Tuesday, August 17, 2010

soon the siren will reign, better run from the pain before the darkness will eat you

Starting out on the ZombiePopcorn hunt. Upstairs at Repulse is like a horror art gallery.

Repulse,Second Life,horror,creepy,shopping,art

The instructions on the wall. "Chew me to death" makes me giggle.

Repulse,Second Life,horror,creepy,shopping,art

More wall instructions. For serial killers who didn't get it the first time around? These are both in the same room, by the way.

Repulse,Second Life,horror,creepy,shopping,art

The rotating chairs. They glow, they move, they're eerily beautiful.

Repulse,Second Life,horror,creepy,shopping,art

The nursery. This is a top-down view; in world, you're looking at it from a slightly more normal angle.

The blocks say We all go a little mad sometimes.

On the second stop in, I crashed from SL. Took me seven tries to get back in. When I finally did, it said 32,768 were active in world.

These days? That's scarily low. So I went to the grid status page:
Recovering from Momentary Service Disruption
Posted by Status Desk on August 18th, 2010 at 12:22 am PDT

About a minute past midnight, a maintenance action upstream from us caused a service disruption between Second Life and a number of Residents.

The outage was corrected within roughly 8 minutes, and routes into Second Life have been steadily healing since then.

Our network crew is monitoring for any more signs of trouble. Hopefully, that was the last of it.
Ah. Well, then.

Let's hope they're right...and then I crashed again. Okay. Hunt later.

In the meantime, clue in, anime fans! Put on your thinking caps and identify those memes!

About the only thing they're missing are tentacles, but on the other hand, it is a kid's show.

(I will add, it's not a kid's show I particularly like, but if you elevate the fifty-pound ton of disbelief it takes to accept that Phineas and Ferb can build a five-level full-scale haunted house with effects, fog, floating haunts, and wire it for sound in two hours...and that their boon companion is a platypus secret agent...then, okay, it's not the worst show out there.)


Serenity said...

Wow that's pretty neat, I rushed through the hunt a bit myself but enjoyed it.

Emilly Orr said...

I'm actually really glad I got into the hunt group, honestly, because I've been having more trouble than usual aligning hints with stores and locations.

But there seem to be a higher amount of stores in two distinct categories: the "OMG THIS IS AMAZING" level store builds, or the "For the love of little green weevils, WHY THE HELL are you IN THIS DAMN HUNT?"

Like, the all-pink all-sparkly Bliss Couture. F'rinstance. BLISS, in a damn zombie hunt. Are their designers on serious crack?!?