Monday, August 16, 2010

we look for reason and come up empty-handed

The ModemWorld blog takes on Philip Rosedale's talk at SLCC. The post is clear on potential concerns and is remarkably rational; I only have a few things to add.
  • Short = child. Does this mean the return of the ageplay/anti-Doll movement days? Where anyone short/anyone dressed Lolita/anyone dressed as a doll were harassed for being "children" and wanting sex? Let along actual SL children, most of whom stayed well clear of the whole sex scandal in the first place? We've already seen what happens when egomaniacal tinpot dictators make irrational judgments on perceived avatar age; and I still deeply remember how scary it got on the grid for anyone under seven feet tall with flounced skirts--Doll or not. Are we going back to that position?
  • Copybotting. That entry isn't wrong; not every teen on the Teen Grid lifts content as a matter of accepted habit, but it has become endemic--when the "older kids" show up on the grid, does that mean we'll see a resurgence of sim bans of random strangers (like me, who show up at sims, move a few paces off the port-in point, and then stand waiting for things to rez in) for doing "suspicious"/"Copybot" things? Or just a resurgence of ripped content? Neither is good in the long term or the short term.
  • Legal contracts. As Desmond Shang pointed out last night in ISC chat, he is loathe to enter into legal agreements--id est, the contractual obligations inherent in renting land from an estate owner on the main grid--with anyone who's not legally an adult in their country of origin. It's not a trust issue; it's purely a legal issue, because no one who's not legally an adult can enter into binding contracts. Only adults can; so what happens if the 'ageblocking' doesn't work and they are able to travel to Mature-rated lands?
These are not spurious concerns. But to date, none of them have been addressed in any significant way.

Meanwhile, on the Global Kids blog, they've been told that the shutdown of Teen Grid is permanent. I've been told otherwise; what's really going on?

shopping,Second Life,inventive decoration,art,statuary,media

Seen at the Crimson & Clover main store. Wau. Just wau. In fact, the entire store is worth going to, just to see how she pulled off the effect. (Also, she designs hair in verrrry unusual colors, dittor for styles, and the shop itself is just fun to wander for one so small. That works, too.)

shopping,Second Life,inventive decoration,art,statuary,media

Seen at ALI Couture. Just...HUGE. The colors across the television/monitor coruscate along the spectrum.

In the meantime, welcome, one and all, to Lady Clankington's Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities! Not sure what that means? Look at her listing (limited, but...erm...thorough) for her product offerings if you're in doubt. Or perhaps a visual might aid comprehension:

Lady Clankington,devices,marital aids,shopping

There you go. Yes, that goes where one might think it does.

[3:17] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Slutmuffin Lane (1m)

Yeah, I really don't have anything to add to that. Though I am amused--in addition to being a camgirl and a voice escort (and belonging to easily seven escort groups on top of that), she's a member of two groups that offer to "prove" that one is of the gender they say they are--at least, on the grid.

What's so amusing about that is at least one of them is open-enrollment, with no form of verification. I guess it's just so one can pop up a tag that says "Really real girl, no, REALLY!" when the client starts to back away?

And me, I'm still wondering why it matters. But I'm quirky that way.

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