfy spot." (The store is HUGE. All I can say is--the clue made no sense to me, but the bird does turn up.)


The prize: Is...odd. There's a 'open heart festering chest' jacket-layer t-shirt that's not bad, but it also comes with a 'Bloody Heart and Chest Parts' sculpt.


Let's just say that the designer behind Razorblade Jacket inaccurate understanding of anatomy. Either that or he lives in a place where hearts really are the size of any other five internal organs combined.

I won't lie, running this hunt with SLUrls and pics, it's not easy. It's given me an all new respect for Schnaeppchen and her blogging skills. She makes it look effortless. It's not.

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