Saturday, June 12, 2010

and like a fool I kept on thinkin' of a train I could not miss

SL and IMVU are still locked, nose to nose, in the Pandering Battle; IMVU, after this:

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is slightly ahead on points.

No slouch themselves on Stupid Ideas That Miss Their Target Market Completely, I would like to present Photobucket's entry:

media,weirdness,virtual worlds
because everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about finding unicorns, finding glitter, and finding "stuff"; and also, because everyone knows how much Last Comic Standing cares about unicorns and glitter. Also, apparently, "stuff".


[A brief insert from the Editrix: Unbeknownst to me, there are services that cull the net for any mention of a word, or a particular name, and send that off to the person requesting. Apparently this has been something of a bother for the sim owner now semi-anonymized below. I trust I have picked an equivalent name that will not result in endless emails on the same topic filling his inbox.]

And finally, sim oddity. For a while this evening, I was hanging out in Haven of Rogues, watching the chairs. I'd heard about a new (read: "new to me") mer place, and it turned out to be something of a mer mall, with a lot of vendors for a lot of different styles of mer. This works for me, because I have some free mermaid tails, some paid mermaid avatars, and a bit of things off and on in between. I want to weed down what I have and concentrate on just a few 'looks', plus I'm always on the lookout for new animations.

Today, there was a gathering from one of my groups around their Lucky Chairs; several vendors had put in new items, and we're on something of an aquatic kick of late, which means I'm really going to have to find time soon and go for a serious finned swim. But I digress.

I arrived in my small bunny avatar--not the Tiny bunny, this is DP YumYum's grey rabbit avatar, about three feet tall, and I generally let her wear my posh Draconic Kiss Juliet Lolita dress, 'cos it goes with her hair. Within two minutes, I got kicked to the corner of the sim, trapped in a small little box. Why? Near as I can figure, because I was wearing a three-foot bunny avatar, and they said it looked like a child.

[23:20] Alexia Lennie: Please change to an adult avitar
[23:20] Emilly Orr: I beg your pardon?
[23:20] Emilly Orr: This is an adult avatar, this avatar is just short.

Okay, in all fairness, I don't assign designations of "adult" or "child" to my small bunny--I normally use her when building, and I observe three strong informal rules when clad in her skin:

1) She's not a child. She's short.
2) She's not "adult", either, because I don't plan to have sex in her skin.
3) The mind in the rabbit av is generally always of a mature disposition, therefore, unless the avatar is specifically shaped as a child, the avatar shares that mature dispensation, as well.

[23:20] Alexia Lennie: is this emily the model here?
[23:21] Emilly Orr: This is Emilly Orr. You don't know who you're talking to?

I realize, the stress of having bounced an utter stranger without cause may have affected her thinking, but really--doesn't the second L give it away?

Well, that, and not being in their shop group?

[23:22] Emilly Orr: But let me understand this properly: you wish me to change avatars to browse your establishment?
[23:22] Emilly Orr: I don't model for you, if you own Haven of Rogues.

[23:22] Alexia Lennie: it looks like a child ai, and right now we are having problems
[23:22] Alexia Lennie: just for now would you please change to a bigger adult one

[23:23] Emilly Orr sighs. Yes, I'll be back in a bit, then.
[23:23] Alexia Lennie: thank you hun
[23:23] Alexia Lennie: im throwing kid avis off atm see

I...see. Yes, that makes everything...clear? Though I still didn't get it--in the group I was in, mixed about half and half residents I knew and residents I'd never seen before, while most were finned, I didn't see a single avatar I would point to and think "that's a kid over there". And I usually have pretty keen kid radar. So that still perplexes me.

But, okay, I am a mostly polite person; I go off and crawl into my orca maid--I'm not feeling particularly mer today, but it was a mer place, I can hang and watch the chairs, right? The orca maid I have has a "top" layer that fades into the tail, to mimic the distinctive black and white skin pattern of the orca whale; it would lose much of its impact if it didn't have that top section. (This becomes relevant later; bear with me.)

Then this broke out in main chat:

[23:35] Jakkar Carlos: Okay, people. Indigo keep pressuring me that I am a kid avatar which is impossible because I am not so I am going to be banned. Just to let you know.
[23:35] Alexia Lennie: I did warn you Jakkar
[23:35] Alexia Lennie: you have lots of avis and you inssit on that one when you where warned

Okay, so, I know, it's just me being overly picky, but really--give ban powers to someone who spells this badly? Is that wise?

