Thursday, October 14, 2010

everything I have to look forward to has a pretty painful and very imposing before

So, this starts a very picture-heavy series of posts. I'm going to cover a hunt start to finish.

But first--Axi Kurmin tipped me towards the Linden blog again: it seems they have finally decided to fix the basics. In particular, group chat, group slots, and lag issues on the grid.

Well. Some of these issues.


At some future point.

Here's hoping. Though admittedly, I am looking forward to forty group spaces with a deep and powerful yearning.

So, there hasn't been a really good run-down of the Unknown Hunt that I've found, which is a tragedy, because they have a blog and everything. Hopefully, this post will remedy that.

Stop #1: Evie's (no, not that one). Her clue? This raven is flying high up.

Cobwebs and hotpants

The prize: Cobweb hotpants and t-shirt. They're nicely cut, nicely made, good seaming--I'm not that keen on hotpants, but for what they are, these look very good.

Worn: Succubus Lilith hair (short) (part of the full Succubus avatar from Dark Delights); Sugar Coeur skin from Launa Fauna (can't remember if it was a group gift, long, long ago or if this was part of a run of geisha skins); Pink/Green 'Big Eyes' from Pixeldolls (discontinued three years ago, maybe longer); and the Admiral skull stiletto boots, from Malfean Visions, part of the Woeful Wednesday offering last week.

Stop #2: Brandi's Beachside Resort. The clue: Is, well, not really necessary. You'll see why. (NOTE: Adult land.)

Flickery gold skirt

The prize: a deep gold/black prim skirt that alphas terribly, a simple black sleeveless corset top, and a distinct lack of underwear. Not pleased with this, though I suppose that is an allegory for the Adult land status--running around without underwear...

If you'd rather skip this, or can't go to Adult-verified sims, then just follow the SLUrl to #3:

Stop #3: Smarmy. The clue: Chalk dust makes me sneeze.

Living dead girl

The prize: Living Dead skin. I'll have to tweak this one a bit to make it look attractive on me, and yes, I know, I am using 'attractive' guardedly in this instance. Lovely bruising along the wounds though.

Stop #4: Bag of Bones. The clue: It's small and fits in tiny places. (Trust me: it is here. It's just very cleverly hidden.)

Boo-b top

The prize: A green tube top that says "BOOOOO!" on all layers (shown above with the Cobweb hotpants from Evie's), along with the three shapes shown below:

Short labeled shapeMedium labeled shapeTall labeled shape

I have to tell you, even in the best skin I own, these shapes would be terrifying. I'm really not sure what she had in mind, but it does make me reflect on angular living skeletons, shambling through some deserted October they're in the spirit of the season?

Or the hunt, at least.

Stop #5: Southpaw. The clue: Moooo.


The prize: Skull-bedecked pierced Asian elf ears. (Sorry, they're going to be Asian elf or anime elf ears FOR THE END OF TIME, because elves? Do not necessarily HAVE elongated pointed ears you can receive satellite signals with. Fae? Fae, sure, absolutely, fae are infinite and changeable; but elves? Court elves? Seelie and Unseelie peers of the realm?

(They don't have ears to Mars and back, no.)

Worn: Hair, Layla in Raisin from Discord Designs (Miss Burns tells me this one IS still available); Stained contacts in Zombie White from Nomine; and the freebie "Sakura sorceress" skin Mela's offered some months back (I really had to struggle to match the ear tone. Then I realized the ears are clickable, and can be retextured into seven different tones. Ah.)

Stop #6: Ello Poppet. The clue: You'll catch me flying among the stars.


The prize: The tanned Halloween Horror skin. This one's...odd. It seems most of the 'horror' aspect was around the face alone; the rest of the body seems your standard tanned beach bunny. Weird.

Worn: Annabel hair in Jet from Nightshade.

Stop #7: No Saints Inc. (Sorry--didn't actually put in the store name earlier!) The clue: It's blooming. (Your best bet is to wait until the teleport signpost rezzes in, and get to No Saints Inc. from there. From there, once you find the right building, it's not that hard to find.)


The prize: "Checkered Slaks" (yes, that's how she spells it). Which is sad, because these are cute, and they're going instantaneously into the dustbin. I do not, in any realm, wear pants or leggings so low that inhaling would let a viewer determine the 'natural color' of my nether regions.

(And yes, I realize, big wide virtual world, I can go completely bare if I want to, or tint what hair, fur or scales are there....I don't care. They're too low.)

Stop #8: Redrose Tempest. The clue: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The prize: Redrose & Tempest's Double-buttoned brown leather trenchcoat.

(Yes, yes, I know, it's a selective modesty, it comes and goes. Of course, you *still* can't see anything specific with the thong, either...I don't know, maybe it really is an eye of the beholder thing; I think the thong with the coat, in some poses, is attractive. I think the "slaks" are...trashy.

(On the other hand...this is SL. Trash fashion sells. So...if you like leggings so low even a Brazilian is questionable...the "checkered slaks" would work.)

Worn: Angelina in Ghost Harlot, from Nightshade; and the leather ringlet thong from Boneflower Designs on Temenos Island.

Stop #9: NoddyStuff. The clue: I alone fly above the murder of crows. (I could not find this one to save my life. Still don't have it. How'ver, I have the SLUrl for the next stop.)

Stop #10: *diavolicious*. The clue: He is sooo slow. (Fairly easily found once you figure out what you're looking for. Also: while you're there, she has a ten-item Burtonesque hunt--you're tracking down purple and black striped snakes--and you can also pick up her 'I Love Tim Burton' hunt item--which is a white and black striped snake.)

Crow costume

The prize: Female Crow costume. (There's a male version included in the box as well.) I have yet to unpack the next session of the hunt, but to date, this is the most amazing outfit I've seen, hands down. Sculpted attachments and all. Let them rez--they're gorgeous.

Worn: Nabiki hair in brown from Mau & Mej's; skin is Tribal in Union Paint from Stringer Mausoleum (no clue if she still has this skin out, or will in future; it was bought when she was just testing out skinwork).

And that's it for now; ten more when I next get in/have the time! In the meantime, overheard on Caledon chat:

[12:29 AM] Wrath Constantine: Has anyone else been hearing reports of a ghost ship in Caledon waters?
[12:29 AM] TriloByte Zanzibar: no, but to be honest I'd be shocked if there *weren't* reports of such things
[12:29 AM] Lucien Brentano: I think I saw something about that. Spooky
[12:30 AM] Wrath Constantine: Rather unnerving. It's there, then it isn't.
[12:30 AM] Jayleden Miles: I heard a rumor about a fisherman who had taken his boat out seeing something...swore he'd not go out at night again.
[12:31 AM] Oreo OHare: Jeffrey said he was hearing whispers out over the water.
[12:31 AM] Oreo OHare: I think he was just trying to scare me.
[12:31 AM] Wrath Constantine: Not the only one to report voices though...
[12:32 AM] Oreo OHare: Only at night, he said. The voices only came at night.

I haven't seen it. But if anyone has--and has pictures--do let me know? I'm fascinated.


Anonymous said...

Yes... Layla is still available... ;)

Emilly Orr said...


I admit, I'm more partial to your longer braids--I seem psychologically addicted to long styles. But Layla goes from modern sims to futuristic ones without even breathing hard, I think the headband's changeable, and if not, the whole thing's modify so I can make a copy and tint it however I want.

I like that in hair. :)