Friday, August 27, 2010

silly thoughts of small deeds

Meet Miss Leela McAndrews.

Second Life,Solace Beach,weirdness,newbies,freebies,stupidity

Or rather, some of the stuph she felt needed to be rezzed out and abandoned on parcels she didn't own.

Leela was born August 10, 2010, and is in all of two groups: Divine Blood (a Bloodlines spampire group) and Euthymia VIP (which is apparently a club attached to a mall).

Second Life,Solace Beach,weirdness,newbies,freebies,stupidity

She has no picks, no interests, no real life...why am I even surprised at this point?

So far, in texturing the last little bit of Mikela, I've tracked down four Alpine cabins, four sex beds (all set for sale), a couch, a pair of badly-built shoes, and several vendor boxes for freebie miniskirts. They'll all be gone in an hour, or less than--I've already contacted the estate manager responsible for Mikela Isle--but what the hell happened? She decided to hold a party on unowned land? With bedhopping? On the ground floor?!?

As well as set up a minor sex-bed reselling business. Deeply, deeply tacky.

So, before this gets any more out of hand--I want to briefly talk about one of yesterday's entries.

I'll be talking with people in world--possibly later tonight, those who are still awake and active, or later this coming week (though I'm not sure about tomorrow, because we have guests coming over), but I just want to clear up a few things now.

1. I did not, nor would I, say the Wulfenbach Consulate is doing anything wrong.

2. I did say they and the JLU seem intertwined, but I didn't say that was a bad thing. Apparently I'm wrong on that, but, both groups are, and admittedly so, dedicated to helping newcomers orient to the grid and helping out where they can. These are also not bad things.

3. I never said they were part of the Emerald group.

4. I never said they were part of the Woodbury University group. (Though there do seem to be ties between Emerald and Woodbury...)

5. I never said they were part of the Wrong Hands group. (Though again, there seem to be ties between Emerald and Wrong Hands...)

Okay? Don't freak out. Everyone can step down from DefCon whatever now. I'm not against the Baron, or the Baron's people. If y'all remember, I used to be one of the Baron's people, and only left because I don't go to Steelhead, and I was building my brains out on another sim most of my spare time, when I wasn't working insanely trying to revamp my business, or actually having a social life.

And, according to the Baron, it's a leave of absence anyway, apparently. So there you go. I am NOT anti-Europan.

Honestly, I don't know how these things get started...


Lalo Telling said...

I'll take some of the blame for that... and apologize for misplaced (and inappropriate) snark.

Emilly Orr said...


Well, you'd never heard of them before. Though they do have a Wiki page... :)

Serenity said...

Interesting how people just seem to pop out of the woodworks sometimes. XD But overall I thought that post on SL and Emerald and such were pretty interesting. A lot of fanatics seem to take things the wrong way and always will though.

I have to admit though I definitely learned something from that post that I didn't know - besides that people randomly pop up to comment even if they never do before cause it might involve them. XDDDD

Emilly Orr said...

Well, yeah--that's what people do.

I still don't think I know everything, but operating under the assumption that it's not several discrete groups we're dealing with, but more of a fluid mass of bored /b/tards and 4channers inventing group names on whim...things start making a little more sense.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Why don't you go to Steelhead, mate?

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

(we have opium dens...)