But more importantly, for folks who don't know the participants involved, Jakkar generally depicts his avatar as a bish, or
bishounen. The word translates as "beautiful youth", or sometimes, just "pretty boy". Bish are a staple of yaoi fiction and anime, and--while the style is adopted widely by all sexes and a wide spectrum of ages in Japan, at least in SL it's primarily the province of young gay men--or people who desire young gay men.

And while at times Jakkar looks like a teen, at best we're talking willowy eighteen, not twelve. But to be fair to the management of Haven of Rogues, there were a lot of people there, people they didn't know, and the place has some fairly firm (and bizarre) rules. (We'll get to those in a bit.)

[23:36] Saori Nakamura: Stop being such a cow
[23:36] Indigo Jashan: LISTEN: i have made a subjective judgement call that to my eyes Jakkar looks underage

It's worth it to note at this point that Indigo seems to own much of the mall, or at least, seems to operate the group that runs it. It's also worth it to note that Saori was kicked from the sim earlier for, near as we can figure out, having too "cute" a face on her particular avatar skin. She was somewhat upset--and by that I mean Saori, not Indigo. Though Indigo could've been upset at this point, too.

[23:36] Drakon Lameth: s'ok, if some of what the covenant says in its ruleings is true, this sim could be slapped adult or be made to not have it happen... there's parts about public sexings
[23:36] Indigo Jashan: i'm sorry if Jakkar and others disagree but it it not open to discussion

I believe what Indigo said was in reference to Jakkar's appearance, not Drakon's words; however...again, we'll go into that later.

[23:37] Indigo Jashan: i'm the one gets my ass kicked here, so i make the call
[23:37] Indigo Jashan: Jakkar - butch it up 'til you look grown up or go away

[23:37] Saori Nakamura: Racists!
[23:38] Indigo Jashan: no, not racists, ageist

I have to give it to the management at Haven of Rogues; at least they're honest. They're judgemental as hell, irritating, and they don't explain nearly as much as they should, but at least they're direct.

[23:38] Gothique Graves: So technicaly I could be in a 8 foot tall avi
[23:38] Gothique Graves: Wearing diapers
[23:38] Gothique Graves: And i'd be ok?

[23:38] Indigo Jashan: and i personally don't give a shit what people do in their own space
[23:38] Saori Nakamura: I just told you im not a bloody child and you still kick me
[23:38] Indigo Jashan: but this isn't your own space
[23:39] Indigo Jashan: and if you were wearing diapers i'd kick you out for being gross

Again--irritating in execution, but direct.

[23:59] Darlana Greene: Someone just said "This is my sim and I can kick you out for the color of your shoes"
[23:59] Darlana Greene: "And it's not up for discussion"

I guess that about says it all.

Here's what gets me, though. Through trial and error we discovered that most of these "rules" are covered in the covenant for the Haven of Rogues sim. But seriously,
who puts behavior rules in their covenant and not makes one single mention of it to people who come into the shopping area--which is most residents' first experience of any sim?

Automatic notecard giver. A drop-down saying "Please read the covenant rules". Standing unit--click it and get the landmark and the list of rules.

I know they know how to utilize the drop-down menu, because I was handed a landmark when I hit the mall, can't be that.

Maybe they just like getting bitchy with people? Who haven't read the rules because seriously,
who reads the covenant to find out rules of behavior if we're not thinking of living there?!? I will honestly tell you, I have never gone into a shop for a frock or a pose or a piece of furniture and had it cross my mind even once that maybe, I should read the land covenant before shopping there.

It's mental.

So is the covenant in question:

Welcome to the "Haven of Rogues" estate. The estate consists of 2 regions: "Haven of Rogues" (HoR) and "Haven of Mermaids" (HoMer) due east of HoR.


1. The entire estate is a "No Meters" zone and "No Tops" are authorized on mers anywhere but in the commercial area (Rogue Tower).

That means "remove your meter" (now's a good time) & mermaids: "take off your top."

If you don't know what a "meter" is, don't ask.

Why just "mermaids" and not "mermen" take off their tops, too? Umm, think about it. But if you should find a merman in HoR or HoMer wearing his top while swimming about ... please take a photo and send it to me so I can put it up somewhere.

Why? Simple: My sim, my rules. Don't like 'em? Great.

Keep reading (or go away). :o)

I guess that's one way to look at it: the prototypical "My way or the highway" of sim dictatorship. Which is fair, by its own rules: he owns the sim, he sets the rules; don't like 'em, you don't have to be there. Fine, as far as it goes; but some
of this is in direct contraindication to the established guidelines of Linden Labs
as to what "PG", "Mature", and "Adult" actually mean.

