Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am covered in skin, no one gets to come in

[19:44] Neome Graves: [19:39] Neome Graves watches the EMi fall offline, clicks on her lingering body and gets a message "Object does not appear to be for sale."

Sadly, there's more truth than humor in that, though it is hysterically funny.

Now, then. Miss London Spengler tagged me yesterday. It remains to be seen whether this will be a good thing or not, but I'm reasonably curious as to what's going to happen next, so.

The rules seem simple: post eight different bloggers along with eight random facts about yourself. Miss Spengler decided the challenge was worth it, and posted eight bloggers she's been reading, who weren't on her friendslist.

I'm deciding the challenge is, find eight bloggers on my friendslist, and link them all with one of my great passions: fashion.

So here goes.

Miss sachi Vixen. This woman. This amazing woman. What doesn't she do? She originally friended me to keep in better contact with me during the 300 film project in world, and we've stayed friends since. She makes gorgeous lace textures, just amazingly detailed, and then she casually uses them as edging on sumptuous satin and rich velvet gowns that take one's breath completely away. RANDOM FACT: Her "Emilly" hair--which is one of her older styles, and sadly afflicted by the alpha bug--was named after me. (I still wear it on occasion, btw--and I'm still the only one on the grid who has that style in two-toned black and white.)

Miss Serenity Semple. She doesn't, so far as I know, make fashions herself--but she retextures and resizes what she has so it fits and she looks stunning for it. She's the only fur I know who wears shoes. Her blog is full of tips and tricks on how to make furs looks better, wear clothes better, function better, as furs on the grid. RANDOM FACT: She is, hands down, the single fur in world that gives me fur envy. I will never look as good as she does in fur. There's a slight bit of hero worship, there. :)

Miss Saur Holt. She started off as that imp who always said 'ni ni family' in the Forsaken group, the vampire clan I'm still allied with, in spite of the silver-hair idio....princeling. Now she's a friend, due to a chance meeting over at Mr. AzA Zymurgy's gallery and store, wherein we swapped love for zombies and love for nekos combined. She maintains a store wherein anything that takes her fancy, and so much does, will eventually turn up: neko tails and ears, doll attire, EGL frocks, cute little minis, you name it. RANDOM FACT: My first form on the grid was a cyberbot. Then human, and only then neko. Not many people know that. :)

Mr. Edward Pearse. Technically, Sir Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke, knighted by her Grace Gabrielle Riel...or was it her Grace Eva Bellambi....well, one of the "First Four" Duchesses of Caledon, in a very impressive knighting ceremony (so I hear; I couldn't go that evening, but I did see pictures). To me, though, now and always: Edward. He's one of my closest friends on the grid, I love him and his lady dearly, he's been through so much (some on my behalf!), and he's the only one who gets to call me by That Nickname. He makes lovely Victorian menswear, he's just breaking into sedate womens' fashions of the time, and does an impressive job--and business!--with tartan dresses and kilts. RANDOM FACT: Lady Christine McAllister, Edward's lovely wife, introduced us. Far long ago in the tides of prehistory, before they were married. Hee.

Lady Speirling, Darkling Elytis. There are two women I think of when I think of 'stylish beyond all reason'; Lady Darkling is one of them. Whimsical, poetic, touched by madness and song, inventive, witty, gleefully perverse--and a heart as big as both sides of Speirling combined--and I wouldn't change a single hair on her purple-tressed head. She was one of three models in Adam & Eve's Caledon Tea Party (the other two being Miss kirawill Collingwood, and myself), and, despite the lag, we had an enormously fun time. RANDOM FACT: I am an unrepentant Laurell K. Hamilton fan, in spite of the fact that her first books? Would have had to struggle to achieve 'mediocre'. On the other hand, you'd think by expectation I'd be an Anne Rice fan, and I'm not. I think she's been getting steadily worse since Queen of the Damned, and at this point? I've given up strangling on wisteria just in order to read the latest angst. Rather go grab Guilty Pleasures off the bookshelf and read it again.

Miss Seraph Nephilim. The other woman I think of as 'stylish beyond all reason'? Seraph Nephilim. Queen of Air and Darkness of the Unseelie Court (in exile), friend, fellow fashion-hound, possessed of a large and loving heart and I'm grateful for all of it. She doesn't design, again, as far as I know--but she knows everyone. (She really does. That's no lie. I know a lot of people--Seraph knows all the people.) RANDOM FACT: I'm not a phouka. (NO, stop giggling, I'm not! I'm a shapeshifter, yes, but I was only named a phouka by Seraph!) For real phouka-dom you have to go to Mr. EllisDee Welinder, frankly. (And I may be working on a kelpie form, but....that's neither here nor there.)

