Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I see them in my dreams

Last night, my demon told me to fall asleep in his arms, and after my body calmed, I did, sleeping peacefully, untormented by bad dreams.

I woke alone, as I'd expected to, and wandered, gathering up raveled bits of information to knit into a whole, before I was called back home. I was called back home because there was a neko on his knees, begging me to return.

I can't say no to that. No pet of mine--no longer--but I can't say no, I do not have the heart for it.

So I flew home, and gathered him up, and soothed him as best I could, holding him close by my fire, until he had to go. Along the way I got disturbing news, and that, combined with the frenzy of the day that preceded the night, combined to sedate me rather effectively. I bid him go and be well, and then fell asleep on the chaise in front of the fire.

I've slept there before; it's quite comfortable. Nearly as comfortable as my laundry basket by the front windows.

Today I must find the scratching tree that the captain of the inland sea gave me.

NOTE ADDITIONAL: When you start out the morning with alcohol with your morning tea? And have kept up the drinking into the afternoon? I do believe that's an indication of stress. :)


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