Think of it as equal opportunity!

A merman would look goofy wearing a shirt, right? So does a mermaid, for the exact same reason.

Again, in the odd case that you missed the point here:

With the exception of the commercial (store) areas located in "Rogue Tower," unless there are mermen in either region who prefer to wear a top, you may not. And meters are not to be worn ANYWHERE in the HoR estate. So, please remove them immediately, return from whence you came, or, by default in that you are choosing to remain in HoR and NOT follow the law(s) as set forth in this covenant, you are indicating that you are makin' yourself "a target."

That's a good thing, I like targets; I like to shoot at things every now and then when I get "in a mood" and something that moves every so often makes a better target.

The management of HoR is well aware that there are some (usually women ... or 'men' who have been called to defend one) who believe mermaids should be allowed to wear tops but this is not up for debate and/or negotiation. If *you* would like to be "clothed and unnatural," have at it --- elsewhere. :o)

Feel free to explore Haven of Rogues as a clothed human ... or a "naked" fish or other animal ... but, unless you are shopping -- not as "Ariel with a top."

Get it?

Got it?


Oh, I got it--I'm fairly sure the next time I'm in world, I delete the landmark and never trouble them again with my presence--but also, it seems somewhat odd to insist on toplessness in a Mature-rated sim; especially since, as far as I know, the question of plain SL nudity being "Adult" or "Mature" was never properly resolved. Just for showing breasts, should they be rated "Adult"? I really don't know, I'm not the one to ask.

But back to the covenant:

SO! To review ...
If you are wearing a meter, take it off. Mermaids: wearing a top? Take it off ... this is an equal opportunity Mer area, if Mermen swim around topless, so too must Mermaids.

1 more thing: NO BREEDING PETS (like those dumbass BUNNIES!) ... ... 'nuff said.

On to the important stuff:

And now they get to the "important stuff"? So what was all the nonsense about women being naked on their sim, just...filler?!?

Onward (I admit, I'm skipping a bit because the covenant does blather on for some time):

After more than four billion years of operating with a Covenant that has NEVER changed, the planet Earth still exists -- that's a pretty good Covenant.
AS SUCH: "Haven of Rogues" and "Haven of Mermaids" operate in conjunction with Earth's 6 basic rules (TOS?):

Connectedness: Every occurrence in nature affects something else; nothing happens in isolation.

Rhythm: Cycles are an integral part of nature: birth and death, dearth and abundance, ebb and flow. Nature doesn't attempt to fight off this natural rhythm in the name of control.

Balance: Nature thrives on both order and chaos. Constant change creates constant balance. Balance cannot come from "either/or," but only from "both."

Acceptance: Nature "just is." It has no agenda to control. Everything has both value and beauty. Water changes the shape of all it touches - without competing with it.

Openness: There are no boundaries in nature, no walls. Nothing is inaccessible to anything else. There are borders, such as between sea and land, but even here we find constant change and a rich variety of life.

Simplicity: No energy is wasted in nature; it always takes the "least energy" path. The result is elegant simplicity.

Here is where I started to get an inkling about the "sexual acts in public" comments in main chat from earlier. But I still had a long way to read to get to this section:

IF YOU DO CONDUCT BUSINESS HERE, a portion of your GP will be arranged btwn you & management, before opening day, to be passed along to management. IF YOU CONDUCT UNAUTHORIZED BUSINESS HERE (such as hanging out and hitting on visitors (ie., you're an unauthorized hooker), utilizing the "sex areas" for profit or taking your clients aboard one of the boats for a "sail of pleasure," you owe [Derain] money.

ADDITIONALLY: The peformance of sexual acts - ANYwhere, ANYtime, under ANY circumstances or conditions that are conducted ANYwhere on the island (other than in or on rented property) *IS* considered "Commercial Business" (see previous para. re: "you owe [Derain] money"). Figure out a deal and propose it to [Derain] before he proposes one FOR you - you'd probably like yours better than his. If you rent land or a home from [Derain], then what you do and who you do it with or to is your own business as long as it's within the confines of your own parcel.

So...unless I'm misinterpreting is a business transaction; [Derain Revanche] is in control of all business transactions; sex can happen anywhere if one works out an agreement with [Derain] in advance... it really should be an "Adult" rated sim. I get it now.