Mr. Zealot Benmergui. Lord Bardhaven has been a friend for some time, and I'm also friends with his wife, Miss Collingwood, Lady Bardhaven, and his ward, Kiralette Kelley, creator of whimsy and Professor Sputnik's ship's cat. They are lovely people, and he in particular is dryly humorous and quite the sarcastic wit. At this point his reputation exceeds him; it's invoked freely in his absence, and he's blamed by various and sundry for just about everything that goes on in Caledon of a scandalous nature. Whether it's his fault or not. That being said, though, he's one of the few truly fashionable men on the grid, and, moreover, he knows what he's talking about. He's not just prettily packaged, he knows how fashion goes together, the cut of clothes, what works, what doesn't, and he blogs about it all. He's one of my rare few daily checks, just to see who's released what, what's intrigued him this week--and he talks about more than fashion, there!--or what's caused him to shake his head in despair (and that has happened, on occasion). RANDOM FACT: I, um...I really like dancing with evil ponies. (Who knew Cymru men were a weakness?? I thought demons were!)

Miss Subversive Vavoom. The heart and soul of the doll movement on SL, one of the originators, one of the trailblazers, and still fiercely talented in spite of every reason she has to rest on her clockwork laurels. If there's a doll fan on SL who hasn't been to All Dolled Up in South Lummerland, I'd be surprised to hear it. In large part she was one of the reasons I developed a doll form. RANDOM FACT: I don't know if it's a proud accomplishment or not, but I can take anyone and help them bimbo out. It's true--back when I danced at the Enigma dance club, I trained our new dancers on how to dance, how to strip, settings for new girl (a friend now, and once married to one of my nearest and dearest, the incomparable DJ Hunter Riverview), my now-landlord and myself had to train to walk. (We're not kidding--we actually took her out for walking therapy sessions, to places with long staircases, wide fields, had her walk and walk and climb and walk and turn and walk and pivot and walk--for hours. Two whole weeks. But she finally learned!)

And there you go. Grab-bag mix of eight folks who will likely despair that I named them, and like as not won't advance this oddity onward--and eight random facts about yours truly. Muaha.


London Spengler said...

In fact I messed it up (as usual :-p) with the rules; you only had to give eight facts about you and tag eight bloggers.

The idea of linking them was mine and not a condition, but you did it wonderfully. Thanks for playing along, and for giving me so many interesting bloggers to read.

(btw, Miss London Spengler? I think this is the first time I've heared it worded that way, even after visiting some steampunk sims. It sounds strange, but nice *smiles*)

Emilly Orr said...


I'm a Caledonian, it's what we do--Miss or Mr. when we don't know the title or one isn't held, then Lady, Lord, Duke, Duchess, Baron, Countess...Guvnah...if one is known... :)

And no, I could have simply dropped in eight facts at the end of the post, but I liked your format. My facts weren't completely paired, user to detail, but it worked well enough.

Kira said...

That was lovely of you to mention my Guardian, Zealot Sir. However, you did get one thing wrong-- I'm no countess... I'm simply me :)

Kiralette Kelley, of the BardHaven Estates, creator of whimsy

Anonymous said...

oh! my dear sister Muse Emilly, thankyeh for such kind words...
expect a tagback soon! 8D

Emilly Orr said...

Miss Kira--I wasn't sure? And sometimes it's better to err with title than without.

Lady Darkling--Muse no longer, but I thank you. And you'd have me do another eight of these?!? :)

Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

You're still a Laurell K. Hamilton fan? You poor thing. Though I admit to having enjoyed her books more than Anne Rice's. I think the last book of LKH that I enjoyed was Obsidian Butterfly (now there's an interesting Edward) though I did struggle through to Cerulean Sins before diving up in disgust.

Emilly Orr said...

What can I say, I read lurid pulp novels too. You know, the ones with the cringing blond on the bed of the dark hotel room, the short-haired butch with the cigarette smirking in the doorway? "She tried to get away, but her UNNATURAL LUST for women BETRAYED HER!"


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