Saturday, August 11, 2007

the voices in my head say I shouldn't kill you yet

The Powers that Linden have further explained the anti-gambling policy. Basically, under those various explanations, virtually all reasons for my continuing to dance at my current club are null. My club still wants me there, but I cannot, at this point:

* rely on 'high tippers' flush from casino winnings to come in and tip enough for rent;
* play the Sploder to supplement tips on those nights when they're on the meager side (and this is far from infrequent);
* rely on costume contests and the like to pay me enough to subsist on, because employees cannot enter these contests.

And let's not forget, on top of everything else, I cannot seem to manage to:
* stay in the club when heavy particle bursts are being used.


In other news, I started a new job.

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This is me in J.M. Virgin's, in Aurora Quays. Actually, it's a split boutique, one side of the shop is for the work of one designer, the other is for the work of a second, just starting out--that side's called Gallacher's.

I work as a live model for both designers, in the shop, and I started today.

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After two hours of this, I'm profoundly tired of standing in place, watching the dolphin flip over my shoulder. Not every way to gain money in the world is thrilling, I suppose. Also, neither designer is much for vintage wear.

On the other hand, fully half my wardrobe, maybe even fully two-thirds of it, is not vintage wear, because most of what I've been paid to do, here, puts me in decidedly non-vintage settings.

At some point, Jasmine Marquez, the owner and designer behind J.M. Virgin's, plans on releasing skins, shoes, and stockings, to go with her dresses, casual wear, prim eyelashes and shapes. She's also working on hair. So instead of coming into work today, as I have, in a skin from X2, a shape from Awesome Designs, freebie stockings, eyes from Pixeldolls, shoes from the talented Damen Gorilla at Adam & Eve, and hair from Bewitched...'ll all be either Gallacher designs (the dress I'm wearing in the pictures) or J.M. Virgin designs, plus Marquez-designed skins, eyes, hair, shoes, stockings...the works.

We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I have this outfit in red, and this outfit in blue.


((Oh, in other news still...and Lady Amber, you'll most definitely resonate with this...the computer that connects me to the world? Is kaput. There is a C1 memory fault which has crippled either the 128s, or the 64s, we can't figure out which pair--if it's not both. So I may be in limbo more than I like, not going to be good for me.

((Where does that put the new job? Got me...))

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