And finally we come to two last rules I'd like to mention:

Rogue Rule #8: No annoying behavior of any kind will be tolerated my Matisse at anytime, anywhere. This goes beyond "No Griefing of any kind," because it is [Derain] who will decide what is "annoying." If anyone has a question about the definition of the word "annoying" at any time, see RR's 1&2. This should suggest to most that the practicing of normally accepted good manners, basic politeness, speaking when spoken to and other fundamental social etiquette features you SHOULD have picked up at some point when you were young should be all that that is required for a pleasant stay in the Haven of Rogues estate.


Rogue Rule #10: Public nudity is acceptable, public sex is not. Mermaids are required to be so. Wanna be naked? Have at it. Knock yourself out. Wanna have sex in Ikatere? I don't blame ya! Rent some land, build a hooch, use someone else's land or hooch ... or open a club where EVERYONE can have sex. [Derain] has always wanted to have one of those on his land, but since he knows nothing about sex and never gets horny so he hasn't gotten around to that.

So, okay, public sex is out--according to him, or at least, as far as he knows--but public nudity is in, plus mention of escorting in the covenant...that treads awfully close to the line on the sim being rated "Adult", if not dances right over that line and sets it on fire. Additionally, the bit about politeness and etiquette guiding our behavior on his sim...does that also include his sim managers?

Because personally, it does not want to make me look for anything in their shopping area if, for no discernable reason I could be ported off to a small square box with no exit without being informed what the infraction is; if, because I look twee that day, I'm declared to be a kid; if, without a word to me, I could be deemed socially inacceptable because my mermaid deigns to keep her breasts covered.

Let me tell you, sunshine, the reason I have modesty scales, shell tops, and other ephemera for the upper half of my collection of mers? Is because at least half the seas I swim in are P-friggin'-G and they aren't likely to change.

So, after these moments of evaluation, I think I can safely say: no, thank you, Mr. [Revanche]; your "gracious" and "polite" staff have thoroughly impressed me that I want nothing from you, your waters, or your mall; that, in fact, I'll probably keep you clearly in mind as a place to avoid. I want to risk no potential Linden-level bans on the off chance your waters are declared Adult due to the presence of observable sexual behavior, and/or public nudity, and there are those in your seas who don't happen to be age-verified when that change occurs. No thank you, happy to not take the risk, and truly, I am grateful you made it clear I am not welcome at any time.

[Sadly, I can do nothing about the names on the comments without deleting the entry; if it continues to be a problem, I will rewrite this with as much as I can of the original comments preserved--names changed in [Derain Revanche]'s case--and we can all go about our days.]


Candy said...

Under different circumstances I'd be tempted to drop in on the sim, since my avatar is VERY short and petite; it would give me an excuse to AR the sim for adult content. Unfortunately, I think the Lab has more pressing problems and I think we're likely to see MORE of this sort of thing, given the increased unlikelihood of no enforcement (i.e. not enough Lindens to go around - and I don't mean the money)


Brinda said...

ROFL...My word! Looking at all of that, why it's almost like watching Jerry Springer. When I have watched Mr Springer...I feel better and better...I'm OK. {In comparison at least}
Where the hell do these people come from!
Btw...for our non USA audience, re: Jerry,...ask someone

Rhianon Jameson said...

What a perfect tag line for the blog: "Written by Emilly Orr, the Jerry Springer of Second Life." :)

While I found the whole thing to be humorous, it's especially funny to read about the disconnect between the "my way or the highway" attitude and the fact that, as a commercial sim, they presumably want to attract paying customers. If I tell visitors that the must wear orange if they want to be in my wee house in the Downs and no one shows up as a result, I'm lonely but not financially worse off. Whereas here...

And doesn't the Little Mermaid - at least Disney's version - wear teensy shells? I know it's so she doesn't shock Michael Eisner, but still, it suggests that mermaids can cover up and not violate laws of nature.

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Jameson,

Now I'm praying that doesn't catch on. I'd rather not be known by that particular catchphrase; on the other hand, he did run (and I believe at least once successfully) for political office in Illinois, and had quite the groundswell of support.

And that is mainly why I liked it--anyone is welcome, and has the guaranteed right, to run their sim however they see fit, assuming they keep to Linden laws of behavior for their rating. But there's more than a few things off-putting about a Mature sim that insists on public nudity, that also states that in nature (the nature of the sim, one would presume), things happen when they while there is a direct discouragement of public sex, there's also a warning that if such is engaged in, such must be paid for as a commercial enterprise.

On the one hand, Matisse Vendetta is stating rules of behavior, but on the other--and it's not even particularly shadowed, is the thing--he's encouraging abandoning those rules. It's bizarre.

(Oh, and to answer your question, yes, Ariel did wear teensy shells, but that's why Vendetta says in the covenant, "think Ariel without a top".)

