Monday, December 3, 2007

now I can't let go of this dream

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What you, dear reader, are looking at, is the map of the forthcoming sim, Steelhead Harborside, in the new Steelhead Town Hall. TotalLunar Eclipse is funding it, to help with Steelhead's expansion plans, and he's not only the driving force behind the project, he's also its chief architect and booking agent. The wonders he and his partner, Tensai Hilra, have worked in that town are nothing short of phenomenal in their seven months in the sim.

It's about fifty percent booked, there are LOTS of openings. He just needs a few more people to commit and he can order it. He's functioning on the Caledon pattern, with much advisement from our beloved "Guvnah" Desmond Shang, so he won't order it from the Labs until it's at least 90% booked in advance.

It's not far from there now, just needs a few more willing souls to buy in. It promises to be a lush sim, with waterways, forested regions, and a stunning Sound...and it will, of course, abut Steelhead as a joined sim.

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Steelhead is currently in the grip of midwinter, and is dressed for the coming holiday. All the streets are scraped, the snow pushed to the side, and this year's tree in Fountain Square features a little train that goes around in circles at the base. Faery-lights and wreaths, and gathered evergreen boughs, are seemingly around every corner.

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This is the new Town Hall in Steelhead, a far cry from the old two-level wooden structure, with simple wooden benches and wood-slat walls. In fact, the whole town looks different, far closer to the dreams of the Gilded West than the frontier turn-left-at-tumbleweed construction Steelhead had in the past. This is a new future. This is a genteel and lovely sim, these days.

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Everywhere I turned, it seemed, there was a new build, each more ornate than the last (well, barring the Town Hall--that place is very nearly grander than the Grand Hotel!). So much new to look at, to see, to enjoy, and nearly all of it crafted by hands that not only understand the mechanics of building, but bring all his artistry, passion and life to this work.

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It's truly a new town, start to finish. Even the wood-slat streets have been replaced with paving stones, the fishing pier extended to a wharf with small elegant seaside shops, the train station rebuilt and the train refitted.

I admit, I miss it.

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Though seeing a Nativity scene on the site where the Taiyou formerly stood was...odd...

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You can drop by the train station and click the portrait with the dolphin for more information on making your move to Harborside. Or come by our shop in Caledon Penzance, Autogenic Alchemy, to get a notecard and a landmark. Or drop a notecard to Mr. TotalLunar Eclipse--he'd be overjoyed to hear from you, and take you to Town Hall to discuss where you'd like to live.

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It's going to be beautiful. Share in the dream. Keep Steelhead the wonderful place it is, gaslamp fantasy, street oddity, performers and dignitaries, deep forests and tall trees. Make the move. You won't regret you did.


Eladrienne Laval said...

Thanks for featuring this Miss Orr! I fell in love with Steelhead when I visited it and I can't wait for Harborside to be my new home!

Emilly Orr said...

I admit, I'm rather excited myself, even though I moved to Caledon instead. :)

But yes, it looks amazing on paper, and the plans Lunar has make me think Harborside will be in very good hands indeed.

Frau Lowey said...

Lovely image work and nicely written, well done!

Emilly Orr said...

Thank you. Just hopes it helps in gently guiding some who might not have considered Harborside before this.

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

*breaths deeply before yelling out*


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