Tuesday, August 14, 2007

when the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away

It's been a very, very odd week. My artist is among the missing; she's killed all aether transmissions, and I'm no longer a Muse. I lost the gig live modeling. I thought I lost the gig dancing, but...apparently not, and my biggest complaint about working there--okay, the particles? Also bad, but namely, the fact that one business needs six groups to maintain it, and I have to be in five of them, apparently, just to dance--may be ending soon, when the owner reconstructs the groups he actually needs.

Building last night: impossible. Changing clothes: impossible. Moving, on occasion: IMPOSSIBLE. Limbo is starting to look attractive, people--how is this a good thing?!?

It's beyond frustrating--I'm in process of building a temple, and if I can't even put two prims together and expect them to behave, there's no future in the grid. How deeply did the Lindens manage to break it this time? And when's the next time they're going to not-fix-it further??


Seraph Nephilim said...

You know what LL will say to your problems -- it's your computer, of course!

emillyorr said...

Oh, of course! That and "Did you clear your cache?"

This would've been some months back, but it's worth relating. I logged in one morning, and my inventory was gone. I don't mean would only partially load; I don't mean some items missing; I mean EMPTY. COMPLETELY.

I panicked, sent off a yelp to Live Help--because back then you could--and spent an hour running around world in an absolute lather, trying as best I could with diminishing funds to get me something close to my original look, as I couldn't stand being the brown-haired newbie with the duck walk!

Free AO was found, simple but effective; I had 200 to buy hair from Adam & Eve; Pixeldolls was having a sale, so bought an outfit for 50, a set of blue-violet eyes for 50, a shape for 50, and a pale skin for 50. Shoes stymied me for a bit until I remembered Sarah Nerd's, and went and tracked down another pair of her Fetish Heels for a Linden. (I still have those, as well as the so-called Naughty Mary Janes--and I still wear them from time to time.)

Three hours later, long after I'd given up all hope and figured, I'm just going to have to adjust to being a very short Asian vampire....Spike Linden got back to me. He had me relog (and clear cache) three times, then he logged in as the account's superuser while I was offline, tweaked a setting, and had me log back in.

My inventory came back without a hitch, past that point.

I will love Spike Linden forever for that.

turnerBroadcasting said...

I heard about that. I really think part of missing inventories has to do with where you are homed on what server, and how the SQL server that is running the index to your inventory works.

My guess is that they use physical storage for your inventory, and then keep the indices to your storage in the mySql tablespace

interprocess communication shuts down? Inventory disappears. but its still there on disk and backup which is why it comes back again.

I would bet this kind of thing is server specific and its just all in what hand you've been dealt, setting up your account.

Actually the brutal hack to fix this would be to delete your account and simply re-open a new one. That way you would home to another server.

Someone told me there are other, more stable environments appearing somewhere...

I like this environment best because its creative - a conduit for communication , less of a game.

emillyorr said...

Pretty much. I like the potential of SL, but it's becoming more an endurance battle than fun.


Alexandra Rucker said...

Considering the *age* of the computer you're using, I'm sure -some- is due to the computer simply being behind the curve.

BUT... my experience has been substantially improved with the Nicholaz viewer, so I know a LOT of it is that LL just HAS. NOT. PATCHED. LEAKS. that Nicholaz has found, marked in JIRA, and ATTACHED PATCHES for the lindens to use.

All they need to do is integrate the damn things.... *shakes head*

emillyorr said...

And you know, that's what just kills me.

Nicholaz makes this browser. This great browser. But he's also active in SL, and in the forums, and on JIRA. He points out these issues. He says, hey, I've found a fix. He lays it out. HE ATTACHES HIS FIXES.

They have NO excuse, NONE. It's frustrating.

Icterus Dagger said...

I'm actually using Nicholaz's browser right now on my work computer (thanks for pointing it out, by the way). We'll see if it's any more stable. I think his IM/Friends/Chat interface is a little better.

I have been having similar problems on both my home and work computers, which are of differing ages and resource capabilities.


emillyorr said...

Currently--because my desktop died ignominiously--I'm on a borrowed Pentium M laptop. I'm having the same sorts of problems with SL. So you're right, it's not just the age of my desktop.

Miss Alexandra turned my attention towards the Nicholaz browser, and I'm very glad she did. He's working currently on a voice client that separates back out IM and local history windows. THEN and only then, I'll convert.