Emilly Orr said...

Candy, you're not wrong. While there is and will remain Linden enforcement of policy, it's going to get a lot more slipshod.

Gertie said...

Doubt this will catch on as can't imagine it is long term financially feasable. I know I am taking my business elsewhere.

Emilly Orr said...


First, I remain confused on their standards. No kids--well, with potential visible sexual activity, who'd want kids around? But also no 'young-looking' avatars. No short avatars, either, and no furs. Humans are okay (they suppose) and mers of all types, as long as they stay IN the shopping area; because once they leave, anyone wearing a strip of silk, two shells, or covering scales over the breasts will also, supposedly, be bounced.

While yes, they are right in that they can bounce anyone they choose to, they're so open about it. That can't be good for business. Not only that but I believe this is the first time a covenant for land has ever covered prostitution and nudity as allowable, and natural, and being dressed as unnatural.

This may also happen on nude beaches in SL, but I wouldn't know; never been to one.

Holly said...

:-p I'd like to find out who the various merchants are in that sim and have a few words with them as to why I am not spending my Lindens at their business..

Emilly Orr said...

As it turns out, Holly, there aren't many that aren't heavily tied to Vendetta himself. But here's the list:

Shimmer, owned by Ketu Ansar (SLUrl goes to Haven of Rogues)

Deep Seas owned by Indigo Jashan (SLUrl goes to Haven of Rogues)

Starnight, owned by Ethereal Faerye (SLUrl goes to Haven of Rogues)

Gauze owned by Yukio Ida

Kami Hitoe owned by Sala Snook

Second floor:

Quantum Products owned by Darling Brody ("anti-griefing" tools, as they're listed, but some of the more vicious tools available on the grid, and since the changes in definitions of 'griefing' in 2007, now griefing tools themselves)

MerPod/Mer home vendors, owned by Indigo Jashan (though you're told to contact Matisse Vendetta if you want to see a functional MerPod, as the vendor appears to be broken)

SageWorks, owned by Wisold Sage

VGS Products (affiliate vendor, containing mostly avatar drugging devices, including chloroform, ether, and "Liquid X" which purports to be an impulse control inhibitor; plus two- or three-person walks, designed to carry or drag drugged avatars), owned by Matisse Vendetta, created by Allie Ree (owner of VGS Products)

It's a shame, too. Indigo Jashan does lovely work for Mer Outfitters, Shimmer has lovely mer furnishings, and Starnight is very keen on making sure everyone can afford at least one tail, by offering free mer tails, low-cost basic tails, and a Lucky Chair on premises.

Matisse Vendetta said...

Wow. Whine whine whine. All because someone got ejected by A MODEL!? Let's make it explicitly clear:

1. Alexia, the mermaid who did some bouncing on yer digital butt, is NOT an Estate Manager. She's a "model" who is paid for standing around wearing mersuits.

2. Indigo Jashan is a "Creator." An "Artiste," if you will. WHILE SHE'S THERE, she acts in my stead, handling herself quite well, as it would appear from your representation of what she told you. Yes, she is direct (and effective) ... that's why I like her. :o)

3. Somebody somewhere up above this comment made the assumption that my sims are intended to be "commercial." Let's see, how to I make that "buzzer" noise like you hear at basketball or hockey games? "Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!" The "Rogue Tower" you guys had your little adventure in is a tiny little corner. The OTHER corner you found yourself secluded to is what happens when yer ejected.

If it will remove the whiny whiners, I might just REMOVE all the little shops in there ... THIS incident is the ONLY such occurence of ANYone having ANYTHING other than fun on EITHER of my sims. Hmmmm. Interesting.

Wish I could have been there so I could have either squashed you, your peeps or ALEXIA, if deserved. Just sounds to me like you're ALL a bit too judgemental in a place that is NOT public ... is OPEN to same, but OWNED by someone else, who HAPPENS to have a set of RULES ... I am NOT on the mainland ... and have a bit more room to do as I want ... But THANK YOU for making me aware that I may need to touch-up my covenant. And APOLOGIES are extended to you and your ilk that I was not there to make the decision to bounce your ass ... personally, had anybody gotten on my nerves, you'd have been orbited, not sent to a corner ... but hey, you can't ALWAYS be in the presence of greatness, can you?

Emilly Orr said...

Wau. And here I was thinking we'd reached a place of sardonic affability, where some form of understanding could be achieved. Apparently I was wrong.

Thank you, ever so, for clearing that up.

Matisse Vendetta said...

