Friday, August 17, 2007

out of nowhere comes a strange and pretty sound

Last night, tragedy struck. Over and over, it seems like. I wasn't there, but I've heard the stories.

Seems the Powers that Linden were having a problem with their voice channel. Gosh, I'm...completely hearing this. No, really.

*blinks to show her great surprise*

Not only that, but in a sim that rarely has crashing problems anymore--Steelhead, that is--it crashed--or at least something in it caused a total redmapping failure for all within it--at least three times, maybe many more. Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega was there for the whole thing, and was heard to curse quite volubly about the inconstancy of the Lindens, and their relative value. To incredibly valueless things.

It's sad, we've come to this. Few people want voice. People are leaving the grid, fed up with the inconstancy, the impermanence, the unreliable nature of life in world. Soon there will be ghost towns and then what will the grid do?

I don't want the grid to fail. You'd think the Powers that Linden wouldn't want it to fail, either...

Vote here if you wish a certain voice-related bug to be resolved. Mr. Lunar Eclipse's photographic response to the happenings can be seen here. And you can find Sheriff Ortega's rant on the topic here.

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