Friday, August 6, 2010

we cannot linger on this stunted view, like rabid dogs of war

I'd Blow Guys Away has changed their name to Stiv.
Stiv is now Offline.

I'm going to just assume God meant, "blowing away so many dudes"...because past that the visuals start to scare me.

Miss friskie Quintessa:

collar,position,weirdness,wtf,Second Life,Solace Beach

And her eye collar. Unfort these are two really quick pics, she was still rezzing in (as you can see), but the first glimpse I had of her, her collar was circling around her eye. I may be wrong in this, but I'm fairly sure collars go around the neck.

collar,position,weirdness,wtf,Second Life,Solace Beach

And, while it's very attractive as hair jewelry, I really don't think it's supposed to go there, either.

I am glad for one thing, though--I pulled her profile to see who I was dealing with, and found this line:
"Sometimes one puts up walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down."
A very good point, indeed.

Shifting topics, why are some freebie blogs starting to blog...well...non-freebie items? I know we're all feeling the pinch, and we're trying to encourage grid economics despite the big, flaming spiked socket wrenches the Lindens throw in from time to time, but seems odd.

Case in point: FabFree's coverage of the Platinum hunt. (Which is annoying on another level, because now I want/need/crave some of the hunt dresses! So irritating...) It's a freebie blog--it's one of the longest-running freebie blogs--but it's covering a 10L hunt.

This behavior isn't new; a lot of the free blogs are doing it, and it's happening more and more often. Why?

More on the Golden Wrench controversy over at Valve. First, between eight and ten people have now stepped up to formally destroy their Golden Wrenches, a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition, to benefit the charity Child's Play. While I laud the concept of the giveaway, the push behind the donation raising should be something Valve should be paying attention to, and I really don't think they are. To wit:
The Steam community has seen a bevy of bad emotions resulting from this distribution (and, in some cases, from hacking-related fallout), and as an owner of the Wrench, I've also experienced a bit of its curse. While it's certainly fun to wield this magical weapon, it's also served as a source of constant inquiry, hate, jealousy, and unwanted negative attention. It's a shame that such a fun item was so limited; it has ultimately made Team Fortress 2 less fun, not more.
He's not wrong. Again, he's doing everything he can to make this tragedy benefit someone, but this has resulted in more animosity, bitter resentment, and actual account hacking than I'd ever heard of in any video game feud.

All for love of the game...but that's not why Valve did this. I honestly think they mishandled this situation, and Valve being Valve--generally speaking, they make Linden Labs look like shiny happy people who are effusively in contact with their user base--they're not going to apologize.

Which is a pity. But on the plus side, more than $20,000 US has been raised to benefit children in need. That is a very good thing indeed, and there's still time to donate.

Help the cause if you can. Or just trip by Child's Play directly--it's never a bad time to drop off spare change, and that change always goes to good places.


Lalo Telling said...

The photos of Miss friskie appear as if she is using one of the second level of attachment points available in Emerald -- which only other Emerald users see correctly. Which viewer were you using, Miss Emilly, when you recorded those?

Emilly Orr said...

Snowglobe, which has become my main default viewer for SL, since it works most of the time.

I'm still trying to figure out why one would employ a system that other users cannot see. While I realize that other users could not see mesh blocking outside of 2.0, I do believe they fixed that in 2.1; and anyone could see tattoo layers regardless.

I suppose, if she's only hanging around with other Emerald users most of the time, it would make sense...or if she just doesn't know that what she's using doesn't look the same in non-Emerald users...but it's still perplexing.

Anonymous said...

If I were to wear a collar..

It would be 'round my nose.

It is fashionable. Le chic.

Emilly Orr said...

Around or through?

Of course, 'through' presents additional difficulties...

Serenity said...

On the thing for the freebie blogs, I think it's been a matter a lil close to home for me, it's what they get/who gives them things. I almost NEVER see the freebie bloggers do what I do, I go out - I read the other blogs, I join the groups, I go out and look for it. A lot of the freebie bloggers are pampered by designers and given the items or they don't bother. Even if it's set out for free, a lot feel like they won't bother to go there and do anything until directed to by the owner or someone else. I've never liked that sort of blogging but it's the majority that you see out there.

As for the scary chick you posted before, were you on Emerald viewer at the time? I know if you don't use emerald and others are, they use the multi-attachment feature and if you don't use Emerald you see it randomly floating around. XD Or she could be the multitude of people who don't notice what they're doing.