But we HAVE ... B- b- we HAVE! "Whine whine whine" =

" ... it would give me an excuse to AR the sim for adult content. "


" ... disconnect between the "my way or the highway" attitude and the fact that, as a commercial sim, they presumably want to attract paying customers. If I tell visitors that the must wear orange if they want to be in my wee house in the Downs and no one shows up as a result, I'm lonely but not financially worse off. Whereas here...

And doesn't the Little Mermaid - at least Disney's version - wear teensy shells? I know it's so she doesn't shock Michael Eisner, but still, it suggests that mermaids can cover up and not violate laws of nature." <= That one REALLY bugs me, as "Little Mermaid" DOES violate the 'laws of nature' and is the reason why she's NOT ALLOWED! :o) Also, this is the doofus who thinks HoR is a commercial sim ... (sigh)

Gertie said...
Doubt this will catch on as can't imagine it is long term financially feasable. I know I am taking my business elsewhere. <== If it "catches on," I'll need to CHANGE it. :o) I encourage WHINERS to take their business elsewhere ... particularly since HoR isn't "a commercial sim." Hmmm ... maybe I'll have the girls GIVE their creations away. Then I bet HoR would be FULL of whiners who look like little boys!! :o)

... standing around camping chairs (which I believe may be illegal, anyway, and I'm lookin' into that).

... end of my day here in CET is coming; I'll be in world ... come see me! :op

Emilly Orr said...

... standing around camping chairs (which I believe may be illegal, anyway, and I'm lookin' into that).

Lucky chairs and camping chairs are two radically different animals. But as it's your sim, you're free to remove them.

Rhianon Jameson said...

I don't mind Mr. Vendetta criticizing me or my comment as much as I object to the sheer incoherence of it. Stream of consciousness may have worked for Joyce, but he was a better writer.

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Jameson,

I don't, per se, disagree. What is starting to irritate further is that Mr. Vendetta insists, here and elsewhere, than Miss Lennie is only a store model.

If she was, then why was she given eject rights in the first place? I can say, having hired dancers, escorts, hosts and store models at various businesses, that the only people who had ejection rights were managers of those businesses. Though people who weren't managers could IM clients and ask that they cease their annoying behavior, and could IM any manager if that didn't happen, on their own they couldn't bounce. And personally, this entire situation proves to me I was absolutely right never to give such powers to a host or dress model.

Emilly Orr said...

Mr. Vendetta,

This does make me want to revisit your first comment for a few points.

1. Alexia, the mermaid who did some bouncing on yer digital butt, is NOT an Estate Manager. She's a "model" who is paid for standing around wearing mersuits.

Right. This point has now been made more than a few times. So why was she given bounce powers in the first place?

2. Indigo Jashan is a "Creator." An "Artiste," if you will. WHILE SHE'S THERE, she acts in my stead, handling herself quite well, as it would appear from your representation of what she told you.

Yes. She did. Alexia Lennie, however, did not. And we're back again to why, precisely, she had ban powers in the first place.

3. Somebody somewhere up above this comment made the assumption that my sims are intended to be "commercial."

Did I ever, even once, say anything about the rest of your sims? Did I ever, even once, mention any location on your sims that is not in the Haven of Rogues/Haven of Mermaids MALL? Did I mention I'd been anywhere else in your sims--save to the tiny little box without windows, when I was bounced?

No. I did not. I went to the place you have with people selling things. Hence, "commercial". For that small section, not anywhere else in your sim chain. Tch.

Perhaps I am being overly judgemental, but based on the one experience where I ported in, said nothing, and was bounced to the far corner, followed by a post from you in the Tempest complaining about "griefers" hassling your sims...honestly, I'm not impressed by how much "fun" I was supposed to have had.

And frankly, no, you're not on the mainland, you have much more leeway to act as you will, but again, if I have to overthink to the point of manic paranoia over what I'm going to wear, and if it's "natural" enough, and if it lacks a top properly, and will this bit of scales be covering up, and oh dear lord, does it violate some NEW ruling I'm not aware of because it's changed in the last thirteen hours...

...really. Is there a point in going, then? Rather swim in Rua, or off the coast of Winterfell, or in any of a handful of other water sims that don't insist on arcane rules of dress.

If that's whining, then fine, I'll accept that. Personally, I think it's just me choosing to flash fin in more accepting places.

Matisse Vendetta said...

Ms. Orr ...

Okay. Pay attention this time. I'll be "numerical" *and* "stream of conciousness" this time:


The model didn’t BAN you, she EJECTED you. Who in your little club was banned?

