Tuesday, October 12, 2010

and my frozen pulse quickens as the black plot thickens

Wau. Glad I'm not a journalist.

(Seriously, I'm not. I follow the news--most of it--but when it boils down to it, this is a tabloid with fashion tips. I'm a muckraker. I'm comfortable with that, but honestly, either English BBC-tagged blogs are a hundred percent more insane than American 'news' blogs--which I highly doubt--or dear Andrew doesn't get out much.)

Tinies,Second Life,avatars

Feel like being a Tiny? Tired of the traditional options? This is your creator. Everything from Japanese black bears, to capybara, to Ganesh! Fun, fun little street-side shop.

Remember How to Put Yourself Inside a Coat? Now, learn How to Open a Banana. I'm here to help. Be safe out there.

As was noted on Twitter, this may well be the most amazing wedding photo of all time. But what of the fellow whose lass could not pull open his dress shirt on time?

I'm thinking his secret identity...is the Shadow.

And ever wonder why your sim's lagged all the time? This will help with that. Look your sim up. Note its neighbors. Now you know who you need to track down and set on fire.

Rivula? Beloved former home in the very lowest edge of the Southern continent? Shares server space with six other sims. Gad, no wonder it lagged out all the time.

There's an article in the Imagination Age blog that typifies the main problem with Second Life, Blue Mars, and other virtual worlds (game-based or not): Either you get it, and--to whatever extent you're able--you embrace it; or you don't get it, and you don't stick around, or jeer at people who do understand it (hello, griefer motivation). And there is a wide, wide split between these two states of being.

Victorian...taxidermied...performance art? Maybe sculpture art? Can one have "sculptures" of formerly living things? Perhaps macabre tableau? What's a good word?

In fact, is it art if it involves formerly living things? It's performance art if it involves currently living things. What class of objet d'whatever do stuffed animals fall into, after all?


Edward Pearse said...

I do love the idea of a Gnesha AV :-)

Emilly Orr said...

Especially a Ganesha Tiny. There's something beautiful about that concept.