Monday, August 27, 2007

one misty moisty morning when cloudy was the weather

A friend found a list of magic mushrooms! Yay!

Last night was the Civil War ball in Steelhead. I have no pictorial evidence of this; I'm hoping other contributors to the aether will. There was such a spate of lag on the grid last was very similar to walking through oatmeal, in the winter, whilst wearing heavy lead plates.

Actually, no, I could have moved with alacrity had I been wearing lead plates.

I ended up spending much of the dance reclined on the far couch in the hotel, next to the fire. I was not the only damsel so afflicted; some were struck more fiercely than I was, for I at least could talk and type--one young miss crashed off the grid every time she tried!

It was a lovely dance, though, in spite of everything. The brave souls facing the lag were courageous indeed; Steelhead's first exposure to the Dance Card system was well received, though mayhap not completely understood. And I actually found a real Civil War-era ballgown, designed by the innovative RaudF Fox, so I was well pleased with my attire.

All in all, while lag certainly could have been better, spirits were reasonably high in spite of it, and the dance went on. And in the end, that's the best anyone can expect--with fortitude and stubborn will, good cheer and conversation, virtually any obstacle can be overcome.

Well, I still personally believe there are few personal problems that cannot be solved by high explosives...but I am trying to be better. And the application of fortitude, integrity and high spirits means Sheriff Ortega won't show up on my doorstep, tapping his foot. That's all to the good as well.

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