2. "Lucky Chairs," "Camping Chairs:" Same thing. “ANY SCRIPTED DEVICE WHICH AFFECTS TRAFFIC IN A STORE WHICH IS IN THE CLASSIFIEDS” is a no-no, is what I was told and what I need to clarify.

3. Somebody somewhere up above this comment made the assumption that my sims are intended to be "commercial."

No, YOU didn't, SOMEbody did. You’re not reading your blog right, maybe? A "sim" is the big square thing on the Map. SMALLER AREAS on the big square thing called a sim are called "parcels." People often rent a parcel on a sim & CALL their lil piece o'land a "sim" but shouldn't. Do you drive to work in a pig? No, you drive a CAR. And when you call your parcel a "sim," you sound silly. Specifically, one o'yer bloggers ("somebody above this comment") stated:

"... While I found the whole thing to be humorous, it's especially funny to read about the disconnect between the "my way or the highway" attitude and the fact that, as a commercial sim, they presumably want to attract paying customers. If I tell visitors that the must wear orange if they want to be in my wee house in the Downs and no one shows up as a result, I'm lonely but not financially worse off. Whereas here..."

Here, lemme help you: See the part where Joyce-girl CLEARLY assumes that "as a commercial sim, blah blah blah?" THAT is what I was referring to ... sorry you had to waste a big ol’ rant. Sounds like Joyce-girl thinks this “sim” (big square thing, 2 of ‘em actually, not a “wee” thing) are some sort of a financial burden which needs her business to survive? Where’s that basketball buzzer … Errrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Some people paint? Some write? Some sculpt? I bet they pay more than $295/month on supplies. :o)


4. Yes, you are whining; I'm glad you accept it, because:

5. Prior to a few months ago, Haven of Rogues was kinda like a canvas that I painted on and painted over every day ... sometimes for hours at a time. One day, I spilled my Malibu and pineapple on the canvas and it dried and got all sticky. Bugs were attracted to it - ants.

Haven of Rogues EVOLVED into a place where mers "appeared." It was purchased for ME ... and is now a place for those of us who like to create WE pay for it, not people who like to mall hop and suck off lucky chairs for free crap … The mall was CREATED, not “built for traffic.” Look what kinda ants IT drew! Funny lookin’ LOUD ones! As far as I'm concerned, what "point" do YOU need? It's MY sim, isn’t it my POINT?

6. "Overly judgemental?" Isn't that kinda like being "a little bit pregnant?"

5. A "post from me in the Tempest?" I don't know what that is, nor have or do I "post" in it. Sorry.

6. "I'm not impressed by how much 'fun' I was supposed to have had." <= That’s pretty good. Besides mixing up your verb tenses alittle, does that mean it's YOUR fault for going there in the FIRST place because you KNEW you weren't going to be impressed before you WENT? That's kinda cool.

8. "More accepting" places? Those would be the ones who "want" you there to pay for their tier payment.

9. I think you like to be annoying but are a really well behaved kid in RL. Smart, too. See ya 'round.

Emilly Orr said...

Mr. Vendetta,

As much as "kid" amuses me, at this point I'm going to state we might have to simply agree to disagree. It is your sim, and your rules for that sim; I was never arguing that point. I was arguing, for the most part, the validity of being instantly bounced from a place--which in my terminology, equals "ejected", not "banned"--without being told why.

That struck me then, and strikes me now, as incredibly bad form.

The Weekly Tempest, in case you were unaware, is a publication aimed at various mer sims and their residents. Sort of a clipping service of product ads, notifications and sim and sea openings/closings. You, specifically, may not have put an article into the Tempest; but there is a note signed with your name that's in the last issue. Keep thinking you don't post to it; in that case, you sent out a notecard to your people and one of them picked it up and flung it to a publication. Take that up with them, not me.

As far as the issue of the lucky chairs, there has been endless wrangling on that point. Certain Lindens (now unemployed) have stated unequivocally that lucky chairs are the same as camping pads, and need to be banned from the grids. Other Lindens (now unemployed) have stated unequivocally that lucky chairs and camping pads are two different things. Still other Lindens (now unemployed) insist that it's not lucky chairs that are the problem, but unlucky chairs, which need to be classified as Adult and only seen on Zindra.

There's a whole blog post that started back in 2009. Occasionally it still kicks a comment down the line. There's still no firm definition at the Linden Level for what's absolutely disallowed.

Matisse Vendetta said...

