Sunday, October 17, 2010

lights go out, stars come down, like a swarm of bees

First, pictures could be edited. But that was okay, filmed evidence could not be faked.

Then we could edit film. But that was still okay, because we had video evidence.

Now videotape can be edited digitally as it happens to remove objects the camera sees. We're pretty much down to fingerprints (which get iffy on occasion) and DNA work for evidence, right?

I'm just waiting for evidence of DNA editing now...

[10:17] Darlingmonster Ember: M Orr, my regards. I wanted to follow up with you about the Carni Outfit and ask if it was intended that it be only textures? And full perm? Was there an outfit box with prims?

And with a profound and sincere *facepalm* I traipsed back to the tree. The store blog explains the details, but I am quite chagrined over this. That thing's been in the Midnight Mania since I popped the tree up, in...August? September?

And okay, now I'm glad the Mania never capped--save for last night--but yaaagh. Such a rookie mistake. I am too long on the grid for this.

Remember the party at Fallen Gods I mentioned last night? Apparently it ran for twelve hours. There are pictures.

Avoiding Chester

I had heard reports that the sightings of the ghost ship were in Caledon Sound. I went there, and saw nothing, but I'm fairly sure it may not surface during the day. I listened, but I heard no unearthly voices, and saw nothing untoward but the sea monster, rolling his eyes at the dock. I am wary that he seems so...placid, and...harmless.

Sea Snake Sound

So I stepped off the dock, shapeshifting on the way down. I swam slowly away from a shark, found an odd, glowing spike that gave off no heat, conversed briefly with a turtle, and pondered ancient shards on the sea floor.

Statue contemplation underwater

I found a statue of a cat-headed goddess, holding a crescent moon, and the ruins of a temple beyond her. I swam to Lionsgate and back, and saw many wondrous things, haunted ship.

Jellyfish wandering

Still, I am not disappointed. I saw many amazing things, both man- and nature-made, and had a chance to breathe good saltwater through new-formed gills. I'd forgotten how much I liked swimming. And I am sufficiently intrigued to return.

Underwater fish and sunlight

Still and all, whatever's not there always. The sea retains her secrets.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

LOVE! the pictures of you exploring - was that all in Caledon?

p.s. great squiddy av :)

Emilly Orr said...

I think Pacific Sunrise made the octomer, and that's not the only one they have. There's some clipping with the invisiprim--I'd love to see them update the avatars with alpha blocking.

Hells, I'd pay for a new avatar box, I love the way the limbs move.

In the meantime, that is the stretch of water between Caledon Sound and Caledon Lionsgate--ruins, crashed planes, writhing ghost tentacles, coral, seaweed, sharks, sea snakes, schools of fish and all. And likely more I haven't mentioned.

It's beautiful. The pictures don't do it half justice.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I'll have to go - honestly, I don't think I've been to Caledon (apart from logging in at Oxbridge 18 months ago) for 3 years. It just got too big and, as always for 99% of SL, is empty when I explore.

In Steelhead there are plans to develop the sea bed areas and make them more attractive to mer-folks. The famous train in the capital city has just had its tracks extended down into a rather beautiful glass tunnel that runs under the sea - I can't help thinking that passengers would love to see some life down there from their windows :-D

Anonymous said...

There are rumors of more aquatic adventures to come in Caledon. It is glorious for those who love the sea to swim many of the waters.

It will get better too.