Saturday, August 11, 2007

the front of your dress all shadowy lined

The grid has been a strange and unsettling place, of late, but over the past few days, in between repatterning and retinting outfits, I had a chance to take some photographs of Lord Bardhaven's most thoughtful gift.

This has become thoughtful in two ways, though, and now I must also bring up Miss hyasynth Tiramisu.

First, I gained one of Miss Tiramisu's limited edition mushroom-hunt gowns. It came packed in a nearly glowing fuchsia mushroom, spiraled and shining, and I didn't have time the first night I received it to unpack it. Also, I was somewhat afraid of losing it entirely--there was a ban at that point against rezzing out any item that was non-copyable.

I should remember, what you fear, you draw close to you.

The bug struck, removing thirty items--many of them mine, as in, furniture and attire I'd created--as well as, yes, the cherry dress from Silent Sparrow, Miss Tiramisu's store (for those who don't know the name from Lord Bardhaven's writings. In a panic--and at a very late hour!--I made bold to write Miss Tiramisu, explaining the tragic circumstance in a notecard, and asking for her indulgence in perhaps sending another copy.

She was affable, courteous, polite to a fault and quite amused. She said it had been happening all week--one poor damsel lost three mushrooms in one night! She asked for specific details on the dress box's name, I gave her what I remembered, and within moments, I had a new mushroom. Which I promptly rezzed out and unpacked, not to risk losing it again!

It was again, some few days, but finally, I had free time and could try it on.

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It's very Alice in Wonderland, in a sense, the Red Queen on the Adelphi Stage, sort of affair. Fabulous details, and as expected, a variety of mix and match options to suit everyone.

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I truly think Miss Tiramisu, along with Miss Nephilaine Protagonist (the designer behind Pixeldolls) are the two best creators on the grid for the terribly intricate detail, the small yet necessary motif. Clicking all of these images will bring up larger versions, and looking at it up close as I'm wearing it is just dizzying.

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I'm very pleased to have received this, and honored to be Lord Bardhaven's five hundredth comment in his blog. I also thank Miss Tiramisu for her understanding and compassion, and her willingness to help. Without their kind assistance, I wouldn't have this lovely gown to show off...I mean display...I mean...

...hmm, when's the next ballroom dance? This might just be appropriate...


Qlippothic Projects said...

What a lovely dress! I seem to have lost my AO collection in the midst of this chaos. Now I wobble about like I have a gyro-stabiliser misaligned!

emillyorr said...

Oh, no! Every AO??

Well, it's not ideal, but if it showed up in your inventory--I sent you a kimono and a set of geta. The geta have a highly interesting geisha walk.

It's not perfect...but you have that, at least. Until everything else is turned up or replaced.

Qlippothic Projects said...

I did receive them, thank you! They are lovely indeed! I look and walk like I'm all ready for a tea ceremony. :)

emillyorr said...

Hint, drop, thud.


NO promises, but I'll see what I can do. I must admit, I've never attended a tea ceremony in the world before.