Sunday, August 29, 2010

she will never be invincible, she will never be some Florence Nightingale

There is at least one account named "Desmond Shang" on a third party, "SL" style grid out there.

It is NOT me.

There is no valid reason beside deception for anyone to be creating a "Desmond Shang" account in parallel virtual worlds. Be *very* cautious with your hard earned money.

I can't make a lot of further comment about this, under advisement of counsel.

I am Desmond Shang in SL and on Blue Mars only. A valid email address for me is should you seek ID verification.


This? Is the essence of "not good". I'm with Des, I see no valid reason why anyone would want to be "Desmond Shang" unless there's a specific intent to defraud.

Fairly idiotic, as well--impersonating someone in a virtual another virtual world? And he honestly thought no one would notice?

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Seen (upstairs, natch!) at Venom Rahne. Your standard piercing shop with a few fun extras, but they're already gearing up for Halloween.

(The leaves are already turning where I live; I can't wait!)

[11:58 PM] Croon Nandahar: Emmmzk.
[11:59 PM] Croon Nandahar: I would not pay 300L to join that group and get that dress.
[11:59 PM] Gothique Graves: 0.o
[11:59 PM] Lalina Bade: O_O
[11:59 PM] Emilly Orr: Who the...why...would anyone EVER...300 Lindens???

I have no clue. But that dress is HORRIFYING.

Guided by a mention in a blog entry from 2008, I tracked down Fancy Fairy on the off-chance to see if they still carried the Dia de los Muertos skin pack.

They do. Three tones for L$50; that CANNOT be beat! Go get 'em!

Pictures from Halo Cove:

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So, yesterday, I'm working in the land office in Solace Beach, and a fellow comes in. He wants more room than he has, and he'd like to pay just one tier box, rather than the several he has now. He's looking for a homestead. I know we have a few, so I look around, and the best deal I thought we had for him had no picture. (He'd actually looked it over on the web, and decided to ask me because he'd dismissed Halo due to the lack of photo.)

Second Life,boxes,prims,newbies,sandbox,wtf

In all my years on SL, I have never, and I do mean never, seen this many boxes on any patch of land. And I grew up in Rivula, land of the constant griefing! This was just surreal: not one but two full houses, both of them full of prims, plus prims hanging in midair, and boxes of labeled products scattered hither and yon.

Second Life,boxes,prims,newbies,sandbox,wtf

The weird thing was, there seemed to be pattern in the rezzing out of prims, but no purpose. Nothing was in the boxes, just boxes--everywhere! Filling doorways, staircases, taking up space, taking up processor speed.

Second Life,boxes,prims,newbies,sandbox,wtf

Neither of these were small houses, either, and both of them were furnished. I couldn't believe it. I kept apologizing, over and over. I didn't know what else to do.

Second Life,newbies,wtf,boxes,freebies,building

Everywhere there weren't tiny prim boxes in oddly distributed patterns or full-size furnished homes, there were...other things. Product boxes. Vehicles. The horse sculpt from the library. Hammocks. Hot tubs. Rocks.

Oddly no landscaping.

Second Life,boxes,prims,newbies,sandbox,wtf

In the end, we did get all the prims cleared away, and the land properly set for sale, even though that particular client elected to go with another land company.

Second Life,boxes,prims,newbies,sandbox,wtf

The land as it stands now rents for L$8000 weekly; as it's a homestead, it offers 3750 prims for the full 16,192 square meters. And it's positively lovely without all the clutter:

Solace Beach,virtual real estate,virtual land,Second Life


Meanwhile, this is what a full sim looks like when there's just very basic texturing:

Solace Beach,virtual real estate,virtual land,Second Life

ESO will, if it doesn't get a buyer, likely be textured either tropical/island or beach/woodland (our main two alternatives) and renamed Andoya Cove to better fit the Solace theme; but Miss Ayesha Lytton is trying to rent it out as a full sim. As that full sim, it will run L$24,000 per week, and she'll even toss in a free sim rename if you pay four weeks of tier upfront. (Otherwise it's L$14,000 to change the name; she can't go lower on that, that's kind of a Linden-level fee.)

For that price you run sans any Covenant, full estate manager rights to alter the landscape at will, and--if you toss in that full month of tier rental--whatever name you want on the sim itself.

If you've ever dreamt of owning your own sim, but don't want to pay the fees upfront that the Lindens would charge...this is a cost-affordable alternative. Contact Ayesha Lytton (by IM over notecard) and specify you're interested in the full sim.

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