So! With ALL THAT being said: UPDATE: Alexis is still there and just as annoying, Indigo Jashan (Deep Seas) now rents/owns the 'Haven of Mermaids' sim next door, we're in the process of taking over the "SIRENS" mermall up in Bonny Cove (renaming the sim 'Haven of Sirens') and will likely be tacking on an HS sim (as soon as we can figure out a good name for it). Yeah ... what was that 'Joycie' said: "

... or was it 'Gertie:' " Doubt this will catch on as can't imagine it is long term financially feasable. I know I am taking my business elsewhere."

Gee, I wish I'd have asked for their advice and guidance. Heck, for all I know I coulda had an estate of sims just like PS or one or two others (oh, wait ... they're not around anymore ... after starting out by spending some time as renters/vendors in 'Haven of Rogues' and subsequently "moving on to bigger and better things." Hmmm ... there's a lesson in there somewhere for me in there somewhere, I'm sure. Perhaps I should follow rules and so what everyone else thinks is a good idea? ... hmmm, neh. :o) Thanks for visiting, ladies. You're all welcome to stop by and hang out by the freebies all y'want; I'm sure they've rotated-their stock by now. See y'on the seafloor! (Or maybe in the "Destinations" guide.

Emilly Orr said...

You really take your last name seriously, don't you?

Matisse Vendetta said...

... just as I do the 'Outlaw Rogues' (who are for hire - rarely for a fee, usually for a return favor) as well as the sims/home I provide and maintain for mers, rogues and other wanderers weary and want from walking around SL and watching what? Whackos working on a way to waste their time and take their money and leave them with nothing valuable, honey, but empty pockets and red-faced shame; this is SecondLife, it ain't no game. Just remember it's 2nd, it ain't 1st ... keep both of yours filled and you will thirst for naught in either. So COME to Haven of Rogues and steer clear of the mall, take a breather. ... okay I'll stop now; I hate it when that gets stuck like that ...

Emilly Orr said...

Must be hard.

Thank you for the invite, but there's still that one clause I can't get past; that of all mers in your sims being topless.

Since most of the oceans I swim in are PG, and insist on tops, nearly all of my mers are PG in nature to comply. I simply can't get in the habit of being topless, then flipping over to Rua, say, and being banned because I'm not in compliance with the PG standards in wider acceptance.

Matisse Vendetta said...

There SHOULD be a clause in there that indicates you SHOULD be, as a 'good mer,' topless ... but that it's not PUNISHABLE BY DEATH or anything (unless I'm in a bad mood and you light me up). There's SUPPOSED to be a clause in the covenant that reads: "WEARING prim/sculpted shells or pasties will, besides looking really weird on 'physics-enabled' viewers, NOT be cause for ejection or banishment; PERHAPS death, if you are an idiot and anger me to the point of blowing you up -- but then you only got my attention because you were an idiot, and not necessarily be cause you were wearing oddball strangeness on your otherwise naturally beautiful avatar. I believe there are LOTS of tops you can wear as "shirts" that look like scales, etc., that look very nice and don't make you look as goofy as you do when you are bouncing "through" the stationary sculpted attachments. What's "physica enabled," you ask? It's a feature of any good viewer that allows for your natural 'bouyancy-ness' to be appreciated ... and sculpted/attachments appear to 'disappear' into you as you swim around or float. Trust me ... been in the merbiz a while; you shouldn't have a problem with toplessness as a mer. *I* don't (but then, I'm blind - so what do I know).

Emilly Orr said...

It may have been rewritten since I read it last, I'll grant.

I'm also amused that you seem convinced I'd wear sculpted attachments as a top of any kind, beyond the way the skin and the outfit fade into each other...

*reads up, scans the title, scans the date again...*

Yep. Still June. Still getting comments. Odd.

Matisse Vendetta said...

... as he scans up, notes the dates ... "Hmmm," he thinks, "it's still June HERE ... I wonder what month SHE's in?" "Yep," he types back into the 'Commen' block, "the internet's a funny thing! What started as a simple misguided rant by a confused blogger gets picked up by "a Google searchbot" and delivered to ME more than a few times per week (as does anything found w/my name or sim-names in it) and not-surprisingly - I find cause to reply to it ... Hey, you're busy - I'm busy ... it's an "ongoing conversation." Wanna know something even MORE "odd?" If you'd like to continue the discourse OFF-blog, my email: "Matisse@Odd.Com" :o) You crack me up. So what do you have planned for this Summer?

Emilly Orr said...

Well, I suppose 'misguided' is dependent on point of view, but I don't think I was particularly confused, save by the insta-bouncing by a store model.

Still, I'll see what I can do about that remailing issue.