Monday, August 30, 2010

drag you around and lead you back to where you were

Short, quick and very succinct: Discord Designs has been having a hair sale.

I am mentioning this--and offering up a SLUrl directly to one specific section--because on this massive hair sale are also the Tomcat tails and ears:

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For once, clicking for the larger image on the above won't help you see a larger one--but it will take you to the Discord Designs blog, wherein you can see examples of other styles.

If you haven't run across her before, let me tell you, she makes GREAT hair. Absolutely GREAT hair. And she makes wonderful sculpted hair.

But, I'm slow on some announcements, which is why I'm doing this now--the sale ends tomorrow! And all these styles on sale will be gone.

Which, I now realize, includes the Tomcat.

So let me briefly tell you why, if you have a neko form at all, you should RUN RIGHT NOW to go get them:
  • They come in six color packs for L$30 each, or L$90 for all of the colors; each color pack has ten individual variations.
  • They are scripted to twitch in lifelike fashion, but they don't spew green spam when anyone else touches them--so lifelike, yes, but they don't jabber at everyone that someone's pulling your tail or caressing your ears.
  • They remap EXTREMELY easily from pelvis (the default) to stomach (so you can wear prim skirts or prim jacket tails and the tail at the same time) with hardly any fuss, muss or frustration.
  • They are NOT created around the by-now-standard "tail bondage" design--it's just a tail. The bases are not covered with nineteen prim cupcakes spewing particle hearts; they're not wrapped in spiked black leather and barbed wire with hanging ankhs and blood-smeared bandages. They're just tails.
I'm serious. For L$90 you will not find better tails on the grid. And I bought them back when she had a 50% off sale, so I got them for far more than the L$90 for everything you'd be charged now, plus I was indecisive, so bought two of the color packs to test, before I bought the everything-pack; I think all in all I spent something like L$350 or so on the Tomcat line, in all.

And I still think that's a steal. They're still my default tail/ear sets.

So GO! RUN! The sale ends August 31st and TIME IS RUNNING OUT!


Serenity said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm really glad to see someone else who is excited to see something other than the same trend of branded "neko". Honestly this looks more like a cat tail than most of the ones I see. I think a lot of generic ones look like horse tails. XDDD Will try to check out this sale for myself but glad it was worth posting. ^^

Emilly Orr said...

I would've dropped you a note but a) I realized I had to rush out of SL, and b) this sale's been going on since the 12th and suddenly, it struck me that tomorrow's the end of the sale OMG.

I hate when I forget things--I'd meant to blog on this loooong before now.

Fogwoman Gray said...

I love my Wynx ears and tail for the exact same reasons :)

Emilly Orr said...

Wynx also makes great tails. So does Arisa at Outland Tech. In fact, I still adore the tail and ears set I got with my original Temenos Island neko skins.

But I keep coming back to the Tomcats. If I were any one 'breed', so to speak, I might be different, but at this point, I have about thirty different neko variants, at least--cat-faced, human-faced, spotted, striped, candy colors, Cheshire pink (still looking for a Cheshire blue), tuxedo, tiger, cougar, Siamese, and leopard--and that doesn't even touch the variable skins I occasionally wear, even though they're not traditionally fur-patterned (which is always my preference).

So sure, having striped ears for my tigers and spotted ears for my leopards is good, and that's why I have more than one ear set. But if I'm just winging it? If I have an aquamarine skin and teal hair? Nobody does those colors. (Let alone if I'm playing calico, and really want one orange ear and one grey ear, say.)

But the Tomcat line can match.