Friday, February 2, 2007

but I can't get out of what I'm into

Okay, sure, there aren't as many Western sims as there are Victorian/fantasy sims, but still, it's frustrating not to be able to find some simple Western wear on a couple of keyword searches. I shouldn't have to get arcane with it.

How'ver, sideline search is bringing up a TON of tartan shops, for some reason, which is endlessly amusing to me. And there's an entire sim called Scotland. They've got provisions for sword dancing and everything. And I'm sure there's a caber toss going on somwhere...

In the meantime, I'm building a...thing. I haven't textured yet. I have no idea if this is even close to its final form.


The back of the...cave-thing. Notice all the places that don't line up. Hank would collapse in complete patterning failure.

It's still completely untextured, because I don't know if I'm keeping it. I see so many flaws in this. I don't really know how I'm doing--on the other hand, that's how I've done my best learning, is to plunge in and make massive mistakes and kick myself down and pick myself back up again. It seems to work.

On the plus side, though...I really, really like the nook-and-crannies concept, lots of little curling-up spaces. Maybe I'll make it into a cave-bound cat tree.

Current build: the cave thing. I'm curious as to whether this is spectacular failure or mediocre success.

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