Sunday, October 31, 2010

there are ribs on the fire place, mixed with the wood

To be fair Elaine, I specifically asked not to be in charge of decor for the wake. He has a point.

Also: I want that skeletal punchbowl. Sadly, it appears to be no longer available.

Alas, but that brings us to the last of the Unknown Hunt. Gyaah.

(If you're just catching this post, look to part four, part three, part two and part one if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Stop #56: Oh My Stars. The clue: "For the moon never BEAMS without bringing me dreams..."


The prize: Two sets of above-the-waist blood details on most layers, one for "Confused":


and one for "Destroyed". The difference? "Destroyed" seems less bloody. (Ultimately, it's a poseball set.)

Stop #57: Crazy Cakes Toybox. The clue: "I'm thinking PIE but I need a BIG pumpkin for that!".


The prize: The "Ghost Fireing Cannon" (yes, that's how she spelled it). Rez it, touch it, it fires one ghost at a time. Somewhat persistent little buggers.

Stop #58: Little Glass Wish. (Hee hee hee.) The clue: "Gacha can't guess where the bird is!". (This one is not at all hard to find.)


The prize: Three different pose pumpkins--One you float on, one you sit on, all ladylike, and a stack of three you balance on your head (shown). All three well-made, well-textured, and dead cute.

Stop #59: B[u]y Me Skins, which is also the home of AAA Poses. The clue: No clues, and there are two prizes; this one is the first one.


The prize: "Blue Makeup";


"Greeny" (which is, intriguingly enough, a full-body tattoo overlay);


and "Lace Mask".

Worn: Angelina Ghost skin in Harlot from Nightshade; I changed so the makeup layers were easier to see.

Stop #59 (part II): AAA Poses (same SLUrl). The clue: No clue given, find the second item in the same store. (It's not hard.)


The prize: Poses, static, but could be interested for fashion shoots.

#60 Yellow Snow. The clue: "Things that go round and round, once they are gone their never around". (You're...not gonna want to know where it is,'ll figure it out.)


The prize: A plush Jack Skellington doll that's also big on the stabby. (Child-size version included, not shown.)

Stop #61 ~Jaded~ To Die For. The clue: "Here lies Lester Moore; Four slugs from a .44; No Les No More." (Again, this one makes sense if you know the epitaph in question...)


The prize: The "Race Babe" outfit. Remember some weeks or months back, I snapped a couple pics of an avatar who wandered through, in intensely bright black and yellow togs? This is that outfit. Wau, those hotpants are short.

This also tells me one more thing: the urging of the hunt organizer to make sure stores created things for the hunt, not just toss in something they had at random? ~Jaded~ didn't listen...

Stop #62 ::Red Shoe::. The clue: Follow The Light.


The prize: two different variants of a Hallows clock. (Essentially, they're the same clock; just one has a sculpted owl head and a pendulum edition. Nicely done, though.)

Stop #63: artMEfashion. The clue: "Birds love light and fligh up high". (I'm fairly sure she meant "fly".)


The prize: The "DandyFemme" othic suit. It is not precisely designed for breasts, but it does look good. (If you are naturally flat-chested, or male, you'll be able to bring the collar farther down, where it will look better.)

Stop #64: Zari. The clue: I have found my perch. (Let things rez in. Once you do, finding the bird is cake. But the sim's got a lot going on.)


The prize: Trio of incredibly subtle attachments, looks like black iron and matte orange glass beads.

Stop #65 is out of the hunt, so we move to:

Stop #66: yoyo's. The clue: This bird likes to fly up high.


The prize: Pumpkin eyes. I'm so disappointed. Obviously, this is someone new to making eyes, but the worst part is that I can't even drop them a notecard and tell them what they need to fix, because the eyes come up as no creator, and there's nothing else in the folder. I can--and will--stop by and track down the creator name, but really, someone should have told them before now how to properly rotate eyes for correct SL display.

Stop #67: Blurred. The clue: Is that water I hear?


The prize: Wonderfully aged, wonderfully textured and wrinkled t-shirt. Nevertheless, bad for breasts of any significant size (beyond 5, I mean, not prim breasts of doom). Still, may be worth keeping for my less-busty shapes.

Stop: #68 AQ Face Tattoos. The clue: "Look for me in the one of the darkers corners". (The clue is, yes, as given, and considering the structure here, it's ALL in dark corners--but it's not far from the port-in spot. While you're here, if you have 2.0 elements or are using the official viewer, you'll be staring at a ton of inventive tattoo layers, perfect for that Hallows costume!


The prize: The "Hurted" (gods, I just want people to be able to spell simple words, is that so wrong?) face tattoo. Actually impressive, for as simple as it is (though I think she has far better work in her store for sale).

Stop #69 Bruised, Bitten & Broken. The clue: Get up & get dirty. (This is Adult land. If you need to, go on to the last stop, below.)


The prize: Vampire bites tattoo on four layers. (And these aren't your typical fresh bites, either; these are old, bruised bites.)

Stop #70 Kizberlan Designs. The clue: Under the baby that looks a baby. (It's not quite under. And it's not on the main floor--you'll be climbing for this one. But it's there.)


The prize: A...landmark-giving painting that says "Happy Halloween". Yes, I'm serious. It's not bad, it's just overly busy, and it's nothing I'd hang in my home or business unless I was truly sold on the artwork.

Which I'm not.

Overall, I'd say the Unknown Hunt tracked out at about 10% OMG AMAZING, 20% kind of cool, and 70% hugely disappointing. This is the nature of gridwides--unless there's tight control and tighter supervision--and a high pool of known creators to pull from--this is on average for most of them.

Still and all, there were stores I didn't know about before going on the hunt, and I'm glad I found them. And really, at the end of the day that's all I can ask

Things I learned from doing this: I doubt I'm ever going to do it again. Schnaeppchen makes this look easy. It's just too much work for most hunts.

How'ver, if I really admire the spirit behind the hunt, and they don't offer SLUrls to their merchants, I may step in and offer that. Because come on...this hunt NEEDED those SLUrls!

The Unknown Hunt goes until November 5th.

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