Monday, December 24, 2007

and it looks like I am shaking but it's just the temperature

First up, I don't normally post random shots, but:


This one very nearly demanded it.

It's not my usual capture shot, because she turned to go right as she rezzed in--I had to hitch my cam to her hair and hold on tight until she turned around. And then snap and scamper. :)

So many questions with this one. First, announcing to the world that one is "naughty"--in that outfit--is rather like earnestly walking up to everyone one sees and informing them water is wet.

Secondly, "I'm a naughty girl, spank me" scrolling around one's head--when one is quite clearly owned by the stern fellow I didn't snap a picture of--because he wasn't nearly as interesting--well, really, isn't it a bit of untruth in advertising?

And third, she was quite pretty. Pity she had such large block letters scrolling over her face...

Anyway. Onward. Let's talk about the Winter Stamp Hunt Edelweiss, among others, is putting on.

The Creators Stamp Rally is fairly simple: First, buy a product at a participating merchant. Hold (attach) the stamp card. Go to twenty different (Japanese or mostly Japanese) sims. Find the stamping machine. Get a stamp. Go to the rebate center. Claim your prize.

Now, some of the prizes are very entertaining, and I may want to do this more than once. But along the way...


Another pic snapped on the fly, because I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. This is outside of Honey Kitty, which seems--for all I was able to see--to sell sweet little dress combo sets, and nearly everything is savagely festooned by hearts.

So okay, ubercute, that's fine, Japan works well with ubercute, but...then...the panda.

The tick-infested panda.

And both the ticks had cleavers, and were repetitively slicing into the panda.



About as separate as you can get barring being on another continent to start with...Edelweiss' main store. Which is set in, I swear, an old sea fortress rebuilt with clapboard Victorian homes, adapted for storefronts. Yeah...

Even better? The cannon. Just haphazardly left there, some disassembled, some assembled and just leaning against the sea wall. Oddity. Lovely oddity, but...oddity.


At any rate, here's a shot of the completed card. Those who choose to run the gauntlet will receive a blank card, and as they get stamps in various sims, the card slowly fills up. It's a sweet little conceit, and nearly makes up for the work done in acquiring twenty stamps.

Try it if you like. Just remember, though the stamps are free, you can't get the card without paying for an item. Has to be an item over or at L$100, but some of these places price much higher. It's up to you.

*curls up at the feet of establishing love, wondering where it's going to take her this time*


Seraph Nephilim said...

I love your writing and your adventures. And that first shop sounds most intriguing, indeed. Most of all, I love the phrase "savagely festooned by hearts".

Emilly Orr said...


Well, it was. Even their prize donated for the hunt--the "Cherry Bambino" dress--it seemed essentially to be a pseudo-Victorian baby-doll dress with lace petticoats, the dress cherry red with pinstripes. And probably little cherries, or hearts, or both.