Monday, October 18, 2010

think it comes from somewhere up in the sky, or from some far off lovely place

How did we all survive without this for so long?

Wait, I know how. Never mind. Carry on.

Think of the look of your favorite superheroes. (Well, Marvel superheroes.) Now think of what they'd look like if they had spawned in TRON.

Actually, you don't have to--just look on io9, for a mini-rundown.

Amusingly, Thor? Still pretty much looks like Thor.

So, I've fallen into Minecraft, hard. I admit this; it's gotten bad enough that I started making skins for the game in my spare time (which is ever-diminishing, these days).

I've been working on a tunnel project, but that's not the main thing. This is:

Building of Monolithia

I call her Monolithia.

Stringing the support rafters for Monolithia

This is the top of the fourth floor, starting work on the fifth. It all started when I was trying to tunnel from the beach house (inexplicably the source of ALL monsters) to the cliff house (pretty, mostly safe, but far from resources). Being me, I essentially sunk a diagonal set of stairs deep into the earth and got lost in making additional little rooms for crafting and smelting and storage.

But I had to have something to do with all that stone I was carving out.

Fawkes suggested I build something. Something very big.

Building of Monolithia

So I started building. I didn't take any shots of the initial laying out of the main platform, or the rising through the first three floors. It's largely glass and stone, which is both good and bad--it gave me an excellent way to use all the stone I was carving out, but it sent me on farther and farther forays to get more sand, to smelt into glass.

Monolithia by night

On the plus side, especially once I'd started work on the fifth floor, you can practically see Monolithia from space. I didn't have any particular style of design in mind, which is why it's a meandering cube, but I wanted it large, with significant glasswork, and lots of torches.

The roof lined with torches

Anyone who knows what the red torches are? Don't be so baffled. I just have no use--yet--for redstone's electrical wiring properties. But I do have use for pretty things that glow and give off light, next to the things on fire that glow and give off lots of light.

The final glasswork done

Monolithia is very nearly done. But it saw me through surface sand and soil, clear down to lava, gold and diamond, and the tunnel is not done yet.

Mayhap I'll need to build Monolithia II. Yeep.


Fernweher said...

superheroes + TRON, and then Skins for Minecraft? There is so much delicious geekiness in this post, i love it and i'll be back :)

Emilly Orr said...

I admit, I have a geek's soul and a gamer's passion, it's just buried under levels of fashion shows and reality television.

I will be adding to the Minecraft skins when I can. Pity there's no distinct program I've found for the animal skins, but hey. I'll keep looking around.