Friday, August 20, 2010

everything fades away, come turning of the tide

[18:30] Kamilah Hauptmann: The Linden's speaking at SLCC were quite vigorous in their assertion that 2.X is here to stay, end of discussion.

You know, I think I wouldn't mind so much--game clients change all the time, and sometimes those changes are not intuitive--if the Lindens hadn't first asked for feedback from the community (then ignored it), asked for testers for the alpha version of 2.0 (then ignored their test results), then released the beta (followed by ignoring all the feedback at that point).

Basically, at any point in the process, if they'd simply have listened to residents, all the drama and the upheaval would have been avoided.

But this is Linden Labs. They don't listen.

[18:34] Carl Metropolitan: So I assume that means 2.x has only about three months to live, Kamilah?
[18:35] Kamilah Hauptmann: We have no idea. :) I regard SLCC like an annual election. Have SLCC, drop a feel good story, then a week later raise homestead rates or kill the gateway program. :)

I still don't understand why Philip wants the gateway program removed. It's pretty much the only place left to get solid instruction on how to play the game. Second Life is not intuitive by nature. People need to be trained in how to use the viewer properly, in order to get the most out of SL. Why is this a bad thing?

Seen at Soap Company:

Second Life,shopping,cats

Seen at Sigma:

Second Life,shopping,cats
(Actual cat.)

Okay, more on Emerald and other viewers.

First, this, which quotes from this, and leads somehow to this.

Okaaaaay. Then we skew cleeeeear over to the other side and read up on Prok's blog for notice that the Lindens are dumping the entire Community Gateway program (as mentioned above by the Lyonesse). Which would be a strong case for shrugging, and saying Well, you know, it's Prokovy, Neva's like that--but this time, Des has talked about the same thing.

[16:13] Lindal Kidd: The user data the file embeds is the file path to your Emerald directory. If your path uses your name as the root file, it could disclose your RL name to the Emerald team
[16:13] Larxene Fallen: Oooh kay
[16:14] Lindal Kidd: more disturbing is the fact that other code could be concealed in the emkdu.dll file in future builds, not subject to oversight or disclosure.
[16:15] Lucien Brentano: That's a pretty good summation of what I've seen in other places. I haven'tbeen able to 100% verify it, but a Trusted Source told me last week, "Ditch Emerald, get Imprudence, and change your password. RIGHT. NOW."


Big changes. Most of them baffling.

Also, while we're on the topic of viewers and changes and improper behavior, might want to read through this JIRA entry and this JIRA entry to learn more on why the Mono scripting language was fubared from the very beginning--it was never about asset server issues processing Mono, but the core of how Mono was set up, that was to blame.

The Labs are saying they're working on rewriting Mono, making it faster, tighter, and work, but...this is the Labs. They say a lot of things.

[3:36] Mis India: any help with 22. the store is huge
[3:36] Peziinha Bluestar: wtf
[3:36] Peziinha Bluestar: is 22?
[3:38] Emilly Orr: Peziinha, do you know what group you're in?
[3:38] Peziinha Bluestar: no
[3:39] Emilly Orr: See, this always baffles me. How can people not know the groups they join? Do people just wander around lost and confused, randomly hitting group join boards?
[3:40] Myotis Draconia: those are called trolls
[3:40] Myotis Draconia: they usually live under bridges

Good to know. Miss Bluestar, by the way, before this exchange, started spamming random numbers for a good minute or two, while everyone around her started either a) muting her or b) yelling at her to stop. This resulted in her finally asking why we were asking for number help.

I still don't understand how anyone, even a new avatar, can just accidentally join a store group and have no idea what the purpose of the group is. That seems baffling beyond all reason to me.


Serenity said...

Is it just me or does it seem like Emerald had some new form of drama every week or couple days lately? I'm so glad I didn't get pressured into using and hopefully this will just be a passing fad of things.

And on the viewer 2 thing, I think we kinda knew it was coming to a point. Them making an update, barely anyone liking it, and them just ignoring what the majority says. *Shrug* And such shall continue forever as long as SL exsists.

Emilly Orr said...

No, you're not wrong--currently, Emerald is the problem child in the viewer community. Over the past two weeks alone, there have been controversial releases, highly publicized departures, only slightly less publicized hires (both Qarl and Data Linden jumped ship from the Labs, who laid them off, to Emerald, who has been struggling under suspicion since May, at least), followed by the av who set the whole thing up--Fractured Crystal--leaving, and Arabella hiring on.

Fun stuph.