Sunday, August 8, 2010

your mind's in Disturbia, it's like the darkness is the light

I spent the morning crashing--repeatedly--when all I was trying to do was get onto the grid to turn in my time card for the (pitiful amount of) building I've done this week. It is frustrating beyond belief to crash when one is trying to build (or accomplish anything, really); it is beyond all bearing to crash when one is simply trying to stay on the grid.

In a panic, I wondered if part of the problem was me--or rather, my terrifying inventory. I flew to Ahmadi and started throwing things out wholesale. Down one thousand, two thousand, that entire folder can go--at the end I'd thrown out seven thousand things in five minutes. I felt reasonably confident in returning home to change.

I crashed after arriving. When I logged back in, nothing would come in--drop-down after drop-down said "Failure to find {x item} in database." Damn it. I tried to pull my inventory in and crashed doing so.

I gritted my teeth and logged in once more. To find me as a cloud. Well, at least I'm no longer short, bald and nude. I guess there's an up side?

Carefully I tracked down a top (jacket layer) and pants (pants layer) that I could use to cover myself. I didn't crash. I carefully changed to the first bald cap I found (not risking hair). I didn't crash. I changed my shape, and my group; I didn't crash, and moreover, I was finally unclouded. Can't manage to change my skin; everything's causing that "Failure to find {x item} in database" error. Don't particularly care to fight the system right now.

All right, off to a sandbox for more inventory control. Another thousand items cut down, and now I'm poring folder by folder.

My rules, this run, are simple: if I haven't seen it, used it, rezzed it out, in six months it's gone, unless it's been assigned a specific folder. Like Photographic props; I don't always use those, but I want to keep them.

5:31 pm: Two thousand more items down, most of them hair demos. Why was I holding on to hair demos?

Second Life,Ahmadi

5:42 pm: Another thousand items down. Emptied trash. Back to Ahmadi's ocean to finish pulling in inventory.

5:50 pm: Waiting. 61,483 items.

5:57 pm: Waiting. 64,666 items. Becoming despondent: my boast of getting below 60,000 items is looking grim. Back to culling.

6:07 pm: Still trimming down. Final inventory count after load-in: 66,312 items. So 6,313 items to delete before my goal.

6:22 pm: Someone else arrives on Ahmida's little atoll. I crash instantaneously.

Second Life,Ahmadi

6:30 pm: Back in. I fly from the little atoll to an absolutely untenanted patch of Ahmadi--because it's underwater. I load in inventory again.

6:54 pm: Another thousand gone. That still puts me over 65K. Under 65,000 at this point, I'd be happy with.

7:06 pm: Another thousand down, and I have to leave for RL. Still, I think I pulled it off--under 64,000 items in inventory, anyway, down significantly from the 76K+ I logged in with this morning. Not too bad for a panic-ridden few hours.

Logged out at the bottom of the sea; good thing I can sprout gills on command, or this would lead to problems later on. Of course, I can't seem to change my green skin, so I may actually have died already, and just don't know it yet.

More culling to come. Should the asset server decide to stabilize...


Serenity said...

Eesh. I know your pain. I'm still utterly shocked at how certain people handle a high inventory and many just can't. I'm sure there's some technicallities all wrapped up in that, that I just don't know. But you know how big my inventory (like double yours). x_x;

Emilly Orr said...

Well, and you also have a better machine than I do. If you have dual-core, you're automatically better off for asset management, on and off the grid.

The box I use to connect to SL? Uses a single-core Pentium 4 processor. That in itself weighs in at vintage, if not actively antique.